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  • Update: Ford's Second Vehicle In Command [View article]
    This will work for Ford even in the face of lower gas prices as what's wrong with cheaper gas and more vehicle efficiency especially if it dosen't affect power and towing, and load carrying capacities. If you really please the buyer he'll come back kind of like finding a great restaurant and really enjoying the food. Vehicle price will be the initial kicker as well as crash and safety ratings. Put all the right stuff together in this mix and it's a grand slam that others will be chasing very quickly. Automotive industry has always been a "let the other guy do it first" and then a "me too" group of people, The first lion to the kill gets the lions share then the rest come in to feed on what's left.
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  • More on the July jobs miss; Treasury yields breathe sigh of relief [View news story]
    I agree with you Guardian that we cannot continue to see such good news in continued stimulus feedings. We're not doing well going it alone and at some point the underpinnings are going to recede, and we'll have to see if the bridge can support the load. The world's economies will always be in flux so their influence on us is predictable. The roller coaster effect is built into the markets. You have to watch out for yourself and make the best choices based on what you know an your individual situation. Best to stay informed but always be aware of the structure underlying the bridge. Diversify and look for opportunities that work for your situation but don't fall for a lot of fluff, or too much doom and gloom. The truth lies somewhere in the middle and also in the boardrooms and backrooms most of us never get into. You're the captain of your own ship
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  • Tesla Motors could see a wild ride [View news story]
    He's a genius and sometimes they get scattered, or overworked in certain areas . He's always shown a penchant for thinking big in other areas and using proven small scale technologies in much bigger scale ideas. It's okay to think in other areas as long as you keep the focus on your main task. If he's losing interest or he's left more of the running of Tesla to the business types the plane could stall out as some time. I think in many ways he's a kid with lots of grand ideas who's been pushed to the forefront and aggrandized. He may be burning out on the day to day grinds needed to push this boulder up the hill. You need the grinder types to do this. If he has the right kind of team to do this it'll go, if not it'll stall. It's an interesting watch and see story. I don't know that he wanted to be a folk hero.
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  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters lower after Barron's warning [View news story]
    Keurig builds great machines meant to last thousands of cups. The GMCR coffees are too expensive to take over for the more conventional coffee brewers. I knew that from the beginning and wrote quite a bit about it. Unless you are one of the inner city caffeineistas who are snobby about their coffees and will overpay for a cup because that's their passion those of us in the hinterlands chek prices. As long as the K-cup system is used and others have found out how to make K-cups more competitively to a more normal persons price point we rejoice. Competitors will come in gladly to take over a lot of their market and the volume of GMCR branded K-cups will drop further. If GMCR had patented the coffee system they could have licensed their present day competitors and collected on all the K-cups sold. Apparently they haven't and their K-cup sales are being diluted. It's a great product and great coffee but I for one like the competition coming through as long as they provide us quality choices at a better price point.....
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  • ETFs For When The Fear Of Fed Tapering Subsides [View article]
    If your ETF's are not performing go to cash and look for better opportunities or hold your cash till you think the smoke will clear. You can rearrange your portfolio as your head clears or the market shows you a better direction and dollar cost average back into something more to your liking. This round is over and all the chairs are being rearranged for the next wedding reception coming in. Now the financial press will feed the news media a strong dose of European recession blues as if anything really changed much over there while we were partying over here on the big market gains. Hope you made some money while the party was on. Regroup, rearrange and retrench. for the next campaign. Someday the Fed will be tapering off the stimulus - really... It dosen't mean the end of the world, it has to happen or the patient won't get up and walk. It's better to keep that in mind as you move on, you're liable to make clearer headed decisions that way. This correction was going to come, and it's here. Be mindful when rearranging your portfolio so you give yourself the positions that you are most comfortable living with,,,
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  • Likely Buyout Of SodaStream Makes It A Huge Buy [View article]
    Marketing ploy
    Jun 6 12:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The read-through from J.M Smucker's (SJM) FQ4 report for coffee sellers (SBUX, DNKN, GMCR, KRFT) is interesting. By all appearances, the company fought hard to protect its market share by dropping prices on bagged coffee - but sales still fell off in the U.S. for its major brands by 1.2%, indicating one of the other big players picked up some share. In a nice bit of timing, lower green coffee costs helped the company improve profitability in the category - a trend that bodes well for Q2 numbers across the sector.  [View news story]
    GMCR has been floating their k-cup prices for a while and working with other coffee licensees to provide k-cups for the Keurig machines. If GMCR is going to keep their house brand boxes of 12 K-cups per box at the current higher price level they will probably not make the dent in coffee sales they want, and their competitors with lower prices will probably catch the coffee sales. The single cup coffee concept is here to stay. It's just who gets the price point right on the boxes of K-cups that will trip the additional sales of coffee.
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  • Tesla Motors (TSLA) lost its legal tussle with auto dealers in Texas over its plan to sell electric vehicles directly to consumers. A bill that would have provided an exception to current dealership rules failed to even make it the floor of the Texas House or Senate for a vote. [View news story]
    Texas is still running on the old cattle ranchers or oil field mentality. This is straight out of the cowboy movies we watched as kids. There are a lot of little kingdoms in the big T.
    Jun 4 08:47 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Israel ETF Rises As Central Bank Double Dips On Rate Cuts [View article]
    Israel is always going to face the uncertainties of its neighbors and their desire to destroy them. This does not make for confident investors. Until they can get out of the shadow of the "valley of death" they will face continued stagnation if not for the US being their ally. They have tremendous brain power and ingenuity as well as a hard work ethic but they're too concentrated on self protection to engender a lot of confidence but for the greatest risk takers. It's tough to always be the duck in the shooting gallery trying to convince people that they aren't going to get hit. If their money could be based on the US side of the pond there would be more confidence but the shekel is the basis and it's based on their side of the pond.
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  • Fed Says U.S. Stocks Are Cheap [View article]
    I agree nobody knows where a bottom is going to be. Conventional wisdom does not seem to apply. This is becoming like quantum physics. It's a great ride in equities so far. The economies of the world are redefining themselves and the interdependence is much more apparent. You have to be comfortable in your strategies until you aren't comfortable any more. Take some profits and redistribute them to areas you are comfortable putting them. Keep some cash on hand for the rainy day and invest in strong companies with an eye toward the bigger picture. It's not just local politics exclusively anymore and hasn't been for a while. Enjoy the ride.
    May 13 08:41 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Chairman Bernanke Talk Investors Out Of Higher-Yielding ETFs? [View article]
    Thanks Gary - I'm not far behind your "pops" and I nee tot ake the risks as I don't have a pension to draw off of, just the 401K and SS. A part time job is in the future. I'm like the many whom the job market left after we hit a certain age and no one wants to hire for any wage worth taking seriously. I'm glad this market is here and hope it can keep going for a while longer. I'll never be able to generate the income I used to earn at this stage of the game but I'm still in life's game and don't plan to quit anytime soon. A lot of boomers need the dough as they don't have extra pension income on top of a 401K and SS.
    May 11 10:03 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - Enthusiasm About Renewed Starbucks Deal Results In Premium Valuations [View article]
    I think K-cup prices need to come down. Not everyone loves Starbucks and the price of Starbucks is too high for continued regular consumption through the week unless you're in business and can write stuff like this off on expenses. For the homeowner wanting to replace the old coffee pot with K-cups the price needs to come down. Coffee is a staple for lots of households. People don't view it as a luxury in their kitchens. It's part of their grocery budget, and the cost of food is eating away at tat budget. People will continue to drink coffee no doubt, but the cost will be a consideration as to what they'll drink, and how much they'll allow themselves to spend weekly for coffee. Drive the cost of a quality K-cup down and you'll bring a lot more people on board.
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  • The stronger dollar has precious metals resuming their decline in force (or is the decline in precious metals strengthening the dollar), with gold (GLD) off 2.3% and silver (SLV) off 2.2%. Crude oil (USO) pulls back a bit from its recent big rally, -0.9% to $95.53. [View news story]
    Right now barring cataclysmic situations ie.nuclear war with somebody or calamitous natural events that can always happen or don't forget zombie attacks, ride the wave while you're can be on top of it. Keep your eyes open and make prudent moves not panic moves.
    May 10 10:21 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Expect Tesla To Lose Its After-Hours Gains [View article]
    Paulo you are spot on. This is not a negative perception but a practical one. There will be a lot of shuffling and adjusting by Tesla to continue its ambitious plans, that's normal. Any drop back is just a reaction to these shuffling moves and should be expected. Its going to create opportunities for new investors to get on. I think Elon Musk in the long runs wants this anyway as it brings more capital, and more customers to Tesla for further growth.
    May 9 09:15 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Foam On Tesla's Wave [View article]
    I think the perception is spot on. Whether its foam on a wave or foam on your beer Tesla has laid out its course and has proven it will have staying power. It has a lot more to live up to now and some drop back while it's plotting its longer term moves can be expected.It's not a bad thing, jiust a shuffling around to get more comfortable.It's making an ambitious move to go to the overseas markets which will require large cash outlays, and a market that may have a different perception of their cars than we have here. I'll be very interested to see how Elon handles it. He's a great strategizer and marketing man in my book. Marketing is a lot of hype and PT. Barnum was great at it . All in all even though Barnum was great at creating excitement, and getting people to pay their money he did deliver the Greatest Show on Earth. This will just create more opportunities for another wave of people to invest who didn't before. All's well...
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