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  • Axion Power Concentrator 365 Sep. 15 '14: BOD Approves 50:1 Rev. Split; EPower & Axion Present At The Battery Show; 10-Q For Q1 2014; S-1 For $15MM Share Issuance [View instapost]
    Is have been a member of the APH since day one. I sold my AXPW at .36 a long time ago. The people who know me will appreciate that while I have occasionally tossed rocks and doubt at TG and Axion I have always hoped for the best for Axion and I have great respect and friendship for many Axionistas on this board. Having said that I want to express my absolute disgust towards anyone attacking Bob Averill. Without his very significant financial support since day one and recent million bucks Axion probably wouldn't exist. People carping because he secured his loan with Axion's IP are just saying he should have just given them the money.

    Get real. He just wants his money back. Big deal. I would have attached needles with a valve I could open to Axion's blood viens if I had loaned them a million bucks.

    Every investor in Axion knew the potential risks and rewards of owning Axion stock. Every investor who paid any attention to TG's failed predictions and constant promises that things were looking up should have completely discounted his positive comments after time showed how inaccurate his predictions were.

    If you lost money you lost money. Get over it. Want to blame somebody blame yourself. Get off Bob Averill's back.
    Sep 16, 2014. 12:16 PM | 42 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 174: Nov. 13, Rosewater & Queens Univ. Partner On Distributed Energy Study; Q3 '12 Earnings & CC & Webcast: Mr. Investor Prods Viridity Energy, 13th ELBC: Axion's "Operational Stability Of PbC Batteries And Battery Systems" [View instapost]
    On a personal note the case against me by a debt consolidator (can you say vampire?) was dismissed by the judge today for lack of evidence. My attorney did great! My Axion stock is safe and secure for the moment! The vampire can file against me again but they better bring more to the courtroom next time than they did today. We'll see - but for now I can relax.
    Nov 14, 2012. 03:16 PM | 31 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 328: May 01 '14: Revese Split Consent Solicitation Filed; Q4 & EOY 2013 Results & CC; CFO Resigns; David DiGiacinto Joins BoD; PV With Storage Financials [View instapost]
    If you don't vote yes for the split you are voting no more financing for Axion. No more financing, no more Axion. Voting "no" is a certain death wish.
    May 2, 2014. 12:15 PM | 27 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 355 August 3 '14: Changed Loan, IP-Secured MDA; David DiGiacinto Appointed Chairman And CEO; Share Reverse Split And Authorized Share Reduction Approved [View instapost]
    Since I sold out all my stock back at .36 (Thank God) at a 70% loss I have faithfully followed the APH threads hoping for a reason to get back in. In fact I did buy back in a few hundred shares a couple of times but the tide just continued receding and I sold them again.

    There are many people who are APH members that I consider good friends. JP was extremely supportive of me during a very difficult one year period while I took care of my blind bed-ridden mother 24/7. We had many late night (early AM for JP) discussions about Axion and many other topics. He helped me maintain my sanity and I will be forever grateful for his help.

    I have occasionally dropped by and fired pot-shots at Axion, but seldom. I am not going to do so now or in the future. My only thoughts at this point is the DG is probably up to his a** in alligators trying to learn what options are available to Axion. I don't think he has time to worry about the APH thread.

    I will also add that for 250K and a car allowance Vani hasn't produced sales commensurate of his compensation. On top of that, Axion now has a former CEO on the payroll for another 190K a year plus whatever. What a lot of dead weight IMHO as far as output goes. Chuck Trego has his finger in the dike for the CFO slot. There are lots of management issues when you total this all up with questionable ability to execute a business plan.

    Someone will put out a hit on me for saying this, but the PBC's best chance of success is in a solid, well-run and capitalized entity able to play for the long haul. That doesn't exist today. IF DG can turn Axion as it now stands into such an organization the board out to give him a blank check and tell him to fill in his own number.

    MY last thought is that NSC might be completely happy just having 999 running and perhaps an OTR unit. It will give them the tool they need to establish a baseline of experience going forward and a yard stick to use in measuring other battery technologies as they develop.

    My main concern at this point is the fervent wish that no matter what happens ePower will have the PbC available to it as it moves forward. It is essential to their product.

    For all of my friends who still hold Axion stock you are in my thoughts and prayers. Anyone who is still invested in Axion deserves a 100 bagger given all the drama owning Axion has provided them the past 5 years. I'll be watching but my mouth is shut going forward. Good Luck to All!
    Aug 3, 2014. 06:26 PM | 26 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 65: Beginning Feb. 10, 2012, Bangwhiz's Google AXPW Development Blog [View instapost]
    I have finished the initial website for the Axion Power Shareholders Goup website and posted all useful links from most of the past concentrator comments by topic. Check it out. I reviewed around 1000 links pulling the ones listed on the site by actually viewing the link for merit.

    As we all know the real meat of the story is elsewhere in the SEC filings and articles JP has written and a million other sources we have probably all seen or read in the past. The Concentrators add gravy on top of the meat that lies elsewhere for the most part, although we try to put some new meat in the pot ourselves.

    I hate working on a website with Google Sites because it puts you in a design straight jacket if you are used to designing and developing websites in an HTML or related editor, as I am but Google Sites are free. It isn't pretty, it isn't as organized or as comprehensive as I would like, but it does serve to collect the information posted in our Concentrators.

    The links section posts links selected from reviewing about a thousand links that appeared somewhere in the past thousands of comments. It also gives me a skeleton to work with for posting future APC headers, main stories, links, etc. It is a few days behind because of the work of completing the initial website, but it will be fully up to date by Monday. If you have ideas for improvements and other content let me know and I will see what I can do based on time available and other planned upgrades.

    As soon as I have caught up on the latest worthwhile links posted in comments over the past week I plan to attempt to create section designed to help potential new investors in Axion accomplish their due diligence efforts faster and easier. When that is done please review it and suggest ideas or links for improvement.

    Feb 10, 2012. 06:26 PM | 25 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 359 August 17 '14: 10-Q For Q2 2014; S-1 For $15MM Share Issuance; Changed Loan, IP-Secured MDA; David DiGiacinto Appointed Chairman And CEO [View instapost]
    I'm fine Stilldazed. Thanks for asking. Although I took a beating on my AXPW investment I have followed the stock and the APH ever since hoping for a sign that I could reinvest and recoup my losses. So far I haven't been encouraged to hold Axion long. I made a couple of small buys, but had to dump them when I was being dragged back into the same closet where I got the crap kicked out of me before.

    Unless one of Axion's past prospects unexpectedly starts buying in volume I think based on my sales experience the combination of renewables and FR looks like Axion's best opportunity. It overcomes the problem of having to design an entirely new system at great risk and expense (like stop-start) in order to use the battery. You just use them like you would any other battery for the most part.

    What Axion managed to obscure from investors was just how much additional r&d needed to be done before it could really produce the PbC in any large quantity. Axion just wasn't there until the roll sheeting process was resolved. Since I invested prior to that accomplishment it was an investment based on hype, not reality.
    Aug 18, 2014. 01:41 PM | 24 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 234: May 8: Axion Power Completes Private Placement For $9 Million And $1 Million [View instapost]
    I suppose that after all is said and done I am disappointed. I can appreciate that it took a lot of time to put this deal together so I won't bitch about that. There just isn't any new dynamic in the business equation I can see such as a manufacturing or strategic partner.

    I've heard the term it is "all up to the battery" several times over the past three years. Bull hockey IMHO. It is all up to someone to SELL the battery. If it could sell itself it has had plenty of time to do it. Yes, with some markets it requires years of validation testing. Years of testing and little sales produces a tepid stock price.

    On to the next conference call I hope the new investors crowd the conference line. I'm tired of factoids. I want significant business development information. Timelines and goals. Milestones. Something a lot more definitive than "and there is no slowdown in sight." You can probably stay alive on pablum but you will never put any meat on the bones of the stock price with a steady diet of that gruel.
    May 8, 2013. 08:23 PM | 24 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 209: Feb. 16: Axion Power PbC Batteries Continue To Demonstrate Effectiveness For Railroad Applications Norfolk Southern [View instapost]
    I recently visited my brother who lives a couple hundred miles from me. I had encouraged him to buy Axion quite sometime ago while the DOE award was being decided with the comment that "he wouldn't lose a penny." He looked at the opportunities Axion had in front of it including BMW, Norfolk Southern, the DOE award and bought roughly $10,000 worth of Axion stock. Over time the stock descended in price and his losses mounted. I had raised his concerns with my comments about potentially an even lower PPS with the next capital raise. I had also pointed out that the final battery order had been delivered to Norfolk Southern in late December and that they would probably be installed within two months of delivery.

    As soon as I get to his home I began discussing my thoughts on how to deal with the uncertainty of the upcoming capital raise. Within a few minutes he informed me that after a discussion with his financial adviser he had sold his Axion for a $7,000 loss. The discussion ended entirely a few minutes later when he said, "I don't want to talk about Axion anymore" in a tone that clearly ended any further discussion about Axion - period,

    In my own case I had $3200 in Axion but I am stuck living on Social Security plus some savings for emergencies. I had considered a strategy of selling most of my stock and leaving about 1/4 of my holdings so that if Axion eventually rose to $2 a share I could recover all of my losses. The alternate strategy was to sell it all for about $1250 after commissions which I elected to do. In my circumstances $1250 is a decent chunk of change, but half of that wasn't worth much to me.

    Converting all my current position into dry powder and sitting on the sidelines would then allow me to rebuy more shares at a lower pps with the same dollars if the capital raise reduced the PPS, or jump back in later for a few less shares at say ,40 cents if a run appeared to be underway. I must say I like where I sit now - safely out of harms way with little loss of opportunity for a $20 total brokerage fee.

    Even if the price fell to .20 cents I would not rebuy on blind faith alone. I would need to see either an attractive rising PPS and a good looking stock chart, or the release of positive good news. I am also not going to risk the potential of another capital raise after this one without significant ongoing sales. I cannot imagine what the next capital raise price might be if Axion does not have significant ongoing PbC sales by then.

    Then I had to discuss Axion with a daughter that had bought $1600 worth of Axion in the .60's. She's losing about half of her investment at the moment but she's in good shape to either ride it out, sell and sit on the sidelines like me until the capital raise dust settles, or sell it all like my brother and forget about it. I encouraged her to use my sideline strategy but agreed that in her circumstances it didn't make much difference what she did, she's in good shape financially and whatever she did would be ok. I also pointed out my belief that NS's test would probably be positive and beneficial to the stock price when the results became known.

    So why am I sharing this info with fellow Axionistas? I am doing so for anyone mulling their Axion holdings in the face of a lack of any significant new Axion sales announcements coupled with the upcoming capital raise issue. It would be easy to write a "feel good" comment about Axion or a hatchet piece. There is simply little real news being revealed from behind the curtain so you could easily write anything you wanted to based on the available information.

    I've second guessed my decision a million times since selling and deciding to sit on the sidelines for the moment. I have been completely unable to reverse my decision. However, I sure wish I had kept my enthusiasm to myself and not talked my relatives into buying. That I'll just have to live with, but it is a very uncomfortable memory whenever it comes to mind. If and when I decide to get back in I'll let you know.

    In the meantime I will keep up the custom APC search engine, follow the APC's, closely watch the the PPS and any Axion announcements. Good luck to Axion and all of the APC members. Many of you have been my closest friends during a tough period of my life.
    Feb 16, 2013. 02:29 PM | 23 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 243: June 11: Axion Power Reports First Quarter Results For 2013 [View instapost]
    "It was the best of times and the worst of times!" Charles Dickens from a "Tale of Two Cities." That describes Axion right now in a nut shell.

    I was thinking about the search for a partner to provide PbC's to BMW. All these years of work to produce a carbon electrode that any AGM battery producer could use to manufacture PbC's with very little change in their production process. Virtually any AGM battery company could, with the addition of a second automated carbon electrode line, solve BMW's concern about Axion as a sole source. In the giant scheme of things that doesn't take much money. The conclusion of a deal, a little space and a few million dollars for the automated carbon electrode line. Easy expansion.

    The same can be said for any other auto or truck manufacturer in the world. If TG is the supreme negotiator according to JP, now is his chance to shine. Conclude one deal and ride off into the sunset. "Happy trails to you!"

    If there is any reality at all to Axion's original goal of providing PbC electrodes to the world's AGM producers now is the time for that 10 year dream to come true.

    As for all the other irons in the fire they all have potential. In poker you really want to know what your odds are for success. TG is in a terrific position to know his odds. He just completed a long search for a strategic partner. All who were interested wanted 60% and TG said "Nyet."

    However, TG does have a good idea what he could get for a controlling interest in the company and he could pretty easily extrapolate that into what the company could be sold for. He knows the status of every deal the company has hanging. He knows how much time the company has to get things done.

    This is not the time for TG to "Just say no!" You don't hack your way through 10 years of jungle and suddenly decide that if it takes another 10 years of unending jungle you will just keep on hacking forever. The fountain of youth is right in front of him. I can't believe he won't dive right into it. It's all down to making one deal. I don't believe he will fail to get one done. I may be insane, but I am buying some AXPW today!

    I can't remember how to spell Robert Averill's name so if I got it wrong sorry. But if he's willing to toss 3/4's of million into the pot I can certainly stand to toss in a few chips of my own in the pot. The man's no fool, so here we go again. In the sock drawer and not coming out. If I lose it all tough nuggies!
    Jun 12, 2013. 01:10 PM | 22 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 71: Beginning Feb. 25 2012 [View instapost]
    I think some people do not understand a basic fact about the PbC. It is not a commodity product like a standard 12V battery. In order to benefit from the PbC in an application the end user must design and build systems specifically for the PbC.

    Think about what I just said for a moment. If a fork lift manufacturer, or an auto company, a railroad, or whoever is going to buy PbC's, they will have to design and build subsystems that were purposely designed and built for the PbC. You can't just pull the 12V AGM or flooded lead acid batteries out and install PbC's instead.

    So what does that mean? It means that before Axion can ship PbC's to a customer, the customer has to change whatever they have been doing before and design and build systems just for the PbC. People and organizations resist change unless they are either forced by some outside pressure, or the benefits are so great it is sufficient motivation alone.

    The auto and rail companies have a strong enough interest to commit to the time and money required to conduct preliminary test and evaluation programs followed by conceptual systems designs, then build actual prototype systems made specifically for the PbC. That would be followed by more test and evaluation of the prototype systems and if warranted, design and test of the modified prototypes leading to a final design. Then there would be trade off studies of the final PbC system design versus all the alternatives, plus huge cost benefit number crunching studies of all possible solutions.

    Axion does have a product it can sell "off the shelf" so to speak right now. That is the various PowerCube configurations from mini to 20MW. You could almost specify the system on the back of a napkin. 20MW for 30 minutes

    In every instance, however, customers are generally going to have specific requirements in terms of layout, configuration, controls and system integration that means Axion is not going to have a production line cranking out PowerCubes in 3 different sizes and configurations. Somebody, either in-house or hired like a Sil-Tek, is going to have to custom design the total system and oversee the build out.

    So what's the point of this long post? Simple. Axion's sales and marketing process is not simple. Quit trying to think they can build some "sample" PowerCubes and hand them out like a new flavor candy bar.

    They can't just waltz into a E-Bike or forklift or UPS manufacturer and say " We've got a special on PbC's today, 3 for the price of 2." Think about how many people in a prospective customer have to agree that building anything using the PbC - a product they've never seen or used before, with nothing sitting around they can just drop it into and then turn it on - is worth their time, money and effort?

    I have a lot of major account sales experience. Most of the time when you go through the door it is like pushing in the side of a sponge, the minute you leave everything pops back out just like it was before. Nothing has changed. Whoever you talked to talks to their boss, who then talks to his boss, etc etc.

    When they want you they call you. Until then, you are just whistling Dixie. Then after they call you it isn't a done deal. Everybody up the line has to confirm the decision. The numbers have to work, the details have to mesh, the timing has to be right - and on top of that they have to like and respect you and your organization. They have to be true believers.

    So when you are screaming for TG to just sell Powercubes or PbC's, you need to understand the complexity of doing so, and the time required to achieve an actual sale.
    Feb 29, 2012. 12:40 AM | 22 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 199: Jan. 17: Axion Power PbC Batteries Continue To Demonstrate Effectiveness For Railroad Applications [View instapost]
    Been catching up on the concentrators and I have pinned all my hopes on rail. It is the only area with any momentum and the market is huge. As DRich informed me, a PbC prototype was tested by the Russians a jillion years ago on the Trans-Siberia railroad and lasted 4 times longer than the LAB's they previously used. They also had enough power to cold start the engine versus restarting them and then shutting them down on a schedule given the frigid weather. Bodes well for NS's eventual test results.

    Axion as it is currently capitalized and with its small size is just not a viable supplier to the auto industry IMHO beyond test quantities (which may include fleet testing). The right strategic partner could change all that so we will see if Axion can find one.

    NS's mobile cranes battery issues led me to believe it might present an opportunity for the PbC. I'm sure Axion is all over that possibility.

    Currently retired living on social security with a little bit of cash savings, and 100% all in on Axion from a bad decision I made on the DOE contract possibility that went all lithium ion. I could work of course, but not up to the energy demands of my prior professional experience, and if it is for peanuts I'd just as soon relax and enjoy myself. I'm living without much of a net under me if disaster strikes, but watching my mother suffer bed-ridden for four years I don't know if I would want one.

    I could add substantially to my underwater position but not until we hit .60 or better. Not willing to throw good money after bad. I've already come early once. I want to hear the noise of a great celebration before I do anything further than lick my wounds and consider acceptable losses if I should lose my patience.

    So far, I'm hanging in there hoping we do not have another return to the mid-20's or lower. The next capital raise might cause that - I don't know. Sure would like some good news to offset that fear.
    Jan 18, 2013. 11:46 AM | 21 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 377 Oct. 30 '14: Axion Up-List Completed; S-1 10/22 Revision;NS-999 In Testing; Axion Nasdaq SPO Page Up; EPower & Axion Present At The Battery Show [View instapost]
    How anyone can continue buying this stock or being optimistic is beyond me. Holders who can stand the rain and hang on have my respect, but committing more capital at this point is gambling at its finest.

    As a former poker player you bet when the odds are in your favor. People who continue to call the bet with only hope for a strategy are called " calling stations " - the biggest sucker players of all. Axion has a stock chart that would scare a vampire.
    Oct 30, 2014. 06:08 PM | 20 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 308: Feb. 25 '14: David DiGiacinto Joins BoD; PV With Storage Financials; Petersen Worksheet Suggests PIPE Effects Nearing End [View instapost]
    3 month concentrator search updated and current. Don't know how long it takes google to create new index. Probably a day at most I would think.
    Feb 26, 2014. 06:12 PM | 20 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 291: Dec. 22 '13: Q3 '13 Results; Sale Of PowerCube™ ESS; John Petersen Joins EPower [View instapost]
    Call me the Grinch, but I don't see a damn thing to be encouraged about at Axion. I have been hoping forever that something would develop that would allow me to buy AXPW again after getting out .32 last February. Someone tell me why in the world would anyone have any faith in TG? Could someone enlighten me what Vani has done to justify his paycheck? I might be willing to entertain some bets that Axion won't exist except in lawsuits this time next year.

    If I went into a meeting with my former employers and I was running Axion with TG's record of "nothing to see here" I guarantee you the floor would fall out from under me. I don't see anything about the "good faith" issue regarding the PIPERS that would provide me any comfort. When the only thing left is lawyers arguing in a room the stock will be in the tank anyway.
    Dec 23, 2013. 04:09 PM | 20 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 154: Sep. 25, 2012: APMarshall's Sep 2012 CEDIA Notes & Updated John Petersen Charts [View instapost]
    If we are investing in Axion with the hope that regulatory and consumer awareness issues will mandate the use of the PbC in autos then we've got a very long wait ahead of us. With the economy performing as it is now no government body is going to require higher cost of manufacturing autos. Our best near term hope is the heavy hybrid market as pointed out by JP, or action by a far sighted manufacturer like Toyota or BMW to lead the market by innovation.

    NS's foot dragging is worrisome to me to say the least. I hope TG can shed some light on this during the next conference call. All the expense of triple-redundant testing and the failed original 999 experiment followed by inexplicable foot dragging is beyond me.

    What I am having the most difficulty understanding is how Axion will survive until it achieves positive cash flow. Are we going to chat with each other for the next several years pointing out this factoid and that factoid while the stock sinks into oblivion? I am no troll and everybody knows that. But the message I get from Paris from the auto OEM's is we are fat, dumb and happy and going to stay that way until something changes.

    Our best hope is an innovative auto manufacturer bringing out a heavy hybrid with a PbC that dazzles the market. We know there are three auto manufacturers and possibly more noodling this possibility.

    The only two questions in my mind are can Axion survive three to four more years of head-scratching by the rail and auto industry, and are us Axionistas going to have that kind of patience and fortitude? I frankly doubt that I do. After some unknown period of time (depends upon my level of patience) I may take my losses and use what's left to go on a long vacation and forget the whole frustrating experience. Or not.
    Sep 26, 2012. 03:00 PM | 20 Likes Like |Link to Comment