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  • Morgan skeptical of gold move [View news story]
    bought all physical g s and hard assets 800-1100 5 yr ago. spent 10% of that more recently for off grid infrastructure. would be glad if gold goes under 800 for rest of decade and still recieve soc sec as my expenses are low. hope china and co buy out usa inc and release cheap energy tech etc. world needs. if us uk elite resist
    and go to wwlll we either all die of radiation or its limited and we survive a year of chaos. ultimate pount of gold etc is hedging system failure. not speculation.

    the drop from 1900 to 1200 was when fukushima did not cascade into total shtf.
    if not contained near total radiation death is certain by early 2020s. if contained 50% death by then. if radiation detox is developed as low as 20% by then. mean time wall st world parties with monopoly money and has no clue. so no panic yet.

    gold is like a fire extinguisher with a crisis premium. if fire too big we're all dead.
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  • Warren Buffett's Father Was A Raging Gold Bug [View article]
    there are two camps. apocalyptic shtf and the global corporate state as superman without kryptonite. or the black swan vs don;t worry be happy.
    its not just wack jobs with plan b its serious financial and other think tank level experts warning that the new normal is the end game in sheeps clothing. if it were just the 'chinese' and the 'goldbugs' it would be a drop in the bucket but too many have noticed that man behind the curtain and that time is running out for oz. if oz can stage manage all the systemic failures for 7 years and gold insurance is 750-1000 oz. out to 2020 that means a social security check for 1000 bucks or
    85,000 bucks and 100 oz of 1000 gold vs no check and 100 oz of
    5000 plus gold or productive farmland in argentina and survival.
    plan b thinkers prefer 1000 gold to shtf but its the ultimate hedge.
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  • 3 Things That Need To Happen For Gold & Silver To Bottom [View article]
    did bernanke's keynesianism on steroids work and is the economy recovering, really? no, the recovery is trivial and tenuous. if long rates go from 1.8 to 2.6 to 4plus or non negative real rates without crashing the pseudo recovery i'll eat my hat. if you were holding gold you should have been short bonds and you'd still be even with pre 15 april 2013
    gold prices. not everyone can watch the markets. so, at worst your $15 stock which you should have bought under $10 is now $12 and may
    briefly touch $10. long term the ponzi economy cannot be kept going another 1-3 years. your objective is not to make a killing in gld but to own gold instead of paper assets linked to quadrillions in derivatives.
    wall st is dumping paper gold and china etc are buying physical. if shtf doesnt happen by 2015 i will genuflect to the fed. actually they can keep things going $1000 gold and my soc. sec. check will be fine.
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  • Want To Know The Future? Look To The Past. The 1950s Are Coming Back [View article]
    all the big cheeses say the dow is at new highs therefore the economy is going to roar back. they ignore the fact that fed actions increasing the money supply since 2009 match the post 2009 uptrend in the dow.

    moreover nearly all major non us uk eu economies are trading in non us dollar substitutes. it's only a matter of time before de facto loss of us petrodollar reserve currency status.

    us uk eu big banks are using fed money to buy stocks not joe blow.

    bric/ g-20/ emerging economies are buying up gold and have only bought more since mid april morgan dumping. if morgan fed sell more gold and pressure comex price down to 1100 and silver to 18 that will only mean bigger premiums in the physical market. as jim rogers said
    if gold goes down to 1000 i hope im smart enough to buy a lot more.

    the move in gold is not a dumb reaction to 'inflation' it is a monster non western program of accumulation to own more tan the west.
    this does not mean the zombie apocalypse it means a shift in power from the fading anglo american empire to the rising sinocentric empire. whether a crash landing or a soft landing engineered by all parties this move towards a 'currency' not based on a sinking ship
    of western imperialism suggests at least 1500 gold and maybe much
    higher. the world is moving from failed fiat to quasi gold standard.

    the main reason to own gold whether a megabank or joe average
    is to avoid confiscation of wealth by fiat whether a cyprus bail in
    or a collapse of currencies and paper assets.

    gold will save your assets in a meltdown and be insurance against
    one. if you are a greed is good trader gold is a dog if your average
    price is over 1500. if you are a prudent investor you are pleased that you can buy more closer to 1000 than 2000. goild is out of favor and thats good for those who understand that gold is money and the cheaper you can buy it the better. only the risk on suckers believe that this decade is anything like the post 1980 decade and all is well.....
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  • Gold Nosedives Below $1,500 As ETF Holdings Free Fall, Fueling Panic Selling [View article]
    this is not the first days of 1980 when after a vertical runup from 450 to 850 or 2500 in 2013 dollars gold dropped to 600 in days and a 300-500 range for 20 years. the percieved threat after over a year of theiran hostage crisis was that the ussr would invade iran triggering wwlll. the hunt bros had cornered the silver market and the comex after raising margins to insane levels imposed a liquidation only policy. interest rates in a strong pre reaganomics america were soaring from 5 to 10% on the way to 20% to kill panic hoarding of all commodities, etc. the public was lining up to sell silverware and the week gold dropped to 600 it was obvious the ussr would not invade.

    selling 600 gold short was a gimme in that environment.

    today the financial system is in dire straits from 2008 and nothing has changed except more fed printing. it is all but certain that the fed and friends jpm, gs, etc. are dumping paper gold and holding physical gold. trillionaire banking elites are not concerned whether the paper price is 1500 or 1000 any more than lehman bros near zero when
    they buy at a discount. the public sees dollar signs the pros see book value. the all seeing eye does not regard china inc. as opposed to usa inc. this is not 1980 and gold is not in a bubble, paper markets are.
    if you have cash buy gold from 1500 down to 1000 or as low as the mega banks can drive it down. if you have no cash hold your gold.
    1500 or cheaper gold prices will not last for years but months.

    this is the final deception before the endgame in 6-24 months.
    get out of dodge and relocate to a remote farming community
    before the borg assimilates you and your assets and you are
    reduced to begging to be fed in a relief camp or starving.

    if you think fed printing new highs in stocks and the dumping of
    paper gold are a sign of better times you need to study history
    and understand the cryptic meaning of the golden rule:

    to the bank elites who have the gold and make the rules an oz of gold is an oz of gold is an oz of gold and forcing cyprus to sell 20 tonnes
    or even spain to sell 100 tonnes is making change compared to the
    millions of tons they have owned for centuries, you can bet your boots that china is not selling rather buying whatever is sold under 1500 with both hands invulnerable to catching a falling knife and be even more sure that what jpm and gs sell with one hand they buy with the other maybe even a chinese hand....the shadow knows.

    live long and prosper.
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  • Gold doesn't have many friends left, but Julian Jessop, head of commodities research at Capital Economics, still sees "plenty of upside" with gold possibly hitting $2,000/oz. Worries about the Fed curbing its bond-buying efforts earlier than expected as well as Cyprus being the first eurozone country forced to sell its gold reserves are both overblown, he says. [View news story]
    gold can go from 1500 to 1000 before it goes over 2000 and when it does stocks and bonds can go to zero. if we knew how long until shtf
    we would still be in the wall st casino counting cards at blackjack. but we dont know when a major card shark is going to pull the 5th ace out and the other majors are going for their guns. time to get out of dodge.
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