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  • A Coming 'Rout' In U.S. Government Debt?  [View article]
    Concerning Bonds These Indices Range Very Slowing Trends May Last as Long as 6 months between Resistance & Support Level & Range from Periods of upto 2 years.
    Here are The Price Ranges & Targets for the Coming Year Starting In January 2013
    5 year Bond Support Level 123.770 Buy Take Profit & Target 127.585 start of trend October 2011.
    10 year Bond Support Level 131.532 Buy Take Profit & Target 140.705 start of trend October 2011
    As well 30 year Bond Support Level 144.776 Buy Take Profit & Target 156.662 start of trend October 2011
    These Bonds are Presently Uptrending and are at Term Support Levels so at the Best Time to Buy. The trends should be moving quickly into uptrend phase so Buying at these Support Level should prove worthwhile.

    Best of Luck Happy Trading $$$$$
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  • Consumer Confidence And The S&P 500: The Missing Link  [View article]
    Both these Index`s Are OverBought at the Prices Shown Below S&P500 1493.16 Dow30 13867

    Positions remain as sell recommendation on my books

    Peter Matthew
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  • James Turk: Central Banks Are Losing War To Suppress Gold And Silver Prices  [View article]
    Current Updated Price Targets For GoldUsd ,UsdJpy as well Sweet Crude OilUsd Pairs.
    Sterling Investments Banks Market Analysis, New Revised Pairs Forecasts January 2013 Predictions: In
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  • James Turk: Central Banks Are Losing War To Suppress Gold And Silver Prices  [View article]
    SIB`s The Hardware to Program your Forex Trading Providing Economic Growth to the Forex Community (cont)

    Sterling Investments Banks Market Analysis, Forecasts 2013 Predictions. The Market Watch OutLook (cont)
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  • Today`S EurU  [View instapost]
    Today`s EurUsd Pair 13 January 2013 Price As Risen from Support Level 1.3048 as prescribed to 1.3350 - 1.3370 Current Resistance Level. A breakout from the Current Range Resistance Level at 1.3299 Should allow for some Correction towards A Possible Retrace to 1.3264 Support Level.
    Expected Bullish Trends are anticipated thereafter with Price Attracting 1.3499 as well 1.3680 as Target.

    Publisher Peter Matthew
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  • Top 9 Coming Week Market Movers, 2013's Biggest Question And Risk  [View article]
    Hi SeekingAlpha

    The S&P 500 chart is showing a Pull Back at 1450.19 which is the H4 Resistance Level, which ended at 1395.89 on Friday the index is now travelling over-brought at 1384.63 and will return higher over the next week, present take profit and target 1506.34 allow for a few 100 pips over the Level before new turning point which will commence over the Daily Chart timeframe to the Downside. The Dow30, QQQQ will also follow this monument after there highs have been meant.

    I will keep you informed of the current issues when need applies.
    or when they become relevant.

    Peter Matthew
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  • Top 9 Coming Week Market Movers, 2013's Biggest Question And Risk  [View article]
    Hi SeekingAlpha

    Ok so the fiscal cliff happens ever year, but you should look on the good news and turn these into better situation for your bankers and investors Borrowing on Loans for Banks in trouble have remain low for sometime now, the government buys back the homes and land in bonds that you could not pay for in France as much as 60 trillion dollars a day is being spend this applies to other Countries. About the ECB printing money this is the game the supply of money as so you, every individual in the Country can test there skills within the stock market, Its like monaploy but you don`t know how to win, the easy money, Now lets look at how many are successful at it, you think not many. OK to cut the story short I will give the next best think to printing money, Yes its done through Trading the FX Markets and replacing those Borrowed Loans, Here`s a Start: Today`s EurUsd Pair Buy Next Support Level which is this Week. Expect Price Buy & Hold, Take Profit & Target 1.7835 over a 10 month period (the next 10 months) Expected not Actual over time in transit.
    The Pair will rise 2 times from the 3 May 2011 High 1.49 against the Low of 24.7.2012 1.2030 As traders I think that even you could work that one out, I know that the Pairs are slightly differcult to workout but I will assist you.

    Now take to the Fiscal Committing and say you have found a way to reduce GDP yearly. This will greatly impress them because after all its not there fault you are at challenged here because they work for a formed government and are at ends on how to fix it, than see why the need arises here ?.
    Money is being lose every day on the Stock Market this is a fact but there is an answer. This answer lies with the formation of time, and due patients whilst investing its not that every day tapping for pips this has been brought about by banks and traders forming not so successful experinces over the years, trying to predict the news outcome of the Pairs, increasing to bank trading through political fundamentals has opposed to the Future tradable value of the Pairs.

    Peter Matthew through Sterling Investments Banks will keep you informed on all the Daily turning points so you can not go wrong with regards to the future ahead or for that matter for years to come, simple isn`t it.

    Published By Peter Matthew
    Help is at Hand.
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  • 5 Reasons To Avoid Holiday Trading In Forex  [View article]
    Updated European recovery programme Sterling Investments Banks steps into provide liquidity and prevent the (cont)
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