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  • Energysystems
    Another nice day in $CLMT. Bouncing back in 2015.
    Mon, 3:06 PM
      • Energysystems
        $MCD...same story, another disappointing quarter.
        Fri, 8:22 AM
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        • neobliviscar: Energy- I've been doing cov call yield generation on $MCD since the Madcow scare. But hey... even I sold MCD. Went short for a bit too.
          Fri, 9:12 AM
        • ChristianD: Their food is trash - they have to change.
          Fri, 9:17 AM
          • Energysystems
            $JBHT and $UNP with 9%+ Y/Y revenue growth. That's a good sign.
            Thu, 8:17 AM
              • Energysystems
                $KMI announced a definitive agreement, will acquire Hiland Partners/Hiland for a total purchase price of approximately $3 billion.
                Jan 21, 4:10 PM
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                • Chancer: Harold Hamm needed cash. Just paid his ex $1B check and cashed out Continental hedges.
                  Thu, 1:27 PM
                • jaginger: perhaps, and I like that argument. apparently it only adds ~$100 million to DCF annually. That seems like too much to pay for it.
                  Thu, 1:31 PM
                  • Energysystems
           President Obama against encryption. It's like the truth, Snowden's revelations, never existed(in his mind).
                    Jan 20, 8:44 PM
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                    • Energysystems: I pay little mind to politics, and definitely not to speeches. "The Bourne Legacy", very good sans Matt Damon.
                      Jan 20, 9:06 PM
                    • markrpat: Just for tonight...have to understand the bend. Then back to business :)
                      Jan 20, 9:52 PM
                      • Energysystems
                        Hell of a successful strategy in Yemen, Mr. President.
                        Jan 20, 11:24 AM
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                        • Energysystems: Spent the last decade in enjoying my life back at the beach.
                          Jan 21, 3:31 PM
                        • matratra: Good for you & have a great enjoyable life at beach.
                          Thu, 9:25 AM
                          • Energysystems
                            $TEVA popping up 3%, apparently, on favorable SCOTUS ruling in regards to Copaxone. New 52wk high.
                            Jan 20, 10:15 AM
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                            • Energysystems: imo, the 3x a week will be a winner(at least talking to those I know who suffer w/MS).
                              Jan 20, 12:27 PM
                            • Ugly Duckling: 3x has high conversion but I can see the next generation patient going with tecifedra. Long $TEVA from $38.
                              Jan 20, 1:33 PM
                              • Energysystems
                                Solid numbers out of $HAL and $BHI.
                                Jan 20, 7:20 AM
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                                • pokalolo: Going to take another 2 quarters to see the price drop in #s
                                  Jan 20, 7:21 AM
                                • Energysystems: Yep, takes a bit of time and reports are about the past; not present or future. I'll be watching the post-merger company closely.
                                  Jan 20, 7:28 AM
                                  • Energysystems
                                    $RSH looking to sell stores to $S....That's just terrible.
                                    Jan 15, 5:29 PM
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                                    • D-struction: I am not really sure why anyone ever went there. Really overpriced too
                                      Jan 15, 6:14 PM
                                    • weed: Back in the day, when I needed a banana plug, Radio Shack was the place.
                                      Jan 15, 9:26 PM
                                      • Energysystems
                                        Schlumberger ($SLB) declares $0.50/share quarterly dividend, 25% increase from prior dividend of $0.40.
                                        Jan 15, 1:43 PM
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                                        • Energysystems: hmm, I can't see $RIG not cutting soon. At least $SDRL has new rigs, and that one gave me a bloody nose lol
                                          Jan 15, 3:26 PM
                                        • Energysystems: Interested to see the earnings as well, I can't see $SLB not knowing the onshore rig market. Hopefully I'm right.
                                          Jan 15, 3:27 PM
                                          • Energysystems
                                            New 52wk high for $KRFT, breaching $65.
                                            Jan 15, 10:30 AM
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                                            • Clayton Rulli: NICE. buyback and strong Divy
                                              Jan 15, 10:39 AM
                                            • matratra: Gabeli funds may be building extra position.
                                              Jan 15, 10:45 AM
                                              • Energysystems
                                                $TGT to exit Canada. About time.
                                                Jan 15, 9:02 AM
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                                                • kevinconway: All in it will be about a $6B High School project. Shareholders should be livid. Good for the CEO ...a sound decision..ONE good exec??
                                                  Jan 15, 9:10 AM
                                                  • Energysystems
                                                    $BLK with 13% dividend raise and increases share buyback by 6 million shares.
                                                    Jan 15, 7:56 AM
                                                      • Energysystems
                                                        EquityTrader1975: "I will pay 10,000 to anyone who can ge me energysytems, phone number and address and real name"...Are you serious, ET75?
                                                        Jan 14, 3:13 PM
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                                                        • KIA Investment Research: 2479 East Bayshore Road #820 Palo Alto, CA (650) 251-9520
                                                          Jan 14, 4:20 PM
                                                        • wheelz23: ok guys, you can all stop messaging me now...that wasn't my real pic
                                                          Jan 14, 4:44 PM
                                                          • Energysystems
                                                            Great day to be a long in $FCX...setting up some buy limits to cost average down.
                                                            Jan 14, 10:55 AM
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                                                            • Energysystems: fwiw, my investment outlook isn't the next 5 years. It's the next 30-40 years.
                                                              Jan 14, 2:33 PM
                                                            • Energysystems: I'll happily invest at low prices, for long term returns, on quality assets. A bloody nose today won't stop me.
                                                              Jan 14, 2:34 PM
                                                              • Energysystems
                                                                $BBRY.."Main BlackBerry Twitter Account Was Caught Posting From An iPhone" Can't make this stuff up.
                                                                Jan 14, 6:20 AM
                                                                  • Energysystems
                                                                    Adding to my $ACMP position. Distribution will be much higher post merger.
                                                                    Jan 12, 1:08 PM
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                                                                    • Energysystems: "Expect $3.65 per Unit Distribution in 2015, Up 50% and 30%, Respectively, from ACMP's 2014 and 2015 Distribution Guidance"
                                                                      Jan 12, 2:02 PM
                                                                    • ComputerBlue: Nice. I like them both. I'm looking at TEP today as well.
                                                                      Jan 12, 3:26 PM
                                                                      • Energysystems
                                                               $KRFT changes Cadbury recipe, and some folks are not happy.
                                                                        Jan 12, 9:18 AM
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                                                                        • Energysystems: You're right, the article(and others) are saying Kraft but it is an $MDLZ brand.
                                                                          Jan 12, 11:01 AM
                                                                        • matratra: MDLZ- Some time I am right but other times my answer would be others are right.
                                                                          Jan 13, 8:42 AM
                                                                          • Energysystems
                                                                            Interested to see who 3G eventually targets for a takeover...good friend Buffett is sitting on an "elephant" load of cash, too.
                                                                            Jan 7, 8:36 AM
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                                                                            • Energysystems: I wouldn't want one of "my companies" to get bought out. Very short term thinking. Give me some $BRK.B shares even though they've run up.
                                                                              Jan 7, 8:54 AM
                                                                            • HackFab: I wasn't happy for my grandson, even though $HNZ was bought out at a premium. That's when I initiated the position in $DPS.
                                                                              Jan 7, 11:47 AM
                                                                              • Energysystems
                                                                                Congrats to the $JCP longs.
                                                                                Jan 6, 6:05 PM
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                                                                                • D-struction: I am a bit shocked, yes.
                                                                                  Jan 7, 7:34 AM
                                                                                • ceristeare: $RETL would have been a lot safer and less fun.
                                                                                  Jan 7, 12:31 PM