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  • Options2Wealth Newsletter Is Just About Ready To Deliver Its Very First Issue! [View instapost]
    Thank you for your comment...

    1) Taxes are very complicated with a myriad of permutations....The numbers Casey used were just as a reference and for cursory informational purpose only...

    2) Of course, with the markets, there are never any guarantees but I feel pretty comfortable with Casey's baseline 100% return number.

    3) The 25% donation was not something that I had arbitrarily decreed was a number that was arrived at by the blog's readers through consensus...I would have preferred the number to be 50% :-)

    4) What you and your family give to charity is admirable and you should be rightfully proud of it...The 25% that you would pay is from income that will be generated through my efforts, knowledge and experience...You are of course not obligated to subscribe to my newsletter...but if you do and benefit from it, then that would be the minimum that we all would expect off of you...

    5) Should you profit after the first quarter, then you can always pay the 25% to charity, set aside your original seed capital and use the balance 75% "house money" for future trading capital...

    Finally, I would again draw your attention to the following quote from Adam Grant's book, Give and Take:

    Success should not define one's level of generosity; rather, generosity will define one's level of success; and make it grow exponentially. Adam Grant

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  • Why I Am Bullish On ReneSola (SOL) [View instapost]
    IB, As you know, I strongly believe that a stock's chart telegraphs its company's health, be it good, bad or ugly...

    So let's analyze SOL's PnF chart, shall we...

    SOL's stock price recently pierced through its bearish resistant line...Bullish.

    Again on its PnF chart and going all the way back to April of this year, on every pullback, designated by Os, the chart has consistently printed higher lows...Bullish.

    And finally, going back all the way back to May of 2012, not once has the chart violated its previous other words, no double bottom breakdown...Bullish.

    Had the company's financial health been so precarious as to be flirting with bankruptcy, that information should have been telegraphed to us by now via its chart...

    Therefore, I don't believe that the potential of the company declaring bankruptcy exists...

    Of course, all of the above, in my humble opinion only...


    And finally, please be aware that I don't recommend anyone to follow my moves blog is only meant for me to keep a public record of my stock picks and my technical analysis of those picks...if, in spite of my exhortations, anyone here decides to follow my moves, then at the very least, I hope that they buy options with loads of time on the clock...

    Hope the above helps...


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  • SunPower...Has The Shine Faded? [View instapost]
    FYI...On Friday SunPower filed form 8-K with the SEC that gave me some pause...Here is the exact verbiage of the filing:

    "First Amendment to Thomas H. Werner's Employment Agreement

    On October 24, 2013, at the request of Mr. Werner, the Company entered into a First Amendment to the Employment Agreement (the "Amendment") with Thomas H. Werner, the Company's Chief Executive Officer, to amend Mr. Werner's Employment Agreement, dated August 28, 2008, with the Company (the "Employment Agreement"). The Amendment provides that, effective August 28, 2014 (the date on which the Employment Agreement would be due to renew in accordance with its terms), the amount of severance benefits that Mr. Werner is entitled to receive under the Employment Agreement in the event of a qualifying termination shall be reduced, with his lump-sum cash severance benefit decreased to reflect 24 months of his then-current base salary (decreased from 36 months of his then-current base salary) and two times his target annual bonus (decreased from three times his target annual bonus) and his period of subsidized COBRA benefits decreased from a period of up to 36 months to a period of up to 24 months."

    I found it odd that the CEO requested that his compensation, in the event that the company decides to terminate his employment, be reduced...

    Since I could not come up with a plausible reason as to why the CEO would request that his severance compensation be reduced other than because of some sort of a hiccup that the company had to endure under his watch, I decided to substantially lighten my holdings in SunPower CALL options over the last couple of days...Even though this filing may be nothing more than a tempest in a teacup, I felt prudent to book my profits, especially when the stock had not only reached my target price, but exceeded it.

    Should the company announce gangbuster earnings and with zero caveat and the stock gaps up tomorrow, I will still be able to participate in tomorrow's festivities with my smaller position. And going forward, I'm sure I'll still find plenty of opportunities to increase my holdings over the coming days and weeks...after all, this is a longterm story and I expect this gravy train to continue to pay me dividends over many years...right now, I felt that prudence should take precedence over greed...

    All of the above is my personal opinion and I don't expect, or want, anyone here on my blog to make your buy and / or sell move(s) based on what I do in my portfolio...Best of luck to all...

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  • SPWR...Why The Stampede? [View instapost]
    To all those who are concerned about the recent bloodbath...

    The markets tend to overreact, both on the upside and also on the downside...It is quite clear that the recent market action to SPWR in particular is more to do with the fact that the stock was in overbought territory and needed to get rid of some of the froth out of the price...After today's action, SPWR's PnF chart is looking absolutely stunning...Now you may find that hard to digest, seeing SPWR lose more than 25% of its value in the past week...However, what I see is an absolutely beautiful flag pattern in the making...Now it is quite possible that the stock may go down still further to $18, where there is massive, should the stock go down to that level, it will close an existing gap in its candlestick chart...However, as of now, I see a beautiful flag pattern emerging and if I am correct, this stock should go up to $26 before coming back down to $22...We shall see how it all shakes out...

    One thing is now quite clear: SPWR is THE solar stock...You may recall, I had written a blog post way back in January, calling SPWR the safest monster stock on the NASDAQ and now for a number of weeks I have been saying that SunPower's stock price will eclipse that of First Solar sooner than most people may realize...First Solar's quarterly results announced yesterday prove quite conclusively that SunPower is eating its lunch...The market's crazy reaction to those results by throwing the baby with the bath water gives the smart investor the chance to load up on SPWR's CALL options...Money is made not by buying options when the stock is going up...serious wealth is created when those with conviction buy a stock, or its options, when the stock is defying all logic and going down because the herd is rushing for the exits...if the herd was smart, then the majority would be billionaires and Warren Buffett would be a pauper...

    If you look at SPWR's candlestick chart, a couple of times this year, its price has gone down below its 50 day moving average line and then after a few days, has come back for its next leg up...this time it will be no can take it to the
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  • A New Direction For Options2Wealth  [View instapost]
    Please note that due to some technical issues, my original post on this subject cannot be viewed...I am gratified that many of you posted your thoughts / comments, (so far all positive!!!), to my proposal...May I request to all those who commented on my previous post to please copy and paste your original response(s) here to ensure that those comments / dialogue remain visible for everyone to see and follow...thanks~ karim
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  • Importance Of Diversification To Mitigate Risk [View instapost]
    Thanks, KC...One must take into context my level of experience versus this young man's and when I do that, I think that this guy's accomplishment, is pretty impressive...I, however, would never dabble in penny stocks...Options are good enough for
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  • The Impending Move In Apple... [View instapost]
    Hi Spak007, The earnings were terrific and the pullback in the after hours was unwarranted and on pretty light, less than 300,000 shares, volume...My target is still $33 dollars...I don't recall saying that SPWR will hit $33 the week they announce earnings...If there is one thing, make that 2 things, I NEVER do is a) Trade short term options, and b) Buy way out of the money CALLS / PUTS...Hopefully no one who follows my blog tried to do that...I still expect SPWR to hit my $33 target within the next 30 - 45 days...and possibly sooner...the reaction that you see in after market trading is just noise and I don't pay attention to it...Tomorrow, it is quite likely that the stock may have a knee jerk reaction and pull back a buck, or even two...however, the trend is definitely up and I expect the stock to hit my target sooner rather than

    And my response to IB: Maybe, if SPWR goes down, it possibly could take SUNE down with it...However, it will all be temporary...SUNE will eventually fight back because its trend is also don't let the day to day noise take your focus away from the BIG picture...which for Solar stocks, it is up, up and more up, over the next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years and more...LOL! kp
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  • What Should We Know Before SunPower's Analyst Day On May 15? [View article]
    Well researched article...

    I have been very bullish on SunPower, and, since the beginning of this year, my public portfolio here on Seeking Alpha has profited quite well thanks to my big bet on SPWR...

    I believe that SunPower, in 2 years, will eclipse First Solar and become the dominant solar power company and reward its shareholders handsomely...the only potential fly in the ointment is Total buying up the remaining 40% of the company that it does not currently own...

    Let's hope they decide to pass...


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  • UPDATE: Re: To All Those Who Walked The Talk: Thank You!  [View instapost]
    Darween, thank you for your generous donation...

    May I ask if you and all the other donors who recently used the DonorNation platform to support your favorite cause(s), are happy by the real-time system's ease of use and its transparency and integrity…
    Any and all comments will be appreciated...and if I may, encouraged... :-)

    Thank you again...
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  • A New Direction For Options2Wealth  [View instapost]
    Thank you for the kind words, Minorpath...

    I try and invest in stocks that are in "hot" sectors and I monitor sector strength by keeping a close eye on the Investor Business Daily's sector index which lists the relative strength of each of the 197 sectors that constitute the US
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  • Give And Take [View instapost]
    Hello Gabe, Thank you for the kind words...sorry for the tardy response, but as you know, running DonorNation is not a walk in the park and I do tend to get distracted...LOL! Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family in Houston...

    For my blog's regular readers: You all may recall that in my November 11th, 2013 post titled "My Current Focus," I shared an anecdote where my dear friend Gabe threw me a "Hail Mary Pass" and when I caught it, it turned out to be GALE...For all those who profited from GALE, now you know who was responsible for that terrific pass...


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  • Happy New Year! [View instapost]
    Hi Karthik,

    I will be sharing my blog's future plans here shortly...In the meantime, please read my post, "Give and Take..."


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  • Importance Of Diversification To Mitigate Risk, PART 2 [View instapost]
    Yes, Gale was on fire yesterday and today it needed to take yet another, much needed respite from its torrid run that lasted almost 7 original January $2.50 CALLS that I paid an average price of 25¢ yielded me an amazing return...I got off the train once during the last 7 weeks and then got back on, and like you, have sold out my entire position, leaving just 1 contract of its April $4 CALL for monitoring purpose...Congratulations on your great move to sell your position yesterday and I concur with you that it should pull back...Hopefully to fill both the gaps in the $5 area ($5.36 and $5.20)
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  • Why I Am Bullish On ReneSola (SOL) [View instapost]
    Hello IB, Short term, your options will take a bath, however, longer term (April), your $5 options should be way you may mitigate your pain is to increase your position in these very same options once the stock price has consolidated...then, when the stock price starts its upward move, the profits from your newer purchase will offset the losses from the previous buy...all in my humble
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  • Why I Am Bullish On ReneSola (SOL) [View instapost]
    That is a very funny question, IB...

    Before, I answer your question, may I ask you how long have you been following my blog?

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