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  • The Most Absurd Apple Analysis Ever [View article]
    A 15% return on my money, plus AAPL being the second highest dividend payer after Exxon? Why would anyone be upset about that?
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  • FuelCell +17% premarket as FQ1 earnings keep momentum going [View news story]
    Alternative energy is still risky and volatile. To have positions in this area, you need to believe that the future is with the growth of microgrids using alternative energy to fossil fuels. Not everyone believes in this and not everyone believes how necessary this shift is. So, you have people who are just speculating, jumping in to just make a quick buck without caring about the long term. So, the stocks will go up and they will go down.

    Some people will say that the belief in alternative energy is a hippy-dippy vision. What I see is that major corporations, institutions, and the military are investing in that vision, not out of activism, but they have crunched the numbers and the shift makes business sense.

    I am long in alternative energy and microgrids because this is a 10-15 year ride.
    Mar 12 11:37 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • GT Advanced Technologies: Severely Misunderstood And Undervalued By Wall Street Analysts [View article]
    Based on what I have read about GTAT, including your articles, I am long as well and think that this stock and company has great potential to make a profit for some time. I think the problem is that it is rare for the press who cover the market to be able to understand and discuss technology. Apple is making a huge investment in GTAT's technology, and they wouldn't do that if they didn't have something special. Yet, GTAT has other applications for its technology in the alternative energy market which I am interested and is a part of my strategy of betting on the microgrid market that is poised to grow in the next 10-15 years. Reading about their technology, I can see that there may be other applications yet to be seen.
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  • Tesla: We've Got Some Numbers For February [View article]
    My guess is that when Tesla brings it down they will do it without sacrificing the quality of ride and other qualities that differentiate them from other car makers.
    Tesla did not just make an electric car, but they made a fantastic car gives a great test drive and had great specs. Teslas get the best ratings ever in safety and overall features.

    Their price point may never be the Volt price point, it will still be a luxury car. It won't be for the masses. I suspect will be the Apple of electric cars. Everyone who I know who has test drove a tesla wants one and they say that it is unlike any drive they have experienced. Again, they gush.

    Apple doesn't have to match Android number of sales to make a whole bunch of money. Android products will always be cheaper and there will always be a market for them, just as there will always be people buying volts.
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  • Tesla: We've Got Some Numbers For February [View article]
    Hyperbole much?
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  • Tesla: We've Got Some Numbers For February [View article]
    There are other costs involved in living in a fossil fuel world. You have communities across the country who cannot drink or use their water due to fossil fuels. There are cancer clusters, oil spills, explosions, dirty air from fossil fuels. Then there are the decade long trillion dollar wars for fossil fuel. If you are going to calculate the actual costs of a car, you have to go beyond the mere cost at the gas pump, you must calculate all the costs.
    Mar 10 04:28 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AAPL: Because I Told You So [View instapost]
    Thank you Michael.

    "The company may well find ways to make money for many decades to come"

    Do you know why it will find ways to make money for decades? Apple has the experience and track record for creating game changing products as well as providing a quality user experience within its eco-system. Certainly, their competition can add feature sets upon products Apple has brought to market, but they have yet developed a track record of innovation to the level Apple has achieved.

    Apple products are always rated highly in their class and they enjoy customer loyalty that other companies simply do not have. What constitutes an "exciting" product is very hard to measure and is very subjective.

    I like investing in companies make money by making excellent quality products and have a track record for knowing how to innovate. I like companies that have a great brand and relationship with its customers. The best companies will always encounter "headwinds" so you need to ask yourself whether they have the ability to find their way through or around those headwinds.

    There is something institutionally wrong if stock price isn't rewarding a company that creates products with the level of customer loyalty and product quality that Apple has. If a company that can always find ways to make money for decades including during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression cannot attract investors enough to make a decent return, then something is wrong with the investment community.
    Mar 10 04:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla: We've Got Some Numbers For February [View article]
    Investing in Green tech is risky and you will find yourself swimming in uncertainty. It is 2014 and 2020 is coming up. I may be getting in too early, but I would rather get in too early and risk picking a couple of wrong picks, than try to rush in when the green tech heats up. It is valuable to focus on the quarterly numbers to explain what exactly is happening in the short term and give people the ability to figure out whether the business can sustain itself into the future.

    It may very well not be the time to buy TSLA, but play TSLA until the price adjusts. My sense is Tesla is a long term investment that will be a roller coaster ride because it is uncharted waters. People are going to panic, the long investors will have to weather it. Tesla seems to be like Apple and will probably have a band of Naysayers who will for decades be predicting its demise.

    What stands out to me is that TESLA builds a car that people gush about. A testdrive ruins people for other experiences. When Tesla can bring down the price point for that experience, they will be hard to beat in the the luxury market and may be able to penetrate the next market down.
    Mar 10 03:44 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla: We've Got Some Numbers For February [View article]
    Friends recently went with Solar City and showed me their system with the Tesla emergency storage battery. They are extremely happy with this system, and as the word gets out how cheaply people can go solar, I can only imagine the growth in demand. I have also been noticing the growth projections in micro grids in military, institutional, and commercial applications in the next decade or more. Tesla in not the only player, but they are in there.

    In the short term, Tesla motors is going to be rocky because of price point, but I am a long investor that believes the future will be bright for solar micro grid systems and residential solar applications. I am not directly positioned in TSLA but I am in an ETF with TSLA as well as positioned in related companies with the expectation that in the next decade Tesla will be a part of a renewable infrastructure beyond just vehicles.
    Mar 10 03:24 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla: We've Got Some Numbers For February [View article]
    Personally, I am not dipping into the Tesla play as an auto manufacturer. I am interested in Tesla for its battery technology and its use in Microgrid systems and solar residential applications.
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  • Why Samsung's Market Share Gain Does Not Concern Me As An Apple Shareholder [View article]
    A lamborghini's high cost of ownership including a $15,000 tune up in Italy makes it the perfect representation of a Galaxy phone -- lots of flash, but sends a mechanic's son to college. The iPhone is a BMW built with quality, thoughtful and beautiful styling that can last as a hand-me-down to the next generation. Quality never goes out of style, but flashy pieces of plastic age pretty quickly.
    Jun 24 11:26 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Samsung's Market Share Gain Does Not Concern Me As An Apple Shareholder [View article]
    I know I have said this before, but it needs to be said again I suppose:

    The only thing, I mean the only thing Tim Cook has to do is make sure to release insanely great products people want. He does not have to release products on your time or the market's time, but when the products are ready. Apple has always taken its time ignoring calls for some arbitrary deadline to bring out something new. These voices have short attention spans for short term gain with no interest in quality products or the long term health of a company.

    Tim Cook doesn't have to comment on every rumor nor does he have to explain himself. He really doesn't have to be very charismatic. All he has to do is make sure they make beautiful, elegant, high quality products that people love and work seamlessly with other products they offer. Since Apple customers appreciate quality, we are willing to wait and pay for that quality. That quality saves us time and ultimately money. Quality allows us to hold onto an iphone for longer than any other phone until we are ready to upgrade.

    Everyone whines that Steve Jobs is gone and all is lost, but Steve Jobs hired Tim Cook knowing he was dying. If Steve Jobs is as brilliant as everyone says, I am certain he wouldn't have handed Apple to someone who did not know what he was doing. Remember, Steve Jobs had worked with Tim Cook and knew what he was getting with him. Jobs has been known to be able to get the right people working for him, you do not grow a company as successful as Apple without that skill set.

    If Jobs was still alive, he would be doing exactly what Tim Cook is doing. Jobs was always doing things on his time table, and just did not listen to all the naysayers. Why should he? Why should Cook? Do any of these people know anything about product development? What do they know about Apple? Who else has the track record Apple has? No one.

    This Apple hating is simply irrational.
    Jun 23 07:52 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Shares Are In The Reign Of Uncertainty [View article]
    In my opinion, Apple stock is getting a beating because the market does not understand technology and it does not understand why Apple has been so successful.
    Apple is successful because it has outstanding products and customer experience that drives off-the-charts loyalty. Everything works together seamlessly in the Apple universe. There is an investment in the brand, that no other brand enjoys. Even if there is disappointment at not getting all the bells and whistles, customers believe in the brand. Apple fans have always been criticized for valuing style over substance, but it is actually the android users who value bells and whistles over quality.

    You have people who have loyalty to the Android platform, but that doesn't mean that they will be loyal to Samsung. Android users will only hang on until the next greatest, shiniest thing comes along and will dump Samsung in a heartbeat when it happens.
    We have seen this in the PC market, where there is loyalty to the idea of the PC, but not to HP, Dell, or any other manufacturer. What is hot one year, becomes dated the next. Even on the software platform this is true. People use windows because they are wedded to the PC platform, not because it is a superior product. If we were really honest, much of the PC loyalty has more to do with the upfront cost of macs vs. PC rather than build quality, customer experience, and total cost of ownership.

    In the PC and android worlds you have to constantly add more and more flashy features with increasing narrowing of margins which makes getting the numbers all important. It really does not matter how the customer experience ends up, because it only matters to keep having people buy devices in narrower and narrower buying cycles.

    PC folk like Android folk believe they are getting more features, power, and "freedom" for a lower upfront cost. You would be surprised how people will endure crashes, bugs, viruses, and endless time fiddling with their devices by rationalizing the lower upfront cost.

    Having worked in both PC and Mac platform offices, I will tell you that no matter what title I had at PC platform offices I had to spend a significant time being IT. In Apple offices, I am free to do my work and therefore have higher productivity. Businesses are starting to understand the value of Mac in enterprise especially since there is an eco-system built in with other devices. There is always room for Apple to grow.

    I am not concerned that Apple has slowed down the development cycle. I still have an iPhone 4, iPad2, and a Macbook Air. My son has our old iPod player. When I get the iPhone 6, my son will eventually get the iPhone4. They may not have all the latest bells and whistles, but they work without fail and do what we want them to do, and do all those things flawlessly. There is value in that.

    I would rather Apple take their time, be thoughtful, and come up with insanely great products as they have done in the past. This is preferable to an unsustainable, arbitrary development cycle come up by speculators and investment gurus who have no idea how to create great products.

    None of Apple's competitors have the track record Apple has for creating quality products people love. Everything I see of theirs
    has Apple's DNA in them.

    I am willing to buy more stock as everyone wails about the demise of Apple. Go ahead, talk down the stock as much as you want. *Thank you*. Apple will release new stuff people love in Spring or Fall 2014 and all this doom-saying will be will be forgotten in favor of irrational exuberance which will burn people on the other end (as people forget to buy low, sell high all the time). People get burned because since they do not understand Apple, they can only believe in Apple when it is going through the roof, when the best time to invest in Apple is when everyone counts them out and ignore their track record of brilliance.
    Jun 23 02:15 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Should Tim Cook Ask WWJD (What Would Jobs Do)? [View article]
    What would Jobs Do?

    I am guessin he would would have a long string of insults for all the handwringers and speculators. He would probably tell them he #$#%# knew what he was doing when he hired Cook and set up the company how he liked it before he died. He knew he was dying and wouldn't #$#%# do anything that would harm his legacy far out in the future. He would also tell them that no other company has changed the way we do things with insanely great products. No other company has the track record Apple has. No other company has the customer loyalty Apple has. No other company is positioned in the spaces that Apple is in. He would tell them that Apple has never been Wall Street's monkey, either people believe in the company or they do not. If they cannot wait for excellent products when they are ready, they do not know Apple nor do they understand technology, and they probably shouldn't be investing in technology.

    What would Steve Jobs do? Make insanely great products people love and ignore people who think they know better than a company that has been enormously successful.

    Am I wrong?
    Mar 6 08:13 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Growing Slice Of The Enterprise Market Should Offset Other Concerns [View article]
    Somewhere on this board I have argued the same thing -- Apple is becoming the choice of businesses. When businesses big and small consider the Total Cost of Ownership of Mac's vs. any other platform, you are going to see more and more enterprise MACs. In my experience working in companies and universities with Macs is that we have far more problems with the PCs. Mac users always had problems with the printers, while PC users had to defrag, reboot, download drivers, clean viruses and trojan horses, deal with slowness, reinstall the OS, and etc.

    The resistance you hear are from those who stake their livelihoods on being PC experts. IT departments go with what they know so they pick PCs because they are comfortable with them and are used to the downtime and fixing stuff. They simply do not understand that users need to get stuff done and want their computers to just work. I want a coffee break because I finished my tasks, not because I am waiting for IT to fix my computer or miss a coffee break because I have to fix it.

    My Mac at home and at Work just work. Macs let you focus on your work. I am simply able to get more stuff done with Macs than PCs. So if any business is looking to get computers I would without question tell them to become a mac house if they want higher productivity and less downtime.
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