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  • The Traders Did It! [View article]
    You lost me at "Milken rehabilitated himself'. you can't be serious. This guy is still pulling the strings in one of the most manipulated stocks and bio-tech history. His hands are never clean nor are they going to be.

    Just look at his Prostate cancer foundation of whatever shill name he calls it that makes him look good. It is not for the good of sick men, as it doesn't consider all the treatments, just the ones he has positions with and the ones against, dont appear on his landscape.

    Of course when I say his, I mean his minions of other hairless creatures who hide in the night and slither in the dark decrepit feces of their kind who make $ off the sick and innocent.

    otherwise, interesting article, but it always shows how far someone will go until they fear ruffling someone's feathers for whatever reasons. Obviously, all the traders mentioned, he has no reason not to be concerned with them.

    to wit...

    Jul 13, 2012. 09:04 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • ASCO Data Suggest Dendreon's Provenge Should Go First [View article]
    PS....this whole show just keeps getting me sicker and sicker seeing the same game being played and than running to hide behind some skirt or apron somewhere. It is pitiful and things cannot be taken seriously when his name shows up in discussions. I on the other hand, make no false pretense about knowing anything, but when I do post, Matt Herper doesnt show up to defend me all the time either.

    It is nauseating and that isn't even a legit side effect of Provenge.....ask the chemo cartel
    Jun 8, 2012. 12:44 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • ASCO Data Suggest Dendreon's Provenge Should Go First [View article]
    Adam...Hello? Yoo Hoo Adam where are you.

    to plagarize Pee Wee herman's big Adventure a little...

    Paging Mr. Feurstein, Paging Mr. Adam Feurstein..

    Now where could he have wandered off to just when it was getting interesting and too many people with facts showed up at the same time. damn them! how can a journalist with the best intentions (of his own and for his benefit...allegedly) go about writing his views about Provenge and other items that are on his 'must do list' from the boys upstairs in the nice suits, lighting cigars with $100 dollar bills and basking privately with their fellow scum in their buckets.

    Its just not right,m that some people who may be decent honest people or may also have an interest of their own, albeit an honest, legit investment one, show up with FACTS...real and true. No matter who was actually sitting there to see it. Who ever was there should have seen and heard the same thing, odd how that didn't happen in your room.
    I guess only the schlubs from the non-medically educated group or journalists without enough professional chops to stop letting the big bully from the Street have his hand up their butt and playing him like a ventriloquists dummy. (apologies to the real dummies who work hard in their careers).

    anyway......if anyone sees Adam let him know people are wondering what happened to him and his righteous postings? Please tell him to come back and again defend how correct he is and above board,before its too late and the street lights come on and he has to go home. Daddy's TV show is coming on soon.

    Kind of odd they found a clue recently in to Amelia Earhardt's mysterious disappearance over 5- years ago. Did Adam lose a cosmetic case somewhere?
    Jun 8, 2012. 12:41 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • ASCO Data Suggest Dendreon's Provenge Should Go First [View article]
    I find it so revealing to read comments when parties disagree with other and will post on the boards for the public, but it is actually in response to each others last post, opinion or attack.

    when reading the above, and I leave it to each to decide for themselves, the differences in how the parties react and write their rebuttals and again state their views as best as possible. some are done in a classy manner, while the other side is just the opposite, almost sounding like a street thug with the wording and attacks, IMO unwarranted in a discussion about facts. It has never been so obvious to me in the difference in styles. Yes this is not new news with the differing view points on this subject and will probably continue as long as the letters, D and N remain in our cans of alphabet soup. I cannot pretend to imagine the difficulty in constantly defending your point of view over and over and this goes for both guys. I can easily state that even in my opinions here, the writer who is more pugnacious here has been attacked and abused about as much as anyone I've seen in these parts. the part of it being deserving or not is not the point here, just an observation that it really must take a lot of hard work to be hated and abused by so many. compare it to the weekly football pools you may have been in somewhere, when you have to pick the winner of each game every week and try to get the most if not all of the correct. Not many people realize that it is JUST AS HARD and EQUALLY DIFFICULT to get every game wrong as it is to get every game right, on any given Sunday.
    Its got to be hard to be so despised by so many so often. ( did I just sort of rip off Winston Churchill speech about the Battle of Britain or at the minimum paraphrase it? well if I did, at least I think I just gave him credit for it).

    Lets all agree,that the ladies who are blessed to be redheads with green eyes were a successful trial for God. This one should never be halted!
    Jun 6, 2012. 09:51 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will The FDA Dance To J&J's Tune On Zytiga? [View article]

    Neophyte here, or a neophyt-er, who knows.

    I have 3 basic questions which I proudly state are from a layman's point of view as I suspect there may be a few of your readers without degrees in the above sciences

    1-When you mention toward the end of your piece about Pazdur and the FDA decision regarding approval of Zytiga being something very interesting to watch and see Pazdur's behavior.
    With Pazdur and the others whose names I will just list here from memory in the Provenge mess and not even knowing if they have anything to do with the Zytiga decision. Scher, Hussein, Von Eschenbach, Milken, Huber and even CMS' Dr. Berwick et al. Most likely have nothing to do, but its always good to see their names together again when it comes to this kind of illegal crap and capture going on...and non-prosecuted and barely investigated BTW.
    Oh right, the question. Dr. Pazdur and the others above and just the fact that we can name them lends credence to this question.
    Isn't Pandora's box already been opened? We have already been made aware of the 'iissues', complaints, COI's and possible shenanigans that they are associated with already. How in bed can these people be, in this case Pazdur, that IMO, ding something that may fly in the face of facts and play to BP interests, basically kill his career and reputation? Not that it may matter, I'm betting he's not young and has a tidy sum of cash in a mattress somewhere with BP dirt on it somewhere.
    Basically, are Pazdur's hands tied enough that he has to do the right thing in light of what he is being accused of, if only in the press and message boards?

    2- What was the follow up to congressman Grayson's remarks about finding out about Zytiga and JNJ 10 years ago. I kind of got a bit lost there and what i anything did his remarks foreshadow or predict. From what I have seen, in terms of what JNJ, nothing has happened.

    3- From the very beginning of your article the tone of it struck me raw. After the opening history lesson and the upcoming decision and mostly the decisions made about the trial. How stopping it may have been in JNJ's best interests, that they knew what be coming up next info wise, that prolonging the study would be harmful to their interests made something upsetting to me. Even though this was stopped by an independent committee or whatever they are, it seems that every decision made down the raod was MADE BY JNJ. Everyone of them. Maybe not directly, but each of them in their alleged best interests and what they would want. No where did I get the feeling that this was above board at all. I tend to agree with it, considering the miracle cloak is being pulled off Zytiga. Pulled off without anything close to what Dendreon went through, just as a personal observation as a former investor.
    OK, the question, how is it JNJ seemed to make all the decisions for Zytiga? ( kind of think I know this one, but you are much better at it)

    4- Can someone, if not yourself, possibly explain in much simpler terms exactly what happened at ASCO to Zytiga? Is it dead in the water? Has it been shown to be not as good as thought. so many top names are ripping it apart and haven't seen many big names come back in its defense yet. What actually can you say happened to this drug and how has its future and usage changed?

    this type of writing isn't what I am used to, so please, Ted and others bear with me in my style.

    Thanks for all your great stuff over the past, keep it up. Your work will be rewarded in ways foreign to the Pazdur's of this world, IMO

    initials, not content
    Jun 6, 2012. 11:30 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Dendreon Goes On The Offensive [View article]

    you know that as soon as one is knocked down, another is right there to put on the suit and take his place, with regurgitated facts/faction.

    I just realized it is along the lines of the way battles were fought many years ago. When there was time for a change in the way a battle was to be fought, yet ignorance reigned supreme. Their past victory's were their reasoning.

    it is like the British coming to fight the colonists when the USA was declaring its independence from England. Instead of realizing hey, yeah we're the British, puff puff, talley-ho old chap and all that (no offense my friends across the pond) but we may need to get our info right before engaging our foe. This walking in straight lines, 1 behind the other in a forest wearing BRIGHT RED COATS while they all get to wear comfortable everyday clothes, that match and blend in with the land and they can hide behind trees and rocks may not be such a good idea.
    Nah, don't worry, there's a lot of us. You can't see, but there is a long line behind me, likely even stupider and dumber than I was, or I wouldn't have wound up in the front of the line. does anyone really think that the first guy in the line will still be there when the fighting has stopped. No biggie, we're strong, have won many battles like this.....we will win based on that. so let us wear our bright Red coats in the foliage of the 13 colonies and not stick out like a sore thumb as we would. ( a good thing neon wasn't invented yet)
    Nah, lets just keep wearing red and when the guy in front of me in line, gets shot, trampled, gored...ah, what the hell, let me just jump in his spot and....
    OK, it was a long way to go to get to the concept of 1 poster after another just putting on the Red Coat and starting war with a stupid and not very well thought out plan. If you are going to try and fight or partake in an argument/discussion about a topic
    Ted...all I need now is a photoshop of you standing, prominently and majestically on the front of a boat, leading a bunch of battle hardened, weary and broke investors across the Potomac.
    Apr 16, 2012. 03:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Allergan Lap Band News Already Priced In [View article]
    I had the bypass or so years ago. Previously in 2000 had the pre-cursor to this lap band we know now. the procedure was similar but more invasive and involved, in my case open surgery. the procedure is/was known as a VBG, a Vertical Banded Gastroplasty. It worked fine...for awhile. I believe the major difference between the banding surgeries is that mine actually did involve stapling off of the stomach and using a small part of it for a small pouch to limit the volume of food. I don't think AGN's lap band involves any type of stapling at all. The thing we forget is they didn't operate on your brain. With my VBG, I could still have all the sweets, sugar,cake I could tolerate. I started gaining back more than 1/2 of the 100lbs I lost so I had it revised in to the full Gastric bypass (mentioned above).
    I'm not posting here as a forum for the +/- of these types of surgeries. It was so ironic to see this and read murusmaximus comments about so many people having them removed. I was in the hospital last week and the girl in the room next door, excuse me, LOUD girl was in there to have her lap band removed after only 14 months.I didn't know her reasons for it, but all I heard her saying was, 'what are you going to do, it is was it is'. she was a young girl and as delicately as I can put this, she did not appear to be having it removed for having completed its job. The band was being taken out even though it still had some work to do.
    AGN has its reach in so many areas of med/healthcare as in the article that even a total collapse of the lap band (highly unlikely, despite the full bypass now being done totally laprascopicly), it still has a lot going for it, including some VERY promising drugs in trials as we speak.
    As for many surgeons getting moving away from the band, I am not sure. One thing I do know is that they are DEFINITELY getting away from 'open' procedures, meaning a full incision down the middle of your abdomen (I have pictures, wanna see, brand new staples).
    thanks for the enlightenment on how easy the lap band can be displaced.

    ***OH...I almost forgot, 1 of the main reasons for this very long post. In our post surgery support group, of which none were lap bands there were quite a few great things for some people. I can't give an exact # as so many people came and went from the meetings, but quite a few diabetics reported they no longer had diabetes. They actually were more excited about that result than the weight loss it seemed at times. Basically, it was not an uncommon occurrence for bariatric bypass patients to no longer have diabetic symptoms and needed their daily treatments.
    It was truly a pretty amazing thing to witness. I can only imagine what it must have felt like for them.
    Mar 27, 2012. 08:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Opko Health: A Prolific Case of Insider Buying [View article]
    Anyone know where I can get good typing lessons or the notion to look at what I have just typed before I hit 'submit'? I can hardly understand my whole last post, and not sure if I care to!

    Jan 18, 2012. 11:00 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cramer's Lightning Round - Salesforce Is Hanging On A Dream (11/30/11) [View article]
    gotta love the little tag, advertisement, tease or promo to buy in to The Street's BS rants, raves, picks and Cramer lies and double dealings. allegedly of course. the best selling point they had to make people pay their hard earned $ on Cramer, his home gamers and those he cares about the most (excuse me while I gag)is this quote:

    Jim Cramer was up 31% in 2009. Click here now to trade alongside him.

    2009? Are you kidding me? They need to go back almost 3 years for a positive reference to his abilities. the notion that he plays for us, the so called home investors and talks about dividends on stocks that will only make anyone any kind of $ that is able to own thousands and thousands of shares of said stock. dividends aren't going to make a big difference if you have 500 shares, the stock goes down, but you still get a small dividend. C'mon, play to us, not you real 'gamers'. How can we trade alongside Cramer when we wouldn't even be able to afford a seat at a restaurant he has lunch at with the hedgies eating us up for unch. It makes me sick. well if this was 2009, I'd give him credit. than that was when he blasted stocks that saved peoples lives because his buds backed a different horse, that in the end couldn't save even a lab rat...aka his friends at lunch.
    Jan 12, 2012. 06:30 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 7 Fad Stocks To Avoid In 2012 [View article]
    Regarding Pandora (P), what is your take on the on-going or upcoming Patent litigation against them from Augme (AUGT)?
    I don't know how much of the possible legal expenses or settlement costs they may incur or when exactly, but it could be sizable.

    If they are shown to be infringing on the patents involved, what will this do to their already suspect and/or defective business model?

    The only thing it may have going for it in this case is that if it is indeed a 'flash in the pan' type or fad stock as your article suggests. In that case their window may have already been passed by the time this gets to trial of even before a judge. I am assuming that has not happened yet. As much as I do follow such activities on stocks I have an interest in, I am no legal eagle or even a legal sea-gull for the record.

    I look forward to your response and/or other comments

    Dec 29, 2011. 11:07 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dendreon: Market Mania In Action [View article]
    I gather that many people than do not take advantage of the last quarter of the year for schedulingprocedures, operations and or treatments/drugs. I find that this time of the year has its advantages in that you face no deductibles to fill and having already passed the 'donut hole' on medications under Part d in Medicare, your drugs are largely discounted.

    After January 1, you or I should say I have both a Part D deductible to fill as well as a doctor/medical one, which I believe to be Part B.

    So, in some cases this time of year may not be as bad as some may think and not just for the above case. Than most people do not think like I do, thankfully
    Nov 7, 2011. 02:29 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dendreon's Earnings Announcement Has Investors Looking For A Sectorwide Turnaround [View article]
    Even if the Sales force is the A-Team of sales people, which at this point, I would more likely to see the B far.

    I say that for 1 major reason. Yes if they can't sell a life prolonging drug, they shouldn't be there, agree. They are't just facing the normal problems trying to sell this to Doctors, hospitals and clinics.

    They have to sell through a lot of negativity about this drug and the company. There is a pretty strong anti Provenge force working very hard in seemingly all areas, to make it a harder task than it should seem to be.
    I'm talking about how so much of the attention is being focused more on what it doesn't do than what it can do.
    More attention on what it costs than on what it saves.
    The chemo BP (assumed) have a lot of money at stake in Provenge being accepted and used more. There also are the companies with lots of $$$ invested with the R & D of the new PC drugs, that its possible some bigger fish may have some strong reasons to not make this an easy sell

    Anyone who has followed this stock/company has an idea of what has been going on and has happened. Fuel that with some really bad PR, which is certainly not all incorrect. Dendreon has been its own worse enemy at times and all of this the problems they face are not all being made up or fabricated in an all out conspiracy.

    Basically, these men and women have their work cut out for them. so lets hope they are more than good looking in expensive suits and dresses, polished shoes and high heels.
    Where is Willy Loman when you need him?
    Oct 7, 2011. 01:21 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dendreon Shareholders May Yet Have The Last Laugh [View article]
    Mr. Cohen

    Your article ended with the statement:

    And this is supposed to be a financial news site?

    no its an opinion place. I have been a member for quite some time and I find that there are many opinions, of all kinds and all matters.
    It is just that some seem to be more widely spread out among readers. More are shared, popular, noted and seemingly quoted and known about. Such are the ways of the internet

    It saddens me that such known cancer centers, such as Sloan-Kettering, have not had anything positive to say about Provenge.. That is an assumption on my part. If so, I have not seen it

    It saddens me that some of the most of the wonderful, ground breaking, news stories about successes and patient responses are found in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania clinics and the like. All, again, I assume very good treatment centers, but not the mainstream, big kids on he block.
    As you say and I agree so much it hurts, how much longer will people be asking and answering the same questions. It is truly enough to make you shake your head without going in to conspiracy theories that also abound.

    You do not need to be a medical, investment, business professional to have an opinion on this.
    Dendreon, in a simple comparison is like the bad guy in professional wrestling. Everyone hates him. He gets boo'd at the mention of his name, people yell scream and totally hate this man, Why? Because we are told too by those who truly run the show.
    It may be that this now 'bad guy', the evil one was once the nice guy, the hero wrestler. Who know may well be again.

    As long as the powers that be want us to believe that this wrestler is bad, and its real and shouldn't be allowed in the ring...we will.

    OK...self disclosure barely a long DNDN holder anymore in volume and barely a pro wrestling fan. OK, really not a pro wrestling fan.

    Thank you Mr. Cohen for an article that didn't make me spit out my bagel. Its nice to see truth and the obvious ridiculousness written about.

    Sep 24, 2011. 01:48 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Star Scientific Just Announced They Cured Alzheimer's Disease and Nobody Cares [View article]
    After marking this and just getting a note its been updated, let me seize the opportunity

    Aside from the stock, company, pipeline, a tobacco pipe dream etc, there is 1 endearing and unfortunately personally important question I'd like to ask. I have read all the posts, comments and to and fro over a truly difficult claim and necessary cautions and still expected excitement.

    When Alzheimers disease hits a little too close to home and your family, especially for someone who isn't in the mean age area for onset of Alzheimers of about age 60. That # is for 'regular Alz.' not early onset. It makes such discussions appear in a much different light. No longer a casual observer/investor, but from a patient caregiver point of view.

    OK, my question basically there a chance in hell this has ANY possibility of being a legit treatment. Yes, I do realize that has been what this thread is all been. I was hoping that 1 or 2 or more of you, with a better understanding than I could have pulled some info and research stats that might enable some sort of opinion, strongly in either direction.
    Hey, its a silly question on its face, but when you look at the landscape right now, with ALZ treatments, drugs,new discoveries, genes for early onset, insulin sprays etc making ALZ the 'BUZZ' disease of the moment, you need some help. Hopefully all this attention will lead to something useful and pretty quickly as some of the #'s I've seen of this disease and ass't similar undiagnosed dementia's is actually staggering.
    To paraphrase 'Highlander' of the movie of the same name, and I take justice with his quote...'There can be more than 1'.
    My note...1 is a great place to start
    Sep 15, 2011. 06:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Opko Health: A Prolific Case of Insider Buying [View article]
    As time passes....buyer beware becomes more and more truthful...and painless,especially when you don't pull the trigger on some DD that eventually uncovered some old moldy rotten sneakers in the back of the closer
    FWIW....they were is such terrible mildewy condition when I therew it one almost stuck to a wall, but slid off...truth stranger than fiction?

    or can just weave a good BS story, but thanks for the good infoi and input...and always Roger thanx fo the article

    I got the style, but not the necessary info for the writing chops for SA...too bad, it could add some color the here like new drapes...of course IMO
    Aug 11, 2011. 03:10 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment