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  • Fannie And Freddie Investors Unite In Washington DC [View article]
    Don't worry (just kidding). The main purpose of our National Government has become to Interfere in the Natural Capitalist Economy, to skim and redistribute "standard of living" from Middle Class hard workers and small businesspersons to go to: groups Washington thinks are more deserving of elevated standards-of-living for not working or working at easy government jobs (jobs where they need not do marketing nor work long-hours, yet get great pensions...etc.). Hence the average Welfare Woman costs the Taxpayers about $50,000 a year (between the Medicaid for her and her kids, Sect. VIII Housing Vouchers, Food Stamps...etc.). Much of the Democratic Party's "main voter base" retires on Welfare or similar government benefit programs in their 20s and 30s (and chooses to never marry, yet have kids, to be eligible for welfare). The other big TAKERS from USA, the average government worker retires with a Pension worth $1 - $3 million (add the 30 or 50 years they will receive it). Several million for Cops and Military who can retire as young as age 40 after only 20 years work. These lavish pensions (many govern. employees end up with 2, since only must work 20 years for one pension at certain govern. jobs) are paid for by taxes on America's Middle Class workers in Private Industry, who nowadays due to another govern. law, rarely even have pensions themselves anymore. So the Govern. is very hungry and needs to take 100% of FNMA and FRE's income. The Govern. also took for itself and the UAW Union (backers of Obama) all of GM's shares in Bankruptcy, over-riding 200 years of bankruptcy court precedent, based on the "King's Directive", remember? The "King" also modifies Obama-Care law as he sees fit, without putting the law changes to Congress. Obama-Care, another way the tax-paying Middle Class is being robbed, to pay for the Dem. Party's voter-base (portion that don't have govern. jobs or already are not on welfare) but that mostly claim moderate income (i.e. don't pay any income taxes). Printing "deficit dollars" is another way the Government expropriates savings from the Middle Class savers and elderly. It devalues the US dollar they saved their money in, and next to no interest on savings at banks anymore thanks to Fed Reserve Policy, designed to help the big debtors and defaulters and banks, and harm the honest American Savers who lived within their means. Rewarding BAD BEHAVIOR & SLACKERS via Socialism is what USA has unfortunately become.
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  • Rough Waters Ahead For Apple In China [View article]
    I'm sure Apple will CONSIDER your thinking and analysis. Basically, even if all you wrote is true, all they have to do is come out with a cheaper brand with a watered down version of IOS or their phones... which could grab a lot of market share from the Android mostly lower quality lower cost phones. The problem, is they could not maintain their margins if they went toe-to-toe with the lowest cost, so instead could just make a slightly lower quality version to sell at mid-priced. So far the only thing other companies have is "lower price" which Apple can also make a lower cost model and call it Orange phone perhaps, and get 10 - 20% of added Unit Volume. The problem is it wouldn't compare in $ Volume to Apple's existing high priced phones, which have 3X the $Market Share as their Unit Market Share suggests, and 5 - 10X the $Profits Market Share.
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  • IDC Smartphone Forecast Is Bullish For Apple [View article]
    At least you're honest enough to for the first time start pointing out that it now looks like Apple is going to grow its sales fast this year (you quoted IDC Figures 20% growth for iPhone in 2014). You must at least be questioning your Short positions now, since you wrote "If IDC is right, Apple will have a very successful year". As for ongoing growth of less than 12%/yr. from 2015 - 2018 projected by IDC for iPHONEs, that's still fast growth for such a large company. Your then pointing out that with the Indian, China and Latin American markets growing faster than richer countries markets, will hurt Apple's overall market share in Smartphones worldwide (because your chart shows poorer countries most can't afford iPHONES), misses the point. Even though Apple only has 7% of China's market now, it still grew revenues 28% last quarter in China, and that 7% of Unit Volume in China, is really more like 15-20% sales $-volume-share and 25 - 30% $-profits-share of China's smartphone market. Because the higher priced smartphone segment is where the profits are (the old 80/20 rule, the top 20% of customers are highly profitable and rest of market is not worth much), and Apple's has HALF of the Expensive High Performance top part of the Market in China. And Apple grew revenues at 28% last quarter in China vs. prior year's. Even though Apple may only have small part of India or China's overall unit volume smartphone markets, Apple's got alot more of the sales$ and profit$ in those markets; Apple has HALF the Premium Market, and that part is growing faster than the cheaper smartphone segments, and still 100 million new customers. Plus that's the gravy part of the market, where the big profits are. Apple is uniquely positioned. Your intellectual honesty posting some very positive news re. Apple for the coming year, is lauded.
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  • 10 Reasons To Avoid Apple's Shares [View article]
    A lot of assumptions he makes are just plain wrong. He talks of a lot of Apple's product lines not growing he mentions "computers per se". Note he didn't mention MACs, because Apple's MAC computer sales were UP over 20% last quarter vs. prior year. Yes the overall PC Market may be down, but people are switching from Microsoft Windows to MACs in droves, so MAC sales are up.
    He made an even more dishonest/bonehead comparing APPLE to GM, pointing out GM went Bankrupt despite cutting costs over the years. Excuse me, but GM in the 1960s - 1990 often built lousy cars, that broke too often, and along came the Japanese with far more reliable cars, people switched. Guess what APPLE has the MOST RELIABLE HIGHEST QUALITY SMARTPHONES, and they now have gotten 75% of Market SHare in JAPAN, as Japanese are dropping their NEC, SONY, Sharp and Panasonic phones, to buy Apple iPHONES. Also GM was pulled down by the dead-huge-weight of tons of UAW Retirees pensions and health care costs. Apple doesn't have such costs coming, because almost all its production workers are Contract Workers in China, whom it owes no pensions too, ever. And the low production costs in China without any pensions accruing...etc., is part of what makes Apple's high profit margins possible. Also its low ad budget, vs. Samsung which must spend more to try and appear cool.
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  • Apple Leads Notable Short Interest Moves [View article]
    Agreed with Lakeartemesia2. Don't forget Tim Cook has Tens $Billions to BUY BACK Apple Stock. It favors him and Al Gore (former VP to Clinton, on Board of Apple) to keep being able to buy back AAPL shares on downward spikes. This way eventually in 8* years from current cash-flow, the Insiders would own ALL OF APPLE, and each be worth $TensBillions, if Apple no longer had any outside shareholders. Current EBITDA (pre-tax cash-flow) of Apple is $56 billion. Current Market Cap is $450 Billion approx. That means if Apple Shares stay down where they are, APPLE can buy the whole company back in 8 years. So Tim Cook has no reason to talk up the value of Apple like Tesla's founder. Tim Cook will be worth $10 billion or more, if they can continue to buy back Apple's outside shares.
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  • Inventory Risks Loom For Apple [View article]
    The rate of Apple's Inventory Increase from Q4 2013 to Q1 2014, is smaller than Apple's Inventory Increase from Q4 2012 to Q1 2013, and so there goes your thesis out the window, about Apple doing "channel stuffing". The company is growing revenues and has the past 6 months added Japan's DoCoMo and China Mobile as distribution, so naturally it needs more inventory sold to channels -- to grow. You've got it wrong. Despite increasing distribution and channels and sales, Apple is efficiently managing its channels, growing channel inventory slower, as shown by your Bar Chart.
    Feb 22 06:54 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Inventory Risks Loom For Apple [View article]
    Also the $9 billion of channel inventory of iPHONES he claims using $600 a phone is wrong. That's the average retail price sold, not the price Apple sells them to its Distributors. So the channel inventory of Apple is figure 1/3 or more lower.
    Feb 22 06:37 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Apple The Next Microsoft? [View article]
    The main thing wrong about comparing AAPL stock to MSFT's stock which went down from its peak 2000 to 2003, and then only up bit from to 2013, is that MSFT started the year 2000 with a 60 PE. It then spent the next 13 years as its PE declined from 60 to 15, so MSFT stock went down and stayed down even as earnings doubled. The thing that's TOTALLY DIFFERENT with Apple, is AAPL was not at a 60PE ratio when it hit its peak price in Sept. 2012. AAPL was only at 18X earnings. Huge difference. Apple wasn't grossly over-valued and with a PE discounting huge growth at its peak price as was MSFT in year 2000. A better comparison would be AMZN or FB today with sky-high PEs to MSFT in year 2000.
    Feb 21 01:25 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • In The Real World, Android Is A Proprietary Platform [View article]
    I Hope Europe busts the GOOGLE Monopoly. Its close to a Monopoly there. And the Monopolists Google have abused their power.
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  • Apple Takes A Page From BlackBerry [View article]
    The iPHONE4 was rock-solid dependable... a lot less warranty work than Android HTC and Samsung...etc. phones. To that extent, its a good phone for Apple to begin developing loyalty in 3rd World countries. In fact, Apple should make even a slightly lower cost version of it, only put the Gorilla Glass on the front...etc.,for 3rd world countries. Its not just that they need slightly lower cost phone, they also buy smaller cars with smaller 4 cyl. and even 2 cyl. engines in India. But even though the profit per phone will be smaller the 1 billion people in India means the quantities sold can be huge, so still add meaningful numbers to Apple's bottom line. And Indians will appreciate the more bug-free less security problematic IOS system, rather than Android.
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  • Bob Galvin Turning In His Grave [View article]
    Google is over-rated nowadays. Their search is better, but Microsoft and others have search also. They only make money off Android relevant to search and search-ads. Also they have not been able to break into the Chinese market too well.
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  • Apple Earnings: Getting Past The Dip [View article]
    Yes its really DOLLAR ADJUSTED MARKET SHARE THAT's MOST IMPORTANT. Not Unit market-share. When they count 1 Android knock-off lower performance $200 phone in India or China as "1 Unit sold" vs. 1 Unit of iPHONE5S sold for over $700 or a Samsung Galaxy sold for $650, they don't all belong in the same Cart. Adjust for $Market Share, and you'll see that Apple has a much bigger share of the Smartphone Sales Market than assumed.
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  • China Mobile receives 1.2M iPhone pre-orders [View news story]
    And we know Amazon is ready to sell plastic cased products at cost, and Amazon doesn't need to earn profits or heck even positive cash flow. Its Pos. Cash Flow since it went public in 1996 is a Grand Total of $5 billion. I'm surprised Sears and Macys and JC Penney and tons other stores don't get together and make a Competitor to Amazon, since Amazon's so thinly capitalized AND treading on thin ice anyone with $10 billion could set up a new national scaled competitor to them.
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  • Apple Roars Into A Chinese New Year [View article]
    Chinese New Year starts Jan. 20th and runs about 2 weeks till early Feb. Starting the China Mobile deal end of 2013, with full availability of the iPHONE5S and 5C in China for Jan. 2014, makes it the "New Thing" for people to gift their family this year in China.
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  • Detroit pulls the plug and files for Chapter 9 bankruptcy after emergency manager Kevyn Orr fails to a cut a deal with creditors. The city becomes the largest in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy. A few stocks trading lower on the news: MBI -15%, RDN -0.2%, MTG -1%, F -0.7%, GM -0.7%, MUNI -0.3%, PZA -0.5%, ITM -0.3%, HYD -0.8%[View news story]
    *KOREAN Automakers in particular should be heavily taxed on their sales in USA, because their country is a big Parasite that has sucked $2.5 Trillion out of the USA in the past 60 years. Lets stop worrying whether they go Communist or not. Its not our problem. And if they became Communist, their people would soon revolt from it as happened in Russia and China. USA pays $40 billion per year to maintain 30,000 US Troops, Airbases and a Fleet offshore for Korea. SAMSUNG MADE $15 Billion alone last year -- Kia and Hyundai also made tons money and had money to splurge on US Superbowl Ads. Its time to let Korea pay for its own defense. Its USA which is heavily in debt supporting them, not the other way. Our entire Social Security Trust Fund was eaten up by the costs USA took upon to defend Korea. KOREA IS RICH ENOIUGH NOW, LET THEM DEFEND THEMSELVES.
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