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  • Apple At $800: Flight Delay Or Cancellation? [View article]
    One more time @cagdas: this was NOT presented as a statistic, but simply an anecdote to illustrate that the passionate appeal of the iPhone is not dead, whereas many would have us believe that Samsung has acquired the hearts and minds of the daughter's generation. Period. The point, if only a hypothesis, was effectively made. Now, for some empirical data, would you accept that the iPhone 5s/5c's first weekend sales of 9 million units is evidence of a brand that's still highly valued?
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  • Creating A Portfolio To Outperform Obamacare [View article]
    My apologies, Brad, for this non-portfolio-related comment, but I must. I think most everyone understands your feelings and reasons for them, as can I -- on the surface. But the trade-off is that two much-needed insurance features -- the main one being coverage for pre-existing conditions -- become universally available. For those who have been inadvertently shut out of the healthcare (insurance) system , without the ability to get needed care and/or become bankrupted as a result -- this is a welcome humanitarian piece. People don't plan to become uninsurable; it can currently happen to the best of us, including you. At the risk of using a politically charged word, the redistribution of risk and its related costs is, in this case a positive step. You are young and at least reasonably successful (an assumption I make based on the confidence you have in your investment thesis that motivates you to propose them in this forum), so should be able to afford -- without whining; it's for the common good, your fellow American human -- another $130 a month. Especially for what is probably better coverage, and is certainly better *insurance* against the risk of your ever becoming uninsurable. I don't like overregulation and government intervention any more than you, but I think the ACA's intent is an honorable one and that we have to accept it as a beginning and try to make it work.

    Please do not respond with "I know what's best for me" or another feigned insult at my reference to whining. I'm asking you to see the benefits from the other side, and also to accept some responsibility, in the name of humanity, for contributing to the common good. (This, by the way, from a lifelong registered Republican, as ashamed of that label as I have become in recent years).
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  • Creating A Portfolio To Outperform Obamacare [View article]
    Aaahh, it's the "worst law ever passed" because *you* need to change plans. Your argument does not speak well of your judgement, and when you're writing investment articles in hopes of being taken seriously, you might want to consider that.

    "I have two questions, 1. Are you from the United States, and 2. Do you have to pay for your own health insurance, or does your employer pay for it?"

    1. American born and bred, yes. I wonder why you might have thought otherwise.
    2. I pay for my own insurance AND have spent years paying a good part that of my employees. I won't belabor this issue because this is not a political forum. But I will say that many people are spoiled and feel they are owed something.

    "I also don't appreciate your comments about me being lazy or immature, it is highly disrespectful!! I worked very hard on writing my article."
    "What I am sensitive about is some random person @aAllesandroG implying that because I look young that I don't know what i'm doing and that I am lazy."

    Your reading comprehension leaves something to be improved upon, Brad; you've twisted my meaning several times, and have apparently completely missed it. From the beginning, I have meant no disrespect; I was trying to give you constructive criticism because your manner *does* comes across as immature, and your thinking *does* come across as a bit lazy. A little bit of introspection wouldn't do you any harm.
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  • Creating A Portfolio To Outperform Obamacare [View article]
    I ask that you reread my comments. I did not say anything dircriminatory regarding your age, but commented on the immaturity of your tone in your responses to criticism, noting that they *reinforce* the suggestion of immaturity that your photo merely implies. The fact that my bio and photo aren't published has no relevance whatsoever to my comment. Finally, I never said that I had a source that was neutral on the subject; honestly, it's hard to find a sound neutral analysis. And thoughtful comments in disagreement with a point of view or its presentation are not criteria that suggest one need write their own article. Finally, while I don't have a dog in this fight, and I think the jury is still out on the ultimate effects of the ACA, I believe it's a bit reactionary (and a sign of lazy [immature?] thinking) to proclaim this "the worst law ever passed."
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  • Creating A Portfolio To Outperform Obamacare [View article]
    Brad, people have simply been trying to educate, pointing out that there *might* be bias in the presentation of certain "factual" information. I'm not taking sides here, believing that one has to work very hard at trying to get a balanced view of anything political, as the ACA is. But I do fault you for your tone toward your detractors. Quite frankly, the nature of your comments complements your photo in their suggestion of a bit of immaturity, making it hard to have much confidence in what you have to say. I hope you'll accept that as constructive criticism. This isn't your personal Facebook page; it wouldn't hurt to take off your shades, remove "lol" from your written vocabulary, and be more understanding and respectful of criticism if you're going to write in a public forum.
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  • AllThingsD: Next iPhone to be unveiled on Sep. 10 [View news story]
    Not all iPhone users are gamers or regular consumers of video. The iPhone is a versatile combination of features in an elegant package that fits the smaller hand nicely and comfortably. Having handled a large-screen Android phone, I want no part of its awkward bulk. Surely, I'm not alone.

    And as for the Steve Jobs legacy, it's not as if he jumped ship and has gone to work for a competitor. The fact is that AAPL -- and Apple alone -- is endowed with the culture that he created and nurtured, and I continue to believe in the intrinsic value in that. No, of course Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs; I wish others would stop bemoaning that fact. Apple has done nothing to suggest that it isn't still one of the greatest -- indeed, probably THE greatest -- companies on the face of the earth.
    Aug 22 02:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • First Solar Earnings Preview: Q2 2013 [View article]
    Your price change chart is misleading. The day after the Q1 2013 earnings report, the closing price did indeed drop almost 9% from May 6th, the day before. But that provided a good buying opportunity for the subsequent 18% increase to a peak close of $56.10 just over a month later (June 10th). Is the worst case, then, that we might get another good buying opportunity?
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  • Tim Cook (AAPL) on the five-inch smartphone: "Our competitors have made some significant trade-offs in many of these areas in order to ship a larger display. We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these trade-offs exist." He adds that if IDC's right, the smartphone market declined 30% since December, so Apple's decline of 15% beat the market. [View news story]
    "Most of the market appears to value a bigger screen... "

    Funny @dgy, on a recent business trip that had me on flights to Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, and New York, the prevalence of iPhones in use was uncanny. It was virtually all I saw, everywhere. The singular person I recall seeing using a larger-screened device was a backpack-toting twenty-something in casual dress. This is not to deny the size of that demographic nor the market for other devices, but to underscore the continued respect for and popularity of the iPhone.
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  • Apple (AAPL): FQ2 EPS of $10.09 beats by $0.02. Revenue of $43.6B (+11% Y/Y) beats by $1.1B. 37.4M iPhones, 19.5M iPads, just under 4M Macs. Expects FQ3 revenue of $33.5B-$35.5B, below $39.3B consensus. Buyback increased by $50B. Shares halted. CC at 5PM ET (webcast). (PR[View news story]
    Based on what, pray tell.
    Apr 23 05:24 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple (AAPL +2%) roundup: 1) Jim Cramer states Apple is "becoming the J.C. Penney of tech," while suggesting sentiment has become too negative. 2) The state-owned Chinese press has become more positive on Apple following Tim Cook's apology letter. 3) The USPTO has reaffirmed the Oct. invalidation of Apple's "rubber-banding" patent, which was successfully asserted against Samsung. 4) Apple has hired much of the team behind the original Segway, including robotics expert John Morrell. No word on what project Morrell is working on. (Goldman[View news story]
    I believe that will turn out to have been good advice.
    Apr 2 12:47 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple (AAPL +2%) roundup: 1) Jim Cramer states Apple is "becoming the J.C. Penney of tech," while suggesting sentiment has become too negative. 2) The state-owned Chinese press has become more positive on Apple following Tim Cook's apology letter. 3) The USPTO has reaffirmed the Oct. invalidation of Apple's "rubber-banding" patent, which was successfully asserted against Samsung. 4) Apple has hired much of the team behind the original Segway, including robotics expert John Morrell. No word on what project Morrell is working on. (Goldman[View news story]
    And Lisa begat the Macintosh.

    Had he been speaking figuratively, Cramer might have been referring to the unrealistic expectations of Apple-doubters, who are likely to react to anything Apple announces as not game-changingly good enough.
    Apr 2 12:45 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Vs. Apple: Which Is A Winning Bet For 2013? [View article]
    While I am inclined to be bullish about Apples's future (offerings, growth, and profitability), how to you go frim "speculation" about a cheaper iPhone to a statement of the revenues and incremental earnings it will generate? To say nothing of the fact the the speculation is about a lower cost phone for emerging markets, not for the domestic enterprise segment. And as for BBRY, I concur with @wmateri; your analysis gives no weight to future situational possibilities.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S4: A Gift To Apple Shareholders [View article]
    People always seem to forget what makes Apple Apple: elegance in the user interface for a better user experience, and product esthetics. I, for one, love my iPhone 4s -- it does much more than I need it to do; its size is perfect (it fits cleanly into my pants or any other pocket); its design is clean and elegant; it feels like a touchstone and has the same effect when I flip it around in my hand. When I want a larger screen, my iPad is also a constant companion. Having handled some of the large-screen phones -- eeeeek! -- the experience reminds me in spades of why I love the iPhone. Sure, there's a market for a large phone; just as surely, Apple (or any other brand) doesn't need to appeal to everyone. They will continue continue to do quite well with people who appreciate their products for what they are. This is a brand that has won my respect for its adherence to its brand identity instead of trying to leapfrog the latest short-term fad. And it's not a zero-sum game: a feature that's positive for another platform or piece of hardware is not thereby automatically a negative for Apple.
    Mar 16 12:46 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why The Living Room Is Too Small For Apple [View article]
    Agree with @CrimsonCap -- this article lacks imagination. It, and many of the comments above lack faith in Apple's vision as well. Does anyone think that Apple isn't aware of the thin margins of the TV business as we know it? Does Apple ever introduce a conventional product? Does Apple ever introduce a new product line that competes head-on with an existing one? No. Apple not only raises the bar, it transforms it. We're still waiting for the much ballyhooed iTV because it takes a lot of it time to get all the ducks in a row for the synchronized swim that I'm confident Apple has already choreographed.

    Furthermore, given Apple's proven ability to add value on so many levels, I'd place my bets on a significantly higher than $1000 ASP. In the world of Apple, "the basics of price elasticity" do *not*, in fact, "hold" because when it's Apple's turn, they take the ball to another playing field. The article lacks imagining the different set of playing rules there.

    Having said all that, will investors continue to be blind to the value of any and all incremental earnings just because they happen to be generated from lower margin percentages than other streams of revenue?
    Feb 12 12:33 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Reduce EPS By Issuing Preferred Stock [View article]
    Apple's stock repurchase allocation is meant to counterbalance the inevitable increase in number of outstanding shares that will result from the exercise of existing stock options, thereby mitigating the would-be dilution of EPS -- i.e., if they *don't* repurchase shares the number of shares will increase so at any given level of total earnings, EPS will decline.

    As rrosey2 said, "You have "cause and effect" confused."
    Just because B followed A is no reason to assume that A *caused* B. Stock repurchase does not "reward" exiting stockholders. It rewards *remaining* stockholders by simple arithmetic -- dividing earnings by the now smaller number of shares results in an increased EPS figure.
    A share repurchase plan does not "transfer... owner's cash to departing shareholders," as you mistakenly perceive it; it *increases* the percentage of ownership that each remaining share represents.
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