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I am a California registered Architect drawing a very nice pension, thank you Michael Eisner, after a three-decade career as a Walt Disney Imagineering design executive. I am currently in a relaxed but respectable private practice, working from a comfortable home-based atelier in Malibu and I play and travel at will. Ain't it grand?

I invest rather meagerly in securities, primarily buying and holding shares of companies I admire or whose products I use in my daily life.

My larger investment portfolio is cash-flow rental real estate and were I playing monopoly, I should turn in houses for hotels. The mortgage meltdown is not an issue, my wife and I saw it coming. I long ago cashed out all of our real ...More
  • Description: Company executive. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: REITs, Retirement savings, Tech stocks
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