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  • Should You Buy American Realty Capital Properties Instead Of Realty Income? [View article]
    I own both O and ARCP. O mopped the floor with ARCP as far as total return is concerned. Have over a full position in O. No plans to sell any. Had a half position in ARCP. Sold a third of the ARCP and invested into OHI which also mopped the floor with ARCP. Nick S. doing the secondary at $12 after saying he would not do a dilutive equity sale was the last straw and have been waiting for ARCP to recover to the mid $13s before unloading it. The Red Lobster deal is a strange one. Hedge funds attacked Darden for selling RL too cheap and giving away the real estate. OTOH critics are attacking ARCP for paying too much for the RL real estate. Makes no sense. I do like the change in CEO at ARCP and if it turns out they really got a steal on the RL RE I may reconsider and hold on to some shares. Who needs all this drama?
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  • When To Jump Into Enterprise Product Partners [View article]
    I have owned EPD since 2009. EPD offers limited partners opportunity to reinvest distributions at a 5% discount from a current level. I have accumulated a full position in EPD via such reinvestment and steady unit price increases. EPD is doing a 2 for 1 unit split soon. EPD is a MLP and limited partners receive a K-1 instead of a 1099 for income tax reporting
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  • Intercept Pharmaceuticals (Part IIa) - Quick Takeaways On OCA From EASL Abstracts And Presentations [View article]
    Do you have a source for your comment *galt has immunogenicity issues...* This is the first I heard this. The GALT lead drug candidate appears to be an engineered complex carbohydrate. Complex carbohydrates rarely are immunogenic IMHO unless they are crosslinked to a protein or peptide. I agree that the GALT drug is very early and all bets are off until we see Phase IIA data. However I saw a GALT PR that a Phase II study of the GALT drug in combination with a BMY MAb in another indication has been approved by FDA. I would not expect this if there were immunogenicity issues.
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  • Realty Income: One Heck Of An Ark That's Prepared For The Storms Ahead [View article]
    hi Brad Thanks. Informative article. Have a full position in O acquired in the mid-high $30s and a half position in ARCP acquired in the high $12s. Cap gain plus monthly dividends plus dividend growth plus portfolio diversification. Excellent
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  • Linn Energy: A Very Disappointing Quarter [View article]
    I bought LINE in 2009 and LNCO when it began to trade and built a full position. I sold half of each with the first negative Barrons article booking a nice profit and sold the rest when the SEC news broke at a smaller profit. Also didnt like the fact LNCO was selling at an almost 10% premium to LINE which made no sense to me. I reinvested the proceeds into other E&Ps---ARP, BBEP and especially VNR all of which have comparable distributions to LINE and were also under heavy selling pressure at the time. Did OK with VNR but ARP and BBEP keep disappointing. I have been planning to re-buy LINE and LNCO but held off thinking they have moved up too far too fast and that LINE way overpaid for BRY and this latest financial report demonstrated that IMO. I do like the fact that LNCO is now at a discount to LINE and plan to re-buy LNCO for some retirement accounts when I think the price has stabilized some more hopefully under $30
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  • Abbott Labs Should Be In Your Dividend Growth Portfolio [View article]
    I bought a full position in ABT back in 2009 in retirement accounts and DRIPed. After the split I sold half of both ABT and ABBV taking the profits and reinvesting elsewhere. Have very low basis in both ABT and ABBV remainders. I sold ABT because of the low dividend post split and sold ABBV because I was concerned about the end of US patent life for Humira in 2016 and FDA support of biosimiliars. Now I plan to hold ABT for the rising yield, DG and their FCF. I am holding ABBV until FDA acts on their Hep C drug combo. Also Humira is going to be a tough mAB to genericize IMO. If the Hep C drug does hit $3billion peak I think ABBV could have a nice run. Plus would not surprise me to see PFE buy ABBV. PFE sold their interest in Enbrel they got from buying Wyeth to AMGN so no conflict and PFE is the best IMO in milking an end of patent blockbuster like Humira
    Feb 19 09:59 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Whose Dividends Should Grow More Over Time: Clorox Or Kimberly-Clark? [View article]
    I own both CLX and KMB--- initially acquired bulk of the shares in 3/2009 and have DRIPed since. Over that ~5 years period the KMB buy has outperformed the CLX buy in total return by over 2x almost 3x. I did buy more CLX when Carl Icahn walked away from his takeover bid and CLX price dropped over 10%. Other than DRIPs havent bought more KMB unfortunately.

    I noticed the big difference in the Net Debt/Equity ratios. What is your analysis of the CLX very high ratio? Is it a legacy of the fight with Icahn? I do agree with Icahn that CLX is an attractive takeover target for a big consumer products company like a Unilever.

    Feb 18 06:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Brad Thomas Positions For 2014: Attractive Opportunities Present Themselves In REITs [View article]
    Brad-Similar to one of my favorites:
    "Good judgement helps avoid bad experiences
    Learning from bad experiences forms good judgement"
    Feb 16 06:14 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Much Dividend Income Growth Do You Need? [View article]
    Another great article. Thought provoking. You have convinced me to focus on CAGR too in my portfolio building decisions.
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  • Retirement Strategy: Buying The Dips Worked Once Again [View article]
    RS-Very Good article. We are almost on the same wave length. Over the past 2 weeks I bought the dips on XOM, T, PG, and GE (and COP and PEP) increasing all 6 positions by approx 25%. Now have full positions on T, XOM, GE and JNJ half of which I bought in 2009, I split PEP and KO 50/50 adding to a full position and also split PG and UL 50/50 adding to a full position. I prefer holding COP and RDSA to CVX and have never owned MCD.
    Feb 15 07:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Stocks For 2014: Fairly Valued Dividend Growth Stocks With An Emphasis On Dividends - Part 4 [View article]
    Thanks again for a terrific thought provoking article. I have learned a great deal from all of your articles on SA and the well informed commentary you have evoked. As I was approaching retirement our retirement portfolio was primarily in Fidelity mutual funds, bonds and stocks in companies in industries my wife or I knew well from our long careers (me-pharmaceuticals & biotechs and she-consumer products and foods). Today half of our portfolio is invested in dividend growth champions like JNJ, KO, PEP, PG, PFE, T etc and rebounders like GE with no one company over 2% of total and most under 1%. Another 10% is in MLPs (EPD, ETE, etc) 20% in fixed income and 20% in cash. For international exposure I prefer to buy multinationals with over 50% of sales ex-US like UL, KO, XOM, etc, rather than international MFs or ETFs
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  • The FDA Nixes A Pathbreaking Drug For MS [View instapost]
    Yes. I cannot comment further on this. EP
    Jan 27 10:03 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • MLP E&P Stats 01-24-17 [View instapost]
    Hi Factoids,
    Thanks for this. Very helpful. I also bought ARP (and BBEP) with the proceeds from selling all my LINE and LNCO after the Barrons article and SEC inquiry. I bought some VNR and a lot more LINE back in 2009. I had nice capital gains with LINE when I sold. I treat these E&P MLPs as income generating investments that will pay increasing distributions with time and with inflation
    Jan 25 09:38 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Great Dividend Growth Stocks From United Kingdom [View article]
    Royal Dutch Shell was formed by the merger of Royal Dutch and Shell Trading. Shell Trading was a UK based company. Unilever was formed by the merger of Netherlands based Unil with UK based Lever Bros. Both are referred to as "Anglo-Dutch" companies
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  • The FDA Nixes A Pathbreaking Drug For MS [View instapost]
    In my 25+ year career in the biopharma industry I witnessed from many vantage points within big pharma and multiple biotech companies the capriciousness of the FDA and the deterioration over that time of the FDA Committees from an evidence, science and medicine basis to more of a political and activist agenda. I was a co-founder of 2 biotech companies that were severely damaged by capricious FDA actions. One biotech was in a competition with a big Pharma to be the first drug to market and ran into an odd and difficult statistician at FDA who disagreed with all that biotech's outside experts on clinical data analysis and fought them tooth and nail causing a long delay that allowed the big Pharma to get to approval first and get first to market mover advantage by the time my biotech finally got FDA approval. The other biotech signed a contract with FDA with FDA agreeing to approve their drug after certain clinical studies were successfully completed. The studies were completed and the FDA reneged on the contract claiming they had new adverse side effect information about the drug from another company's data.
    Dealing with FDA is a lot like high school teachers and college professors that grade on final exams that contain questions and problems they never covered in class.
    IMO FDA will eventually approve the Genzyme MS drug after a few years of safety data from European patients on the drug. This goes back to FDA's thalidomide success in rejecting a drug that was approved in Europe.
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