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  • PC shipments fell a stunning 8.3% Y/Y in Q3, estimates Gartner - that figure makes Q2's 0.1% drop look great by comparison, and is raising eyebrows even with all of the negative industry data that has emerged. Weak back-to-school sales and cautious retailer orders are blamed, though the tablet market's growth is hard to overlook. U.S. shipments -13.8% Y/Y (both consumer and corporate sales were weak), EMEA -8.7%, and Asia-Pac -5.6% (China's slowing growth had an effect).  [View news story]
    I just don't understand the Apple hype and delusions. The 4S was my first smart phone (about this time last year) and far from being impressed, I was depressed within days. When it works, its great... but it does not work much of the time. The memory leaks are horrendous. Siri is absolutely pathetic. A whole plethora of apps crash. Oh... and there is nothing wrong with my phone. It was checked...

    AND... with Verizon, I routinely loose calls, can't call within supposedly "covered" areas and enjoy poor phone reception.

    I think the user interface design on many apps is very poor. There should have been at least one, possibly two more buttons. That Apple breaks their own user interface guidelines for the Mac is all too amusing. The patent litigation reflects a desperate company that can't innovate.

    AND... their crap is being built by abused labor (as defined by international labor and human rights treaties) causing horrific environmental damage. Way to go Apple!

    The best part of an iPhone? The pictures are pretty good.
    Oct 11, 2012. 09:36 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Around 2,000 jobs at Sanofi (SNY -2.6%) could be at risk as part of the firm's plans to consolidate its French R&D ops, a company union says. Sanofi plays down the fears, but says it's looking to build "research ecosystems" around Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg. Sanofi has already chopped 4,000 jobs in France in the past three years.   [View news story]
    This company is going to implode:
    - their top management is bloated and overpaid
    - they are dumping 1000s of rank and file scientists who actually do research
    - the best employees from the recent Genzyme buyout have left a while ago; the remaining employees are so demoralized from continual indecision and poor planning they can't produce much of anything

    While they may have a few quarters left of big revenue, ultimately, they have no future.
    Jul 6, 2012. 06:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Don't Buy Goldman Sachs Today  [View article]
    Shareholders, generally speaking, for the past thirty years have been shut out of most of the benefits of membership. Management, in all sectors, has lavishly squandered company funds, regardless of the company's performance. The outright greed and arrogance of corporate management, especially in the US, in an environment of declining US dominance in most every field, is shocking. We can only hope the CEO, CFO and other upper level positions will be outsourced to India or China at 1/100th the expense!
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  • 4 Reasons Why Silver Will Continue to Deflate  [View article]
    Actually, in terms of industrial usage, there are many, many applications for which, silver at $100 or more, would not really matter that much. For example, the total amount of silver used in a keyboard is very, very small, but it is very important and will not be replaced by anything else until silver is stratospheric. There are thousands of types of devices with the equivalent of a few grams of silver. $35 or $75 silver does not impact this usage.
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  • Does U.S. Government Have the Right to Make BP Cut Its Dividend?  [View article]
    Personal opinions are irrelevant. Liability alone, is the critical reason why BP should be forced to hold any and all dividends in trust until it is perfectly clear they can meet any and all claims over a multiple year period, with potential claimants in line well before ANY shareholders.

    Shareholders know and understand that their claims are always the last paid. If you don't like that, then don't buy shares. Shareholder grandstanding is just as offensive as the supposed government grandstanding. A company is given the right to exist by the laws enacted by a government. A government certainly has a right to protect assets in the face of an enormous event such as this.

    Yes, maybe... BP has enough resources to pay for this disaster, but no claimant should EVER have to be looking at a BP in bankruptcy where dividend payments continued every quarter since the accident occurred. Furthermore, given the reckless behavior of the company, they should be expected to put a far larger amount of reserves on the side. The situation facing BP is entirely of their own creation, not the government's. While it may be popular to beat up the Obama administration, the reality is anyone defending BP is overlooking the fundamental basis of company law, fairness and corporate governance.
    Jun 10, 2010. 07:04 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment