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Did I mention its always trouble and usually not a good idea or what you expect when you ask me to tell you a little bit about myself. I love Pink Floyd. I think Roger Waters is a one of a kind master in music writing that is so good goes unnoticed. I believe it is so because of his own private... More
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  • My recent home grown recipe a dash of simmered 10 day old SMA, picked brains of others and stirred well. No training or experience used
    With so much volatility lately, especially in some of the stocks in  my portfolio, I have become more of a user of the 10 SMA to gauge enter and exit points.  I really shouldn't say exit, it is more of an entry rule for me, and only me.  Borrower beware, this ain't professional advice or instruction, trade your stuff your way and than you can yell at the guy in the mirror.
    Its something I picked up and kind of marinated with discussions of many other Technical Analysis friends much more knowledgeable than I.  Please, it is working for me and it is used by me not on a regular basis, as I do not day trade, not even close.  If I make a few trades a week, that's more like it.  I guess I am picky, plus my heart, soul and pocketbook (not literal please) are focused with the ups and downs of Wall Streets favorite yo-yo Dendreon (NASDAQ:DNDN).  This stock, not company, there is a difference just in case someone wasn't aware.  A stock that doesn't seem to be aware of news about itself.  It goes with the ups and downs and tides of those who don't shop retail...allegedly.  The volatility is a dream for those who play that style or have the computers that do.  For us 'home gamers' which I find insulting.  To preach to me that its serious business and call me a gamer is ridiculous at its least, but you consider the source.
    I watch the 10 day SMA in regard to my last sell prices and current prices,.  I somehow take that info and use horizontal lines with increases of volume and match up instances where the SMA is lower than the present pps. Hopefully the volume is above average and there is some type of a support resistance line. I don't live by exact rules and necessary targets.  I do at times look at things with Pink Freud vision and see things the way I want. To a degree.  If I tilt my head a certain way, the SMA can appear to be touching the bottom of a candlestick and therefore, completing my theory of no relativity.
    This is not, by any means a real true, arithmetic algorithm worked on for years in my dingy basement with a desk lamp, ink quill and composition book.  Its something I've been trying.  After a few times that it hit the limit price I had figured upon and set, I like the results.  If my limit price gets hit on the quick moving  SMA my purchase goes in and I hope it rallies from there.  With some of these, especially the more volatile, a quick drop and pop back up is not that uncommon.  I've had trades set with limits that never were reached and had 1 hit and than kept going south, but as I said before the limited results have been in my favor.  So now that all the experts in TA and others have done laughing and are trying to wipe the tears of laughter or spit up coffee off their laptops, I will wander off to my lil dingy basement and get the hamsters running to fire up the investment miracle machine.


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  • New Sales Tax on Lap Dances and cover Charges? not new, court ruling will enforce now

    There wan article this past Thursday that mentions Rick's Cabaret (NASDAQ:RICK) in the NY Post.
    Lap dances are going to be subject to sales tax. The law has been in effect since the 1960's and no club has ever paid a tax on them.

    will the case be back dated and all that sales tax be made up?

    Rick spokesperson said it will greatly affect the business and the dancers if the lap dances are taxable.

    the judge said that the dances aren't by professionally trained dancers and something like the service provided isn't art

    Of course it is being appealed, but they interviewed clubs from all around and they all sounded scared s-less

    (added-Please note, both parts area post I had written elswewhere that
    I thought was more deserving here, so there is no conflict in origin)

    Yeah, I can't wait for my next visit to my local strip joint, woops sorry Gentleman's Club. You call it that and you get to charge more, plus the silicone level is higher

    I can't wait ti be all worked up, hot and bothered by a nice, hot lap dance from a smokin' half naked babe and when it's done she whips out a calculator from her g-string and figures out 8.25% on the dance itself. This is after of course the expected, if not pre-negotiated or paid up front tip, especially for how far they go with their non-professional training in s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the rules.
    Not only will they have to whip out a calculator from their G-strings, they better have one of those silver change devices that dispenses coins when you push down a little lever. Just like the ice cream man.
    Hey, if you got to figure out sales tax and collect it you got to do it correctly,,,right.

    I can see it now that one of the most sought after jobs will be tha tax collectors or inspectors who will have to go undercover and make sure the sales tax practice is being followed.

    IN ALL SERIOUSNESS...if anyone does not think that maybe not today or tomorrow, but when the tax man is really asking for that extra #, there will be a lot less customers, less drinks and possibly less clubs. Who wants to pay more for an already overpriced evening with taxes on lap dances, which are as it is expensive and getting shorter and shorter to get you coming back (no pun intended). Shorter but steamier. Each time, it costs more.

    do you think the club is going to take the hit on the money? No way. I would almost guarantee it will be passed on to the dancers.Sure, you here they make tons of $ doing what they do, but there will be a lot less girls dancing when they have to pay out of their own pocket for what is already a tremendous enjoyment I am sure for them!

    I forgot. This tax also covers the insanely ridiculous cover charges, especially here in New York.

    It is making an already expensive evening out, more expensive, confusing and not as much fun and lucrative for all around.

    Look for less dancers, less alcohol, less dancers, less clubs and less PPS on your investments
    Tags: RICK
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