• shacking
    Bet on $SQNM and got slaughtered 30% drop (ouch). What to do? The company and product (Materni T21 test) are good.
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    • wheelz23: that's why i never hold through earnings....if you believe in this company, i would say you double down on monday...the worst is over and
    • wheelz23: it might be an over-reaction...a delay in payment just means that money is coming at a later date...next quarter could be great for them
    • shacking: Thanks wheelz23, I think you are right..
    • Jasper85: I doubled on this discount. Liike wheelz said, payments will come, just not in time for 2nd qtr. All # of tests are rising, Q3 will be fine.
    • shacking: Thanks for the reassurance... I am holding my stock for 3 months to recoup my 30% loss.
    • Jasper85: Investors are waiting for a base to form, then it will go back upwards.