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  • American Capital Agency Corp. Grows Toward The Future  [View article]
    ...for money.
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  • Bargain spotted in gold closed-end funds  [View news story]
    What about PHYS? isn't that similar?
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  • CORRECTING and REPLACING Annaly Capital Management, Inc. Reports Results for the 2nd Quarter 2013 
    Well ....

    that changes EVERYTHING !!!!!!
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  • How To Reduce (Or Eliminate) Paying Taxes On American Capital Agency's Dividend  [View article]
    ... not if you don't buy the loss/stock back too soon.
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  • How To Reduce (Or Eliminate) Paying Taxes On American Capital Agency's Dividend  [View article]
    Taking losses is part of managing a portfolio. If a holding is a loser, this practice will motivate you to dump it. If it is just a temporary down stock with long term promise, sell it, take the loss, offset the gain, then buy it back 30 days later to avoid the wash penalty. Win, Win, and, if you are right about the stock moving back up... Win again.
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  • Annaly Capital Is On Sale Now  [View article]
    Love the company and have owned it for some years now.. BUT....

    Jbertran is right.... if you are helping us decide what to should let us know what happens profit wise to Annaly when the Fed tapers....

    I actually added some 2015 calls yesterday... so I guess I see the same positives you do... at least a rebound in the near side from this panic oversell.
    Jun 5, 2013. 07:09 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investing In Equities Now - Learn From May 1946  [View article]
    The employment possibilities post WWII for lower skilled workers was vastly different. Farms, factories, sales, etc required lots of people to function properly. In recent decades, the modern technological industries have provided jobs and created new professions, but at the same time supplanted the need for humans by transforming agriculture and manufacturing into machine, robot and computer driven operations, thus eliminating millions of jobs. Today we have a vast and growing population of low-skilled adults, and an alarming rate of youth entering the workforce as dropouts or near illiterates, at a time that middle class jobs demand higher technical skills and more mental than physical abilities. Opportunities have dramatically narrowed, the middle class has become an unreachable plateau for many, and thus the "socialist" burden of supporting fellow citizens in need has grown.
    All the snide remarks about work ethics in previous comments here would be more credible if you had an answer to the collapse of the relationship of our educational system to our actual current economy. This trend has been going on for decades, whether in Republican or Democratic administrations, and repealing Obamacare or removing some EPA rules is not going to correct the bigger problem.
    Take a look at GE's creepy new robot commercials which brag about their machines replacing humans, and you might see a vision of a future that doesn't include a healthy, economically robust middle class population creating demand for products.
    Not to diminish the role of the decline of individual responsibility and work ethics... these are quite apparent. But having listened to people on CNBC brag for decades about how "greed is good.., it is the grease on the wheels of capitalism"... I find it easy to combine the inherent selfishness of that statement with the other factors above to have some very profound concerns about the economic picture in the long term. I believe the only road to a solution will require a major change in what we value, how much we really need, and a massive shift in how much we begin to respect our mutual interdependence. Such a change will need to occur from among the general population at local levels, from the ground up, and not from greedy corporate bullies, nor from power mad politicians and bureaucrats, and especially not from dogmatic religious fanatics. Just build a local community that works together, respects one another, helps each other, and the solution may grow out of that.

    Now, aside from my pontificating, I do heartily agree that long term investing should focus on critical commodities, and the services that deliver them: water, energy, commodities, (and currently pipelines). Regarding the question above about property or real estate.. though it is like a commodity in its apparent limited quantity, it can be quite volatile, illiquid, and is an easy target for punitive taxation and vandalism and financial bubbles, so I prefer the foods and materials that everyone must have.
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  • Notwithstanding Friday's implosion, Barron's Randall Forsyth says gold looks undervalued, and pitches the precious metal as the anti-bitcoin: "It is incongruous that gold - money that can't be printed, just minted - would enter a bear market Friday." Calafia Beach Pundit disagrees. His next target for gold: $1,000.  [View news story]
    Money is anything that participants in an economy agree upon as a symbolic
    medium of exchange. Most of the "GOLD IS NOT MONEY" folks think that
    paper with green ink IS money. Money, like beauty, is in the eyes of the
    beholder. The person above that wrote about food as a medium of substantial
    value was much closer to material truth than the rest of us arguing about
    relativity. If you have sufficient food and water and adequate shelter, you have
    the only things of value to your existence. Which is more valuable if the
    proverbial collapse of social stability occurs: 20 acres of fertile land in the hills
    with a spring, moderate climate, a warm cabin, a source of wood fuel, etc that
    was purchased for $40,000, or a $2 million dollar high rise condo in Miami filled
    with artwork, a substantial pile of jewely, completely dependent upon others for
    groceries, electricity, ... even the elevator to get you there, gasoline , etc etc.

    Value is relative. Complacency is the enemy of true value.

    Money is agreement. Period.

    My firewood may be easily worth your diamond necklace if you are cold.

    I live in a great city, but almost every day I momentarily miss my decade of
    living in the hills of Northern California surrounded by riches.
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  • What Gift Cards Reveal About Apple And J.C. Penney  [View article]
    where do you buy these cards? How do you know they are holding the amount stated?
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  • Will Cirrus Fall With Apple Or Rise From The Ashes?  [View article]
    The market for low end phones is: "... tremendously huge..." ???

    Sounds like 2 Donald Trumps in its redundancy.

    CRUS is "...fundamentally a very strong stock..." ???

    Do you mean an attractive stock? You could say strong company, or a stock with strong indications of future rise in value. Strong stock sounds odd, especially when it is so obviously volatile and vulnerable to the whims of the market. There really is no such thing as a "strong stock". Its up or down trends may be temporarily strong. The underlying company may be strong. But many of the positives you state could have described Apple and other companies whose stock values have plummeted despite underlying strength.

    Just not a good article. Use my $.01 to work a little bit harder editing the next one.
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  • Though consumer sentiment rose to its highest level in five years, don't look for retailers to start adjusting guidance anytime soon. In an interview with CNBC yesterday, AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson gave a somewhat frank assessment of how many execs are looking toward Q4 by noting the fiscal cliff could create a standstill to spending over the last ten days of the year as the automatic cuts slated for January 1 loom larger. Even if a late deal is struck, Q4 sales could take a blow. (video[View news story]
    Nice gypsy fortune teller analysis Max. Is that a crystal ball you're looking at ... oops... looks like a martini glass.

    Oct 26, 2012. 12:38 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Annaly Capital (NLY) Chairman and co-CEO Michael Farrell has passed away after a battle with cancer. (PR[View news story]
    You helped my family immeasurably for the last several years. Thank you for the great company and it's benefits to all of us. Our love to your family and friends.., and to you.
    Oct 22, 2012. 07:00 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The iPhone's Growth Rate Has Peaked  [View article]
    I was awake... but your diatribes are putting me to sleep
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  • The iPhone's Growth Rate Has Peaked  [View article]
    "The biggest problem is Apple's products has been becoming more and more incremental and no obvious advantage over others..."

    In case you haven't noticed, all the products are now incrementally improving...

    The ecosystem is the HUGE advantage.... with more product on the way. For the foreseeable future the choice is pretty clear:

    Those not interested yet in the ecosystem simply haven't experienced it yet... much like non-smartphone users or those without Ipads. Once someone begins to see the advantage, the choice is clear, much like the early iphone: Apple's ecosystem is far ahead of the others, with the advantages of focused growth, an established base, and at least a couple of years of experience and development ahead of the others.

    The disadvantage of the others is that without coming to some kind of accord amongst themselves, they will be battling it out as the "second" best, with no clear selling point over Apple other than:

    "We're not as good, but we're kinda similar, and we're a little bit cheaper".

    Wow.... that's a real magnet for me.... NOT.
    Aug 31, 2012. 10:50 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The iPhone's Growth Rate Has Peaked  [View article]
    This is nonsense, and really should not have been allowed in print. I'm surprised you were paid.

    From my personal experience:

    There are 12 people in my family:

    6 have Iphones, 4 from 2010, 2 from 2011
    2 have Droids
    3 have non smart phones.
    1 has a Motorola type

    When the new Iphone comes out all but the 2 from 2011 and one of the Droids are switching or upgrading. the non-smarts will all be getting Iphone 5's as well as the Motorola type. Nobody with an Iphone is switching. The second Droid user may switch as well

    In my reading, it seems that countless Iphone 3 and 3G are about to buy their second phone, and some hungry Iphone 4 owners as well. Many new users are buying their first phone. A good number of Samsung owners will be switching as well as others, but I have never met anyone who has switched from Iphone to a different manufacturer.

    WE are almost at 2013 ! What the heck are you basing your ridiculous projection on that eliminates 2010 as a replacement year? The long contracts with ATT and Verizon were 2 years.. ending this year if you signed up in 2010. Going into 2013, we will be getting the 2011 upgraders as well.

    Oh.. and I forgot to mention.. there are currently 3 Ipads in the group and 3 more to add in the next 6 months... plus 2 of the current 3 pads will upgrade with the next model.

    My point is that between upgrades, new users, and the growth of understanding of the convenience of the Apple Ecosystem, the moat around Apple is deepening and widening and the bridge to the castle is filled with new pilgrims.

    silly silly
    Aug 31, 2012. 10:35 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment