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  • Energysystems
    Looking to double down on VOD if it falls into the 26 range.
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    • Ocean Man: I would hit that too.
    • Joseph P. Porter: It's price has been sinking slowly. Sorry, Energysystems, but I'd be real happy if it would wake up and take a big jump up.
    • Energysystems: True, I've held it since 2010, not much in way of price appreciation but I think the only thing that has held it back is the euro-zone...
    • Energysystems: speculation/exposure. It should be 30+, but I think it's headed to where it was end of may. I'll def double down if it does.
    • Joseph P. Porter: Can't say as I'd blame you, really. The div makes it worth the extra investment.
    • Energysystems: Pissed I didn't double down. But I'm glad that "regular" "special" divi came through!
    • Energysystems: hey hey, sometimes I get it right. Well, no special divi(apparently a buyback), and price is 25.50(ish). I doubled down today.
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