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  • Z10 returns are in-line with those of other high-end smartphones, BlackBerry (BBRY -7.8%) insists, addressing a report that returns were now exceeding sales at some top retailers. Meanwhile, Pac Crest's James Faucette, who has been bearish on BlackBerry for some time, estimates today the weekly sell-through rates for the Z10 at U.S. carriers are only around 60K units. He forecasts just 2.9M BB10 shipments for the May quarter, with half that total consisting of channel fill.  [View news story]
    I was a huge BBRY supporter...but the news may be true...Now I have been following RIMM since it was $4/share before the dot com boom. I know about the company. I bought 5,000 shares then and sold it at $125. I followed it all the way down BUT didn't buy it until about 4 months ago at $8.30 sold it at $15 bought it back at $14.77 and sold it today.
    The volume and support level of the past 30 days was broken. The 10 day moving average fell well below the 30 day moving average (not a good sign.)
    I really loved this company but things change. Maybe the news was true...maybe not....Let it settle down. But also let's not forget there really is competition out there ...not like when RIMM was the darling of Wall Street. Be careful friends.
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  • BlackBerry (BBRY -2.8%) slumps after S&P's James Moorman cuts his FY13-15 estimates while reiterating a Sell. He's worried about the fact Sprint (not the most enterprise-focused U.S. carrier) isn't supporting the Z10, and about the impact of rival spring/summer phone launches. Yesterday, HTC announced the One, its new flagship Android model, and Samsung will reportedly announce the Galaxy S IV on March 14. BlackBerry's newfound volatility has led its beta to spike to 1.65. (yesterday[View news story]
    These so called 'experts' have a purpose in mind to come out with negative comments. Why not wait until BBRY starts selling in the U.S.
    You ever read the sports pages ? All the experts pick teams to beat the spread and they are wrong about 60% of the time.....at least
    By May BBRY will be $25 or higher. If you want to contact me personally please do so at 'electricmike@comcast....
    I have been following BBRY since 1999. Bought a lot a $4 and sold a lot at $125.00. Then you saw what happened after the burst of the tech bubble. BBRY (RIMM) went to $140 split 2:1 back up to $140 and split 3:1.

    Don't believe these jokers.....
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  • BlackBerry (BBRY +5.7%) has erased the morning losses it saw on news ex-chairman/co-CEO Jim Balsillie is no longer a shareholder, and then some. "Who cares?," National Bank's Kris Thompson (previous) responded when asked about the sale. A lot of investors seem to feel the same way.  [View news story]
    I bought 5,000 shares RIMM 'way back' when the shares sold for $4.00 and thankfully sold at an average price of $125.00. Then the 'techs' got hammered and RIMM went back down to $6.00. It was right after 9/11 than my business closed it's doors due to the after and ripple affects of that tragic event. I made a bad decision to infuse monies to try to save my business. A LOT of those dollars came from the profits of RIMM. We had purchased a home in Florida in December of 2000 and moved there from NY. We were advised to use another broker which we did and when we went to see him RIMM was selling at $6.00. I asked him to buy 2,000 shares and was talked out of it because their earnings were very poor at that time. Of course the stock went up to $65 in a year and then to $140 and split 2:1. It then went back to $140.00 and split 3:1. Dummy me...I didn't own one share of a company that I knew.. Now we 'fast forward' to 3 months ago. I was watching it and when the stock broke the 100 and 200 day moving average at $8.30
    I purchased my beloved RIMM...now BBRY.
    I follow the stock daily and the written analysis by many of 'the experts'. My opinion they are FOS, at least some of them. I also believe that the negatives that are printed are to bring the price down so that whoever it might be can buy it at a lower price. Now I ask you...Who knows how the new BB10, etc. will work out? I think I do and am pretty sure it will be fine. BBRY does NOT have any long term debt, they are in a terrific cash position and will get a market share unlike the prediction of it's many skeptics. In my view whoever owns the stock do NOT sell it. It's too cheap at this level. You may think I'm crazy but I can see $25 within 2-3 months or even sooner and then to the $40-$50 range within 9-12 months.
    The new CEO and his staff are very bright. They marketed the product in Canada and England, etc. prior to the United States. Very smart. They have many many U.S. commercial customers and 10 million subscribers. If you are a believer in the upward march then add or hold your position. If not then do what you must. BBRY will surprise many people and just wait for the 'shorts' to start to cover. I am of the opinion that some very positive news will be forthcoming very soon...it is so evident is is staring you in the face.
    If you would like to e mail me directly please feel free to do so at 'electricmike@comcast.... welcome your comments and input.
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