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I am a self taught options trader, I learned using the tools provided on OptionsEpress with guidence from other investers whom taught me about and other sites used by proffesional day traders to investigate and qualify stocks. I once urged a class a was instructing to invest in petrochina and that proved to be extremely profitable as an .05 call option grew in value to more than 5.00 in two weeks and had reached a 12.00 value by the time it expired 45 days after the initial call was placed. I have the same scenerio with tesla motors. I see this stock being worth $700.00 in 20 years and at least $185.00 by Sept. 2014. I am by no means financially wealthy, however I can honestly say that with my ...More
  • Description: Independent financial planner/advisor.
  • Interests: Energy stocks, Options, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
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