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  • Taking a Long Look at Ford [View article]
    ...and also a company that took advantage of customers with over priced leases and a substandard product. They admitted as much. Now quality has returned? Much like the banking industry, they took the consumer for chumps, and the chumps took the bait. In the words of the immortal George W. Bush. "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice ahhhh, errrr,, ummm"....

    I love the stickers that read. "Support America". "Buy American Automobiles". The stickers should read. "Return to the American car market that stiffed you big time so I, the overpaid union employee can hang onto my resort property.

    I helped design those pieces of crap (third party non union)and I'll be damned if I'll buy another. I could not believe what those so called engineers passed of as satisfactory. I'll stick with my Honda. Call me the next time your "made in Mexico" wiring harness fails. Leaving you devoid of tail lights, brake lights, perhaps head lights during you drive.

    I only get stiffed once. Never again.
    Aug 21 01:13 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Alternative Energy: An Alternative Investment Option? [View article]
    I am not sold on H technology. Why? Water into H could probably be made privately via some whiz bang gizmo sold via the internet. Not profit for the big guys.

    Hell a Volkswagon diesel engine can run on 1/2 diesel and 1/2 french fry oil now. Change the fuel filter regularly and BAM, 50 MPG.I know a guy running a VW Rabbit on 1/2 diesel 1/2 used edm oil.

    That is why I think NG is the logical choice.NG makes money for the crooked, is abundant, can be easily retrofitted in an automotive arena, can easily be mined. the infrastructure is 80 % there now. Honda makes a NG Civic. Has for 3 years now. Only thing missing? Fueling stations. I ask you, what wrong with building a few more of those ever 100 miles or so in populated areas for starters? It spurs job growth, and rids the dependency on fossil fuel.

    Makes sense to me. Makes lobbyists shutter.
    Aug 18 11:51 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Alternative Energy: An Alternative Investment Option? [View article]
    BP's failed well made $100 million a day! Multiply that x the number of wells BP holds. Multiply all the "big lobbyist" and what do you have? A/E disdain. I thought the BP disaster (which was underplayed)would have awaken people from greedy self interest. While the "spill" may have put a dent in big oil's rein, we still have a long way to go. That said small steps are being taken to relinquish crude consumption ie. wind energy, bio fuel incentives, electric cars, etc.

    My hedge, and most obvious alternative is natural gas. Abundant supply, and the means to extract it. Yet, progress is next to nothing. I'll abandon the idea when Boone gives up the ship. Sure would like to see a few NG filling stations. Good for jobs, good for less dependency on crude.

    No mention of GEX in the article?

    Excellent comments by all.

    Good Day.

    Aug 18 09:46 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 4 Inflation Hedges for 2011 [View article]
    If this is a "short story" I'd hate to see the novel! Perhaps a Haikou next time? Please Phil! Do not omit the pretty pictures.

    Great work Phil as usual. Without a doubt one of the best at SA.
    Dec 30 06:36 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Alternative Energy: An Alternative Investment Option? [View article]
    Look at all these options. Yet???????? I can say that I have never been a part of such a constructive discussion. Very enlightening. Now if we could only harness these great ideas to the next level.

    There are some conflicts in this discussion. The point is no one here made an argument for oil as future primary fuel source.

    Zorrba, Tradinghouse, coddy. Scary smart minds based on factual data. I like it!
    Aug 19 08:26 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Alternative Energy: An Alternative Investment Option? [View article]
    IMO (with regret) A/E progress with rein supreme though three avenues.

    1. Chinese supremacy. The Chines will force to move in the A/E direction. We must remain on top. We have the brains (with the exception of criminals on the hill. If we don't we'll be buried in the dust.

    2. More oil related disasters. Lord only know there are several oil wells and coal mines held together with band aids.

    3. Lastly, my conviction all along. A/E progress will accelerate when big oil companies adopt, perfect or buy worthwhile technology. The easiest (and probably the cheapest) way for big oil to obtain A/E technology is to buy it. Let the little guy struggle to do the dirty work then swoop in for the kill.Lobbyist and campaign contributors remain happy and rich.

    Excellent comments by all.

    Bast regards,

    Aug 18 11:21 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why CombiMatrix Shares Will Double By The End Of The Month [View article]
    Keep bashing boys. It's all about timing. Your timing was a bit off. Too bad.

    Breakthrough called it. Up 130% yesterday. That qualifies as a double +. My best trade of the year as a matter of fact.

    Keep whining boys. I'm laughin' thanks to Mr bio.

    As for the BBB author? You never make money with your wand in your hand. Try the "buy" button next time.

    In the end the call in the article was accurate. That's all the matters here.
    Feb 22 02:20 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Time to Bet on Natural Gas ETFs and Stocks [View article]
    For the life of me I can't understand why the most sensible (and abundant) A/E fuel has been beaten down so horribly. It is by far the cheapest fuel available Next to Hydrogen (that will never happen so we won't talk about it).

    Reasons why NG has been shunned?

    1.Big oil lobbyist and special interest.


    1. Cheap as hell
    2. Cleaner emissions than oil or coal
    3. Huge stockpiles of the stuff ( and it's here in the US)
    4. Technology in place to extract NG with ease
    5. Construction of fuel stations would create jobs? (what a concept!)

    So what's the hold up?

    I have been buying UNG and GAZ , along with CLNE at support levels only to get burned repeatedly. CLNE has treated me well, but I never take more than a 10% hit on UNG and GAZ). They are very frustrating trades. I continue to test the water at support, I take a 10% hit, new lows are the result I know, first rule of trading... The market does not move up on common sense or logic. I do agree with the author. NG has to move higher at some point. Probably when big oil has made the primary shift from oil to gas.

    It just doesn't make sense. We have the means to extract it, we have the technology to utilize it in several venues. Yet we continue to press expensive alternatives such as solar and wind.

    I just don't get it.
    Oct 14 12:11 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Alternative Energy: An Alternative Investment Option? [View article]
    I'll have to think on this one for a while. I respectfully see holes in your theory, but must have facts to back that claim.

    As for general public wants... We've been down that road. 8% opted for the "illusion of prosperity". We suffer.

    Time for the prudent to have a voice IMO. Instead the prudent get stiffed ie taxes, lack of incentives for the responsible. A lot of prudent people here.
    Aug 19 10:52 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Today's Buy and Short Ideas: Teradyne, Cott [View article]
    Part of the Yahoooooo! mentality. 50% short. On brains.

    I'm done here. I have the feeling I'm feeding ignorance. On to the next conquest.
    Aug 19 08:32 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Today's Buy and Short Ideas: Teradyne, Cott [View article]
    Maybe you should start getting paid for your services Mr. Big Stuff?

    You're missing the point block head. He's out of what he considers a successful trade.

    I have to go now because I have to take a swig off my Boylan's Birch Beer Soda I'm sure you've heard of it Mr.Big Stuff. Made with pure cane sugar. Not that high fructose corn syrup crap that ruins your joints (and your brain).

    As for the losses. David. Give this mem-brain some example links of your misses so he can stop making an idiot of himself please.

    "ps - I bought COT under $1 sold above $8 and am now back in big time at about $5.75. Watch and learn from someone who will forget more than you will ever know about the beverage business". Of course, you are Mr. Big Stuff. Bottling company extraordinaire!

    Since you seem to have a handle on things. Do YOU have any market predictions besides COT? Perhaps YOU need to write an article in advance stating your claim? . Perhaps Phil has a spot for such wisdom at his office? I can see it now. Dig the Oracle... Bottling investment guru. I'm sure Phil has the cubical waiting.

    Alright dig. I've amused you long enough and will not continue to do so in the future. Sometimes I don't know why I bother. Call it the thrill of the sport I guess.
    Aug 18 02:31 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Chips Play of Next Week: Kulicke & Soffa Industries [View article]
    As usual great article, however I will pass this week after taking your advice on TER (Perfect call on TER by the way). Why? A slew of insider selling over the recent months regarding this holding. If anyone does not see this as a concern? I'm all ears. I will not deny the attractiveness of KLIC from a T/A standpoint. KLIC is at a very advantageous spot on the support line. Great article nevertheless. Best of luck with KLIC.

    This week I like IVAC, IKAN, and DHI. The charts for these holdings are similar.

    Concerns? $INDU and the $VIX potentially could put the bite on a decent earnings report . Both at resistance / support. Usually a sign of a change in market direction. Unless violated.

    Keep up the great work.
    Jul 31 03:16 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why CombiMatrix Shares Will Double By The End Of The Month [View article]
    FWIW I sold out at $7. You found the needle in the hay stack today!

    Thanks for the spot on article.
    Feb 21 02:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why CombiMatrix Shares Will Double By The End Of The Month [View article]
    Nice call "bro". I caught this on Finviz this morning, saw your article and bought it at 4.10. I must say your confidence in the upside potential of this stock sold me. I'm up almost $3k from this morning! Not a bad way to spend a day with a paint brush in hand and a lap top on the ready. Great call. I hate trading biotech, but not today.

    I'm a fan. Fabulous call!
    Feb 21 01:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Early Thursday: Make Money On Zalicus, Why Not? [View article]
    You know fellas it really comes down to this...

    Trade at your own risk. The fact is that you guys are reading message boards and the S / A forum for information regarding a certain holding.

    That said this guy is doing a little bit of back peddling. Look my man, no need to CYA if you believe in ZLCS. You have to have some stones and stick to your conviction. To hell with what the others think. And who are the others? For the most part people who try to invest without conviction while hanging on the coat tails of others. Much easier to push the blame.

    My simple conviction? I bought ZLCS at 1.00 exactly, sold 75% of my holdings at 1.38 and I'm letting the rest ride as long as the big boys keep pumping money into ZLCS. My feeling at present? Like any stock, buys should be made at smart buy intervals in tandem with an oversold condition in the DJIA SPX, R2000 etc.

    As for ZLCS? Non addictive pain meds are big. Again, as long as the big boys are around? Someone is sniffing out $$$ in ZLCS. I'll risk it and hang on those coat tails any day.

    PS. You can save the cheap "sniffing comments" for the message boards. Much like investing in ZLCS, I'm way ahead of you.

    Norm out.
    Aug 30 01:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment