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Hello and welcome to Selective Chartists. I am Joe Majocha, full-time trader since 2000 and founder of SC. SC is a provider of stock analysis for self directed traders. Our uniqueness is proprietary scans resulting in an exceptional record of winning trades.

Through the day, scans produce a narrow list of candidates positioned for higher levels short-term. Subscribers are notified when price targets are triggered.

All reports are available for public viewing by visiting our archive section. Whether you are a novice or seasoned trader, Selective Chartists can enhance your probability to make money and save hours of your time. Please take the time to navigate:

I am ...More
  • Description: Full-time Investor. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Stocks - long
Selective Chartists In the investment world, there are many opinions and few are the same. SC guides you to knowing When and Why to Buy & Sell stocks with emphasis on WHY. To succeed in the market, you must have discipline, a flexible trading strategy and patience for indicators to trigger price target. No one can be right 100% ...More
Selective Chartists Proprietary scans identify candidates positioned for higher levels near-term. Average holding period is 3 - 10 days (3 weeks max.). Average gain is 6% - 15% range. Stop-loss is typically 3% - 5%. These top-rated stocks are fundamentally superior market leaders. Regimented buy / sell rules is KEY.
The ART Of The CHART - Knowing When and Why To Buy & Sell Stocks This book guides you through the fundamental “need to know” concepts of technical analysis and displays 60 real-life charts that clarify key points, and teaches you how to make it work for you in an easy to read, to understand and apply methodology. Topics are presented in a logical order and build upon ...More
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