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  • Energysystems
    $ADP increasing buyback authorization by 25M shares. Total buyback authorization will now be 51M shares, more than 10% of float.
    Fri, 7:52 AM
      • Energysystems
        $ABT prepping to takeover $STJ? Great move, imo.
        Thu, 7:29 AM
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        • Energysystems: $ABT denying report, fwiw.
          Thu, 8:19 AM
        • matratra: I wonder as to how this will fit into their nutritional line or eye care?
          Thu, 9:27 AM
          • Energysystems
            FTC shuts down Vemma for running pyramid scheme...$HLF next?
            Wed, 6:28 PM
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            • Lending57: I like that you quiet down when $HLF goes up Energysystems. Good for Seeking Alpha as a whole.
              Fri, 3:08 PM
              • Energysystems
                Nice rev growth out of $WSM.
                Wed, 4:31 PM
                  • Energysystems
                    $POM plunging on the DC commission denying approval for the $EXC deal. Surprised there, since I was already getting co-branded mailers.
                    Tue, 12:32 PM
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                    • TraderJoeF: Bummer for them...Demuth was just writing about more regulatory pushing and shoving recentlly in his M&A article
                      Tue, 12:38 PM
                      • Energysystems
               Very interesting development in India banking. $BABA, $VOD
                        Aug 20, 3:27 AM
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                        • Energysystems: Modi is the perfect PM for India right now. Modernize and business wise.
                          Aug 20, 4:54 AM
                        • dalatinIJR: *
                          Aug 20, 4:57 AM
                          • Energysystems
                            Adding to $VTR on the pullback. New current yield of 4.86%. Will be keeping the spinoff shares as well. "Baby Boomer" portfolio.
                            Aug 18, 12:57 PM
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                            • hotmix: "YUP"
                              Aug 18, 1:22 PM
                            • matratra: chart has triangle shap! whatever this mean?
                              Aug 18, 1:46 PM
                              • Energysystems
                                Bidding war for $WMB? Either way, $WPZ wins(rollup, buyout, MLP merger). Under 40 it's a steal, imho.
                                Aug 17, 8:51 AM
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                                • matratra: It would be positive as consolidation take place.
                                  Aug 17, 9:11 AM
                                  • Energysystems
                                    Adding to $WPZ under $40 here.
                                    Aug 14, 11:40 AM
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                                    • Energysystems: Yeah...wasn't excited that the merger was blocked. But I like $SYY as a dividend play. Big pop today on "activist" news.
                                      Aug 14, 2:15 PM
                                    • matratra: KMI- Leon Cooperman reduce his stake
                                      Aug 14, 2:46 PM
                                      • Energysystems
                                        $AFL authorized the purchase of up to 40M shares of its common. This is in addition to the 16M that remained under a previous authorization.
                                        Aug 13, 6:26 PM
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                                        • Energysystems: $AFL's one of the few buybacks I like, because of their long term consistency in doing it. Now if interest rates ever return to normal...
                                          Aug 14, 8:48 AM
                                        • dalatinIJR: World GDP drifts lower higher US rates hurts everywhere except handful of AIGs & US banks etc
                                          Aug 14, 9:14 AM
                                          • Energysystems
                                            Alphabet? What's the point?
                                            Aug 10, 5:33 PM
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                                            • dalatinIJR: Actually looks like the Buffet model at Berkshire that their creating. Grab lots of companies under control of an overlord holding company
                                              Aug 11, 6:34 AM
                                            • dalatinIJR: Schmidt.. Misspoke. he'll be exec on Board ,but, Page will CEO
                                              Aug 11, 6:35 AM
                                              • Energysystems
                                                Refiner madness $VLO
                                                Aug 10, 12:53 PM
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                                                • dalatinIJR: I'm ok with the CVRR and NTI small fish. Not up much share wisw,but, powerful dividends are adding up
                                                  Aug 10, 1:08 PM
                                                • TraderJoeF: Haha reefer madness! Love it.
                                                  Aug 10, 1:17 PM
                                                  • Energysystems
                                                    Adding to $UAN here. Like the combination with $RNF, especially ex-Pasadena Tx facility.
                                                    Aug 10, 9:54 AM
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                                                    • dalatinIJR: We just sold 50% RNF and scalped 2 bucks. See what happens when deal closes with other half
                                                      Aug 10, 9:57 AM
                                                    • ComputerBlue: Me too. They expect the merger will be double-digit accretive to dcf per unit before synergies.
                                                      Aug 10, 9:58 AM
                                                      • Energysystems
                                                        Solid numbers out of this high yielder near 52wk lows. $HPT Q2 FFO of $0.98 beats by $0.03. Revs of $507.06M(+12.2% Y/Y) beats by $22.15M.
                                                        Aug 10, 7:21 AM
                                                          • Energysystems
                                                            $RNF and $UAN to merge
                                                            Aug 10, 6:15 AM
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                                                            • Energysystems: I made a good amount off $RNF(following you know who), but held too long onto $UAN. Still long it, just underwater. Still like the niche.
                                                              Aug 10, 6:20 AM
                                                            • Energysystems: Cheap feedstock for $UAN, long termer(imo).
                                                              Aug 10, 6:20 AM
                                                              • Energysystems
                                                                Holy $GMCR...down 30%.
                                                                Aug 6, 8:10 AM
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                                                                • matratra: On bright note, MDLZ is now in play. I personally don't like activism, which kill innovation.
                                                                  Aug 6, 8:30 AM
                                                                • dalatinIJR: >) $MDLZ is the typical Ackman play.Get a mega position ( much by option >) ) & then leak.HEY >. Ackman took a stake. BOOM, his job 1/2 done
                                                                  Aug 6, 9:12 AM
                                                                  • Energysystems
                                                                    Pershing Square's $5.5B bet.....was on $MDLZ! Up 6% in Pre-Market.
                                                                    Aug 6, 7:06 AM
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                                                                    • matratra: I may also point KO is owned by Warren Buffet along with MDLZ. He may not prefer too much investment there.
                                                                      Aug 6, 9:00 AM
                                                                    • matratra: OR leverage buyout like KKR RJR Nabisco by some one deep pocket.
                                                                      Aug 8, 8:47 AM
                                                                      • Energysystems
                                                                        Holding/DRIP'ing $DIS right now. I'd add on another John Carter type of opportunity ;)
                                                                        Aug 5, 1:29 PM
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                                                                        • jbushman92: Same, but $DIS, $AAPL, $EMR, and multiple oil plays all tempting.
                                                                          Aug 5, 5:16 PM
                                                                          • Energysystems
                                                                            $ of pain. I think it's safe to say the for sale sign is up, but the way it's going, it may end up being a foreclosure sale.
                                                                            Aug 5, 12:54 PM
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                                                                            • matratra: I tend to agree & not only this but others are same situation.
                                                                              Aug 5, 1:32 PM
                                                                            • wheelz23: even i threw in the towel...a bloody towel
                                                                              Aug 5, 1:33 PM
                                                                              • Energysystems
                                                                                Adding to $CLMT here. 1.3x coverage ratio, and the de-leveraging continues.
                                                                                Aug 5, 12:18 PM
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                                                                                • x oil -field: *
                                                                                  Aug 5, 12:28 PM