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  • At What Price Should You Buy A Dividend Growth Stock? [View article]
    Dave -

    Not so sure about a 45-pt. NE victory in the opener. Pats in slight disarray early on, and one must not forget the old axiom, "...on any given Sunday..."

    Either way, enjoy! At least you'll be at a home game before the Buffalo temps turn south toward the latter part of the season!

    Aug 28, 2013. 11:04 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Risk, Volatility And Dividend Growth Investing [View article]
    Eddie -

    Great article on so many levels. Many, many good tidbits of info. I am a staunch supporter of DG Investing, so I am in yours and everyone else's camp.

    Also - great thread of comments, with the usual crowd of intelligent SA readers and writers (you know who you are) chiming in. Great comments from all - thank you!

    My thoughts on the tower as it relates to risk/reward (hey - everyone else has opined, so why not me?):

    Going up the tower yourself = Hot biotech stock of the day.
    Hiring someone to go up = Solid dividend champion with long history of consistent divdend payment and growth.

    Thank you again.
    Aug 21, 2013. 05:23 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The ABCs Of Dividend Investing: Part I [View article]
    RDI -

    Fantastic, extremely enlightening article in so many ways. For those of us who are already DGI'ers (I raise my hand), concurrence. For those just starting out as such, a wonderful lesson with many truisms.

    To me (again, just my opinion), the most important fact you mention is the transparency of a dividend declared, paid, and received: it is truth. It cannot be manipulated, taken back (as a gain may become a loss), or compromised in any way once it has been paid. It is cash flow to the investor. It can only be positive - never negative.

    You nailed it in this article. I'm looking forward to your next piece, and all others that follow.

    Aug 19, 2013. 09:22 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • It's Time To Play Ball (Part 3): Dividend Growth Prospects (And Suspects) [View article]
    Mike -

    I've read all three articles in this series and I am a follower of yours. Nice job on all three. Very interesting, good thoughts, and great threads of comments on all.

    Regarding Intel, I think it's just a matter of outlasting the stock, if that makes any sense. It's loathed by many (not all - many) these days, and I'm reading more and more comments from readers who have either sold, are planning to sell, or have placed tight stop orders. There are still a number of Intel bulls around, but the bears are increasing in number. I think patience wins out here, but it might be a lot of patience. Holders get paid handsomely to wait (despite no increase this quarter in the div, although that doesn't eliminate the possibility of an increase in the near future).

    I remain long INTC, and will continue to hold and reinvest dividends. Some of my biggest winners did nothing for many years (but paid me while I waited), and then, when I least expected it, everything came together for them and the stocks moved nicely. Whether you get stopped out or remain long, I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to your future articles.

    Aug 7, 2013. 10:30 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Portfolio For Do It Yourselfers: Thinking Outside The Box [View article]

    I think like you do: good quality, I want to own the stock. Poor quality, I can't bring myself to invest. And your point re recycle time (shorter = better from an investment standpoint) makes sense. Still, I'd also venture to guess that higher quality (i.e. longer recycle period) might lead other quality-seeking buyers to a particular company's products.

    Jul 31, 2013. 06:31 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Portfolio For Do It Yourselfers: Thinking Outside The Box [View article]
    Dave -

    Excellent article. I've been eyeballing DE for a bit as it hits many of the metrics I use (especially valuation). The DE bears seem concerned with co.'s high debt load as well as the long recycle (inadequate choice of words, perhaps?) period for buyers who need to replace equipment.

    Do you have a specific price or valuation that you're targeting?


    Jul 29, 2013. 09:09 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft Corporation's Results Aren't That Bad [View article]
    Why is it a great day for you? When I don't like a company, I simply don't own its stock. But I don't rejoice when its stock goes down. I focus on the stocks that I do own, and am pleased when they go up. I don't get any satisfaction from the mistakes, problems, or missteps of others.
    Jul 20, 2013. 05:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia Gets An Opening As BlackBerry Stumbles: Can Pureview Provide The Momentum? [View article]
    I agree with both of you. When cellphones first came out, it was all about having a phone to talk on. Then smartphones came along, and apps became the necessity. The camera was, for many, just an afterthought. In the world we live in today, the ability to take great photos are a must for most consumers. Nokia has easily been the most innovative in this area of late. And they have not sacrificed the quality of their phones' other attributes, according to most users. This can be only perceived as a huge plus for Nokia as they move forward.
    Jul 16, 2013. 07:19 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia At The Crossroads [View article]

    Excellent, succinct & totally relevant response (and points). Nice job.
    Jul 11, 2013. 05:42 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Beating Back Fear For Income Investors [View article]
    David -

    This is a fantastic article. It's fantastic on many levels: helpfulness, clarity, and your ability to draw out what many investors are thinking, yet might be unable to articulate (to themselves).

    Fear is/can be abstract and amorphous for many. But, like many things in life, when we drill down deep(er) and get a better understanding of each of our own "boogeymen," it can be very comforting, liberating, and soothing - not to mention beneficial to our portfolios, of course!

    My overly-simplistic rules: keep the dividend (and dividend growth) spigot turned on while keeping CNBC turned off (except when in need of entertainment).

    Thank you again.

    Jul 3, 2013. 05:56 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Norfolk Southern: Fundamental Stock Research Analysis [View article]
    Same here, Pete, re loving railroads simply because I like railroads (and reasonable valuations)! Had the train set as a kid, and have loved trains ever since...
    Jun 27, 2013. 09:01 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Long-Term Results [View article]
    Bob -

    Good article. I like your use of the "Good," "Bad" and "Ugly" themes.

    I don't feel that the "Bad" category is really, truly "bad," but as you had mentioned, that's dependent upon the type of investor investing in it. Certainly, it's not nearly as good as the "Good" group, as your illustration depicted.

    I'm now a follower. Thanks for an interesting and helpful angle on DGI!

    Jun 24, 2013. 05:51 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Peacock's Tail And Dividend Growth Companies [View instapost]
    Excellent article, Robert. Nice analogy, too.

    In my book, no disadvantages whatsoever for DG companies/stocks. When a well-managed, high-quality company raises its dividend, it's always for good reasons.

    Advantage: Investors.
    Jun 12, 2013. 07:48 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Own These World's Leading Brands And Never Fear A Recession Again [View article]
    Another great article, Chuck.

    When we invariably enter into the market's next decline (7-10%? 15%? More? Less? Who knows?), hopefully most DGI's will not run for the hills out of fear. It is then that your reasoned logic kicks in and makes so much sense: focus on the business(es) you own! Do not be moved (except to add more) by the movement of prices!

    Example: Did the CEO's of any of these great companies ever once think to themselves during any of these recessions, as their companies' stock prices were dropping, that "Hey - this is ugly! I'm going to recommend that we put the entire company up for sale before the stock price plummets any further!" (An unrealistic example, I realize, but I am trying to make a point). Of course not! They continued to run the business as a business should be run. This is why these are the best companies around. And this is the same reason why I put blinders on and simply keep collecting - and reinvesting - their growing dividends.
    Jun 6, 2013. 05:23 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • RBC's Analysis Of Nokia Is Questionable [View article]
    Excellent job, Charles. Think you for doing the digging and sharing the results.
    Jun 6, 2013. 04:55 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment