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  • Ford: It's Time For A Test Drive  [View article]
    I'll hold on to some of my Ford stock for a little while longer but I'm really starting to think the articles being published on a regular basis are being ghost written by Ford marketing, or retired Ford execs. pushing the stock under made up names. There's a lot of buzzing and activity near the "F" beehive but not a lot of honey is being made. Ford is offering the dividend and should be steady in that effort as they are really taking the broad based approach. If you're wanting quicker profits on the stock you'll be waiting, look at FCAU if you want quicker returns as Mr.Marchione is more into growth through merger and acquisition or Tesla if you can afford it. Ford makes great products and will plod along but the approach is steady as she goes. its got to be more than their pickup truck that they can trumpet. They are a bit thin and stretched and don't seem to be looking to make acquisitions actively. I think they are a core holding safe stock but they don't make me excited to look at their daily performance.
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  • Tesla Announces Model S Cars Get Driven Less Than What The Average U.S. Driver Drives  [View article]
    I live squarely in the Midwest near Chicago and still see maybe 1 Tesla model S every 3-4 months on the road around Rockford, Il. There are a lot of wealthy people around here and I just don't see these around so as far a mileage driven it's not around here...
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  • What Special Forces Can Teach Us About Investing  [View article]
    You're very right as intel. may not be reliable or it's bad, or meant to be misleading. Redeploying based on testing the water and finding it not fit to drink is par for the course. The difficult things such as staying the course when there are headwinds requires some bravery. I've chickened out and bailed when I should have stuck but I let "them" chase me away when a lot of factors pointed to sticking. I've also stayed to long and got caught in some pretty good drops. You've got to be vigilant and keep your ears open and know where to go for intel. you think is reliable when you need some backup before acting one way or the other. All in all it's up to you to stick or move so that you don't get wounded too badly and can retreat and redeploy. If it's too dangerous out there for you or you're not in a position to gather the info. and evaluate it and know your limits you need to study, study, study and Improvise, Adapt, and move ahead
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  • What Special Forces Can Teach Us About Investing  [View article]
    Thanks for your service and your point of view. I also follow the mantra and take a daily approach with my investing dollars. I look for solid opportunities based on the strength and positioning of a business in its markets and the needs and percieved trends and its timing. Like planning for going into battle you need to have a strategic plan, and as you wade in you rely on intelligence and you're own eyes and ears as you deploy. You have to always have an eye toward repositioning if needed or if you are bushwacked. It's an interesting game of survival and you have little control of but you have a chance to take strong positions, and also establish defensible fallback positions in case of need. Improvising and adapting are great when the horizon is strong but you need to be ready to redeploy or fallback when it's time to "vamoose" It's a daily battle..
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  • Condolences On North Korea Kim's 'Death': Sony Is Alive And Poised To Profit  [View article]
    P.T Barnum strikes again.Sony broke through with another way to distribute films to a churned market and feed the masses. The power of marketing is amazing. Kim Jung Un is good for something I guess, being the butt of western jokes. Remains to be seen if there is any form of retaliation that can be attributed to North Korea. Proves again the old marketing saw that "Good publicity/Bad publicity - Just give some publicity" and never let a good crisis go to waste.
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  • Keurig Green Mountain's Litigation Situation Is Heating Up In The Consumer Space  [View article]
    Competition will weed out the machines as far as the market is concerned. We'll see what Xmas sales of machines shows us. I've always thought the Keurig machine was great and I have a generation 1 machine that works great using others brands of K cups. If it goes, I have other choices including going back to a drip machine if price per cup gets to high. Licensing isn't out of the question as far as I can see especially if it spawns competition for a lower priced cup of coffee to me - a consumer. I think others might think the same. I've always thought the Green Mountain coffee brands of K-cups are to expensive and have found a couple brands that are good and a better value. I still want lower cost! I think Keurigs efforts to keep the price of their K cups higher wants to weed out lower cost K cup makers from moving the market away from their GMCR brand of refills. At the stores where I shop for refills the GMCR coffees are the ones that sell the slowest as they are the highest priced. I don't think they are any better than other lower priced ones. It boils down the the good old word "value". Lawyers can fight all they want and muddy things up at exorbitant costs to the parties involved. Investors will decry the turmoil but the market will determine the outcome. Other folks that want to play in the K-cup world can make their own coffee machine to compete, the market (ie:consumer) wants good quality equipment at a competitive price, reliability, and the ability to run the machine at best cost per cup. I'm a consumer and my job is looking for best price and quality per cup for myself and family, and a lot of others must think similarly so the market will speak with their dollars like they always do.
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  • Keurig Green Mountain's Litigation Situation Is Heating Up In The Consumer Space  [View article]
    I think the consumer will make the ultimate decision on the machine. If the availability of product offerings is to limited coffee fans will be looking elsewhere for their home nectar machines. Coffee drinkers are smart, they're addicted and they will have their coffee even if they have to dustoff the old Mr. Coffee, or find moms old percolator. Limited selections, and high price k-cups will have customers looking elsewhere for options, and there are option., It'll chase a lot of them back to drip brewers if these single cup brewers get to expensive to operate. This will also niche these machines into a special boutique class that will severely limit their sales, and will allow other competitors to enter the market arena if they make their own versatile machines. Everybody who piled into the making of K-cups to fit the Keurig machines walked through that door and they got caught with a lot of K-cups that can't be run through the new Keurig 2.0 machines. They are crying foul but why don't they make their own machines using Keurigs own "older technology" and find a way to lower the cost of their K-cup knockoff refills and sell more coffee? Big lawsuits are expensive and these guys are going to have to let the market weed out the winners and losers not the courts in this case. All us coffee drinkers are still out here so figure out how to serve us at a fair price and we'll jump in.
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  • Condolences On North Korea Kim's 'Death': Sony Is Alive And Poised To Profit  [View article]
    All the righteous indignation is getting louder and louder and I understand Canada is not standing in the way of the movie being released. This is working as planned and will net this film far more than it probably deserves to make. I'm sure the turmoil that's been created is being felt in North Korea as well as in China who is their patron. Dear leader Jr. who is playing in an adult playpen with adult toys can be a distraction that China allows to exist, but even they are aware of the repercussions this juvenile can create if he's allowed too much leash. In this case it's just a movie but it uncovers the cyber stealing which in this case is a commercial issue. Actions will be taken, and these security threats will be spotlighted. Behind the scenes things will take place that the public won't become aware of on both sides. I'd take my chances that movie theaters won't be blowing up for this reason, and I'm planning to go see a movie on Xmas day, but not this one. N.Korea and China are in lockstep and the West and Europe are too. Someday China will have to spank this spoiled child as he'll be a thorn in their sides preventing other things to happen, or maybe they'll take it over. There's a lot of smoke here, just pay attention...
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  • Condolences On North Korea Kim's 'Death': Sony Is Alive And Poised To Profit  [View article]
    You're right about the immense free publicity. I'm sure this movie is no Oscar winner and won't be hailed as a comedy classic but in a way it's historical. The only thing that could really mess things up is if a theater blows up with casualties and we know there are many groups or a lone wolf that could use this as an opportunity to do something and the blame would go to North Korea. Movie theaters unfortunately have had their share of tragedies in the recent past so it's not out of the realm of possibility. If I really cared I'd go see it in the theater and I think those who think this is a trendy thing they have to do should be able to. As far as further advertising for the film, as soon as this opens there can be commercial advertising spoofs promoting the film. This can be a huge money maker even though I'm sure the film is probably a childish stinker. I know I can wait to see it when it comes out on DVD sometime in the future. They have to release this and get it into the theaters to cash in and I agree they see the opportunity to make far more on this film than they ever thought they could. I think theaters in large metropolitan areas need to screen this to take advantage. Small very conservative towns where people may be more close knit may stay away which will hurt other Christmas release movies as people will just not want to be in the theater building where this is showing. We'll see...
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  • Ford - Backing Up The Truck On The Clueless Downgrade  [View article]
    Just for (bleeps & Giggles) there's more to owning a truck to a lot of buyers who aren't the heavy haulers and folks who throw shovels and heavy stuff in them and don't care about dents etc. A truck's a funny thing as it speaks to people who like to think of themselves as rugged and stylish at the same time, kind of like Jeep owners. Ford has made some great looking, and great running trucks and Ford is an Icon. I'll bet everybody who likes Ford trucks can think of a number of them they wished they could've had but couldn't afford at the time. I wish I could have a collection of various years for fun but I can't "aFord" them all... Anyway because of a lot of truck envy out there, and folks who'd like to have a new Ford, now is a breakthrough point. It's going to be popular like the new Mustangs that are just getting into the showrooms, and it's got a lot of plus's going for it especially this launch. I'm sure Ford has tied up long term agreements with Alcoa for aluminum and also for scrap pricing which means they have the main pipeline as far as automotive production use of the metal is concerned. If the engine and drive train are solid, the body will outlast them especially in heavy salt use climates and make re-powering them a viable option, as well as hold up the resale price. I think 2015 should be a winner and with Fords commitment to launching so many new products they are saying "we're putting the pedal to the metal". You know the competition is watching this launch with a keen eye. Ford made the commitment and now (like in NASCAR)they are passing the competitors and taking the lead. The automotive industry has always been made up of "me too'ers so if this takes off which it should they'll be scrambling while Ford has the lead...
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  • Ford - Backing Up The Truck On The Clueless Downgrade  [View article]
    I agree that any efforts to even try to find a reason to downgrade the new aluminum F150 are laughable and a signal to buy at these artificially depressed prices. Lower gas means the lighter stronger truck goes farther on a tank of cheaper gas. Aluminum body means no ugly rust holes in the body after years of use the truck still looks good, and is a candidate for a replacement motor to keep going. I happen to love the look of older trucks that look good. Aluminum trucks should look good in 5 years compared to steel bodies especially in areas of high road salt use like the Midwest. If gas prices rise again the truck still goes farther on a tank of gas. Styling and pride of ownership still play a big part and Ford keeps on top of this and looks very American made which it is. Deutsche Bank has an agenda and it's easy to see through. Take advantage of any opportunity to add Ford to the portfolio at these low prices.
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  • Update: Ford's Second Vehicle In Command  [View article]
    This will work for Ford even in the face of lower gas prices as what's wrong with cheaper gas and more vehicle efficiency especially if it dosen't affect power and towing, and load carrying capacities. If you really please the buyer he'll come back kind of like finding a great restaurant and really enjoying the food. Vehicle price will be the initial kicker as well as crash and safety ratings. Put all the right stuff together in this mix and it's a grand slam that others will be chasing very quickly. Automotive industry has always been a "let the other guy do it first" and then a "me too" group of people, The first lion to the kill gets the lions share then the rest come in to feed on what's left.
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  • More on the July jobs miss; Treasury yields breathe sigh of relief  [View news story]
    I agree with you Guardian that we cannot continue to see such good news in continued stimulus feedings. We're not doing well going it alone and at some point the underpinnings are going to recede, and we'll have to see if the bridge can support the load. The world's economies will always be in flux so their influence on us is predictable. The roller coaster effect is built into the markets. You have to watch out for yourself and make the best choices based on what you know an your individual situation. Best to stay informed but always be aware of the structure underlying the bridge. Diversify and look for opportunities that work for your situation but don't fall for a lot of fluff, or too much doom and gloom. The truth lies somewhere in the middle and also in the boardrooms and backrooms most of us never get into. You're the captain of your own ship
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  • Tesla Motors could see a wild ride  [View news story]
    He's a genius and sometimes they get scattered, or overworked in certain areas . He's always shown a penchant for thinking big in other areas and using proven small scale technologies in much bigger scale ideas. It's okay to think in other areas as long as you keep the focus on your main task. If he's losing interest or he's left more of the running of Tesla to the business types the plane could stall out as some time. I think in many ways he's a kid with lots of grand ideas who's been pushed to the forefront and aggrandized. He may be burning out on the day to day grinds needed to push this boulder up the hill. You need the grinder types to do this. If he has the right kind of team to do this it'll go, if not it'll stall. It's an interesting watch and see story. I don't know that he wanted to be a folk hero.
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  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters lower after Barron's warning  [View news story]
    Keurig builds great machines meant to last thousands of cups. The GMCR coffees are too expensive to take over for the more conventional coffee brewers. I knew that from the beginning and wrote quite a bit about it. Unless you are one of the inner city caffeineistas who are snobby about their coffees and will overpay for a cup because that's their passion those of us in the hinterlands chek prices. As long as the K-cup system is used and others have found out how to make K-cups more competitively to a more normal persons price point we rejoice. Competitors will come in gladly to take over a lot of their market and the volume of GMCR branded K-cups will drop further. If GMCR had patented the coffee system they could have licensed their present day competitors and collected on all the K-cups sold. Apparently they haven't and their K-cup sales are being diluted. It's a great product and great coffee but I for one like the competition coming through as long as they provide us quality choices at a better price point.....
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