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I am just a World Traveler, & Lover of Life.

Own Filmexpeditions LLC, an Independent Film Maker.

I have 3 Documentaries ready to go & the HD Trailers can be seen on youtube under the user


Alphaember ha ha ha (Tahiti, The Islands of Love,)

bonnieember (Highway 1, Carnivale de Venezia.)

Touch the Sun is my Feature Film which is in Post Production.

Like most Indies, I need to have other sources of Income, while my films were in Production,

So I Position Traded stocks, right after the 2000 Stock Market Crash.

I did well.

I am Long on the Jr. Miners In the Sierra Gold Rush Area where I live, & also have some Uranium Stock, & am ...More
  • Description: Company executive. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Commodities, Gold, REITs
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Medusa & The Looking Glass This ebook is going to be on by Feb 14, 2013. The pix above is the Gondolier, who takes you to the afterlife. It is from my film: Carnivale de Venezia, due out this year. You can see the HD Trailer on youtube under my name, bonnieember. I jumped ship & am here now to tell the tale of my Journey, to ...More