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  • GLD: Maybe It's Time To Go Long? [View article]
    I don't know how you keep your cool at all Avi. I enjoy your articles which obviously provide some insight in near terms moves for traders (without promises) but they seem to ignore your obvious long term position with LEAPs. I'm with you on that one.
    It is near impossible to pick a bottom so why do they think you can do it. Yes, many bulls are excited about a ramp coming, and maybe there will be another move (last?) seriously down in the near term. Nothing contradictory at all. Traders are never satisfied but investors should be happy with what you share. thank you very much for sharing your insights and thoughts
    Jun 22 01:38 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Straight Line Marches On [View article]
    agree with bonevoyage, but when will this bubble up to all the recession predictors that see no risk of one and nothing wrong for next 1-2 years?
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  • My 2013 Year In Review [View article]
    Dec 31 11:20 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Uranium Set To Soar? [View article]
    so what happens when Fukishima 3 or 4 implodes and pollutes the world? will the world stand behind all those planned nuclear plants?
    can we really wait for cold fusion to tap to energy in H2O?
    can fracking continue to provide energy for the world even if it is not cheap by any means for the next 10, 20, 40 years until we re-tool our systems and serve an ever enlarging world population that wishes to move up in the standard of living?
    can the world stand more coal if it never gets clean enough?
    really big questions.... no crystal ball...
    Dec 10 02:27 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Unraveling Of The Affordable Care Act [View article]
    yes, private practice will be nearly dead in 5 years as they change the rules and essentially force them out as well as those who are trying to set up concierge and subscription based practices (just my guess that they won't let small groups/individuals compete with big players who made the deal go to the new system of guaranteed patients and profits but smaller profit margins) and mid-levels practitioners will replace most of the primary care physicians -which will reduce costs dramatically. However the big players will still plead poverty and cut all health care salaries - to be more like those seen in the rest of the world's universal care marketplace. Buckle up, it will be a rough ride for the next several years....
    Nov 23 03:13 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Unraveling Of The Affordable Care Act [View article]
    sorry but I am a "government doctor" and I put in way more than 40 hrs per week while on salary....
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  • The Unraveling Of The Affordable Care Act [View article]
    this is all a compromise....big business needed to get out of the business of providing health care, as one segment, health care, was costing them too much and hurting the economy. Health care needed a payoff to get out of the business so the ACA structure is bad but allows them to get paid to get out as universal health comes on was the only way it could get it through congress. It will be reformed and a public option will come, as costs will continue to be too high.
    All over the world, it took 20 yrs in each country, to adjust universal care to fit the character of the country it was being established in.
    So, BUCKLE UP!, our 20 yrs is just beginning.
    Nuff said....
    Nov 23 10:21 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Stocks Survive This Trend? [View article]
    love the analysis, and I can't determine if it is right but it sure sounds a lot like what Hussman has been saying and showing in his charts,...everything looks like roses until it doesn't and it will be ugly.
    Sep 4 10:07 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • As The Bernanke Era Comes To An End A New Global Paradigm Is Almost Certain But Few See It Coming [View instapost]
    I read and tend to respect all the views as collectively all of the writers on SA know and understand much more than me. I do tend to enjoy Mr. Stuber's writing and those of others whose outrage of this situation, which is unique and may not be modeled well by looking at the past, we or should I say the powers that be, have gotten us into.

    However, with the Fed Res buying a trillion dollars a year and a reversal on future tapering in the works,(if that truly occurs), if the markets react down, and wages and household income continue to fade, and other countries continue to decrease their buying of US treasuries, and the true weakness of other nations economies becomes evident, whether Eastern or Europe happen, as soon as in Oct-Nov or later, what may happen is the worst of all fears...a profound lack of confidence in the markets. That may be what will push this or the next mild correction into something more, with the help of the algos and the large manipulators (calling for selling metals and miners yet buying them long). The Fed can affect the future until it no longer can and then all bets are off. Eventually this bull will fail and fall (sooner or later) until all parties believe we are in a state where the the upside is truly much more likely than downside, and real confidence in the next recovery will be without doubt. Now, not so much. It seems a lot (of market movers, nations, central banks, politicians) are on the fence and not one of them wants to admit they are bluffing with their weak hand. It is only buying them time, though strong brief continued upside may be on the horizon. As Kostohryz feels a 20-30% may be in the near (0-12 m) future to complete a bubble phase, I would guess that eventually market confidence will not be strong if this occurs and rather a roll over starts and confidence erodes at an accelerating rate. But what do I know? This is the gestalt of my reading too many others with strong opinions and charts to back up what they are saying.
    Sep 2 11:05 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Economy Is Improving - Isn't It? [View instapost]
    Would your TZA and FAZ allocations indicate that you believe that
    1) this pivoting of the market will be very soon or
    2) that you believe it will be so large that you do not fear it will suffer from decay over a intermediate period off time or
    3) that your are just taking a small position and plan to scale in as you feel that it is correct?

    Anyway way, I would only say it was bold and firm proof that you follow your convictions. Good luck. I just started by placing a small allocation in a similarly aligned LEAP position.
    Aug 3 05:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Case For Shorting The American Economy [View article]
    Ok to all this but, it is a global economy, central banks are mostly following each other with larger debts, huge unemployment numbers in Europe (expect a turn around much?) and even if the US has problems, just planning your shorts around a dramatic US slowing into recession or deflation....I mean really do you think a contagion will start here? My guess, as uneducated as it may be, is that if the US is going down, someone pulled the plug in the bathtub before us. Plus, it is more likely NOBODY ELSE WILL BE DOING THAT WELL EITHER. LIke climbers tied together on the side of a mountain when the avalanche comes, cutting the rope won't help, much.
    Mar 26 11:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The 'New Normal' In Pictures [View article]
    it is not just arithmetic problem, it is a perceptual problem.... most Amercians don't realize that we spend more on defense than the next 10 nations in the world combined and that we spend twice as much on health care per person as any other nation that delivers the same level of advanced medical care. Many Americans lack an important perspective on these matters, as well as others, which include how little we pay for gasoline and are taxes far less compared to other developed nations. The shock will come, the reality will be disturbing (and many will be in denial about it) and it will likely come with a truth that we are not in charge of the world anymore.
    Nov 11 11:13 AM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Start Of The 2012 End Game Is Upon Us [View article]
    Ditto on being happy to be able to read your thoughts again. I am still surprised by the number of people who can kick up the dirt on this site without even providing even a simple bio. Then again, when I find that a person hasn't provided speaks volumes.....
    Jun 26 01:45 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Spain Announces Beginning Of End: The Unfolding Global Fiasco Is Near [View article]
    As a lay person, who trolls SA and zero hedge to try to understand the world economy and markets, I almost never voice an opinion but only desperately try to understand the writing and the mostly insightful discussions that follow. I usually find the greatly educational and useful.
    I have to say, after some of the baiting replies noted here, that I find James' articles and his overall prospective, are some of the clearest, most balanced, and readable I have found. He tries to compare his view with others, provide reasonable evidence for them, doesn't really give direct stock advice and presents himself consistently as a concerned citizen of the world who seems to hope, as I believe we all do, for a better tomorrow. Back to my silent trolling and thank you James for sharing your views.
    Jan 21 01:40 PM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2011: The Year of Trading Dangerously [View article]
    Everything's gonna be alright
    Ev'rything's gonna be alright
    Ev'rything's gonna be alright
    Ev'rything's gonna be alright

    Bob man!
    Dec 20 11:53 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment