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  • stockahead
    $STXS...any thoughts? 2013 Ops loss lowest since IPO; Q4 interest expense ($0.9m) vs. ($2m); Q4 net loss ($0.23/sh) vs. (($0.55/sh)
    Feb 26, 7:42 AM
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    • stockahead: 2013 net loss would be ($1.29/sh) w/o $54m related to amortization of conv.debt discount; cash/cash equiv. $13m vs. $7.8
      Feb 26, 7:44 AM
    • stockahead: paid down all short-term debt; 510(k) to be submitted this quarter.
      Feb 26, 7:46 AM
    • stockahead: distribution agreement with "Medix Japan, Inc. and Hokushin Medical Co. Ltd. to distribute its NiobeĀ® Magnetic Navigation System"
      Feb 26, 8:48 AM