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I have been a Part Time investor for the past few years. Specializing in Micro-Cap stocks, I saw portfolio gains of over 1,500% in 2012. I look for Mid to Long Term holds that have enourmous potential to help any Investor who does not mind a little risk. Lately, I have focused on BioTech... More
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  • Why KLDO, A KIOSK Software Company, Could Be The Next Big Success Story On The OTC

    The time to buy KLDO is NOW. As you know, last year I took a starter position in KLDO after finding it on one of my very successful scan techniques. Mostly, it caught my eye because it was trading near its 52 week low, coming down from $0.13 to $0.0012, all on significantly low volume. KLDO had and still has a fantastic share structure. KLDO's Authorized Share count is 400,000,000, and KLDO's current Outstanding Share count is 137,894,523, with the Float being 114,175,523. What I found when I started to look into the company, was a hidden GEM. What I now believe I know, motivates me to share the below DD with you. Here's why KLDO is the largest position in my current portfolio.

    Back in September, KLDO was on the verge of some very large deals and the long awaited release of the PALs network and Kiosks around the US. Ron Tate, CEO of the company, took the time to speak to us about their current plans, which I feel is imperative for you to listen to, so I posted it below. What I want you to pay attention to, and feel free to write it down, is what they claimed was about to happen with where their business was going, which prompted the stock to go up over 400% in anticipation of the company updating us on some progress. Well they later incurred a programming glitch, which I will discuss below, that caused a delay in the business, and a low volume drop to where the stock currently is today. However, they are closer NOW then ever. Please watch the below video, and read the below DD on why KLDO may become they next 10,000% gainer from this stock. Do your own DD, and I believe, you will come to the same conclusion.


    After listening to this Video and the Interview, there were several things they pointed to, which I'm going to now prove is happening and has happened. I will give evidence for why the business was delayed until 2013, and I will also explain why I think they are closer now more than ever to breaking their silence. I will now walk you through each major point in the interview, and where KLDO currently stands in regards to each statement.

    1. First, Ron Tate explained they were gearing up to springboard into Fitness and Athletic clubs with their Kiosks and PALs system. He also explains that they have connection with a developing franchise with connections to Golds Gym called Fitness Evolution and they are ready to beta test the kiosks. So is this true? Yes, yes it is :). Gary Mirsky, head of Sales now for KLDO, a partner, owns Golds Gyms in CA, as well as President of ProClub Management Group in CA, who run SEVERAL GYMS. In one of Gary's Gym's a few people recently checked into Facebook via a KIOSK. Link Here

    As you read on, you will see they are executing even further.

    2. Second, Ron stated that in September he was Meeting with billing companies to tie in their billing systems with the Kiosks. Was this true? Yes, yes it was. In fact, I know they have a partner, and such a good relationship with them, they are attending the IHRSA Trade show, this WEEK. The world's leading manufacturers and service providers for the health club industry continually identify the IHRSA Trade Show as the 'must exhibit' event of the year. Please take the quick time to view the below 3 links, which show the connection. Of Note, I also spoke to Ron, who told me they would have a booth at the show, which led me to the below DD.


    LINK SHOWING PARTNERSHIP You will also notice Gary Mirsky's name again at the bottom of the page.


    3. Third, Ron States no current competition in the west. If you look at IHRSA's presenters, you will see a true lack of competition.

    4. Fourth, Ron stated they planned to be fully functional KIOSK's in clubs in September of 2012? That did not happen, but why? This was the let down that crashed the stock in September of 2012 after it was trading in the $0.004 area. I called Ron back then, and he stated they ran into a large programming hiccup that kept them from rolling it out, but that in January of 2013, they were back on track. Below is a job link from KLDO in LATE SEPTEMBER 2012 where they were seeking a programmer that could help with the issue. I again was able to prove he was not lying and that patience would be required. HERE IS THE JOB LINK

    5. Fifth, Ron states they have landed 4 or 5 local schools around Gyms where they will place Water filtration units with 14" Screens that the PALs system will run on. They will generate Revenue through the advertisement streams with a 60/40 split. I'm not sure if this is being executed or not, but will be looking for signs of life over the course of the next few months.

    6. Sixth, Ron states that the kiosks have motion activated camera's that allow people to visually check in via Facebook, Four Square and other social media sites. As stated previously, I believe Kiosks are already out there using the PALs system. In one of Gary's Gym's a few people recently checked into Four Square/Facebook via a KIOSK. Link Here .

    7. Seventh, Ron mentions that they built a relationship with a time share in Cabo San Lucas that will work as a fulfillment center for the Kiosks as well as give incentives to Gym's that sign up for certain parts of their PALs system. Here is the video they developed a while ago: RESORT VIDEO PARTNER

    8. Eighth, Ron mentions that they are having meetings with a MAJOR CASINO to get kiosks placed in them, as well as Hotels, Restaurants, Dental Offices, Doctor Offices, and several others, including Java Juices. If you notice on the recent check in, it was from a Golds Gym and a Juice bar ;). This link here shows they have either gone into Dental/Doctor trade show/conferences, or they are gearing up to go to them: CLICK HERE

    9. Ninth, Ron specifically states they will start communicating with investors once they start selling and implementing the business. WELL FOLKS, we are there. Now is the time. As you can tell, Ron and KLDO ARE starting to actively roll out the PALS network and Kiosks all over. From the Golds Gyms they appear to be in, to the IHRSA convention in Vegas this week, to the conventions they appear to be going to in the Medical and Dental fields. THE BUSINESS IS HAPPENING. They fixed their hiccup, but they haven't lied yet. They have been working on the BUSINESS, and this company is going to shock investors when they start speaking. THEY specifically told me that they will speak when Sales start, and that everyone will have a VERY GOOD understanding of what's happening with the business and that they will make SEVERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS as stuff unravels. The DD/Research here is looking at you in the eye and telling you what most likely lays ahead. Do you want to wait on them to tell you, or do you want to buy now, and reap the rewards of potential 10,000% gains? I've accumulated shares, and plan to buy more. I'm not going anywhere on this stock. I've been invested for 7 months now, and salivate when I think about what's to come. KIOSKs are the wave of the future, and these guys know what they are doing. The money is going to start to poor in. I compare this company to the potential SIRIUS Satellite Radio had when they first started. A small company with a large idea. Investors that got in early there, RETIRED. This is what I focus my time on when I invest in Penny's. Not Pump and Dumps. Company's that can change investors lives. AAPT last year had over 10,000% in Gains for anyone that held on the ride up. I just didn't have the funds at the time to capitalize on the true potential there. However, I do now, and I want to make sure everyone else see's what I see here.

    You can also go to the KLDO Ihub board, or the KLDO website to see their brochure for the event. LINK HERE

    Disclosure: I am long OTC:KLDO.

    Mar 26 10:47 AM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Why SPO Medical Inc's, Partnership With HoMedics Could Prove To Be A Huge Success In 2013

    The time to buy SPO Medical Inc is now. On 2/19/2013, OTCPK:SPOM, a leading developer of biosensor and microprocessor technologies for use in portable monitoring devices, announced that it has partnered with HoMedics LLC, since the early summer of 2012, for the distribution of a private-labeled, over-the-counter (OTC) pulse oximeter for non-medical consumer wellness applications. HoMedics is a privately held, family-owned business that manufactures and markets some of the world's best known, most innovative brands in an array of consumer health and wellness and electronics lifestyle categories. Their brands portfolio includes The Sharper Image, House of Marley, myCharge, Powerbag, HMDX Audio, Black & Decker, and HoMedics among others. HoMedics is considered the #1 name in health and wellness.

    SPO Medicals new product, through their HoMedics partnership is known as the HoMedics Deluxe Pulse Oximeter, was launched during the fourth quarter in CVS stores, and is currently being promoted and sold throughout North America. The oximeter is based on patented Optimetrix™ technology, which uses proprietary optical techniques to measure certain vital sign measurements for a variety of consumer wellness applications. SPOM.ob and HoMedics have stated that they see substantial upside potential to expand in the drug channel and beyond during 2013, and furthermore HoMedics will look to increase distribution worldwide via its extensive network in over 60 countries. Michael Braunold, Chief Executive Officer of SPO Medical Inc., commented in the Press Release (found here:, from the company titled "SPO Partners with HoMedics LLC": "Our decision to distribute under the HoMedics private-label has afforded us access to mass-market retailers worldwide and we plan on expanding our product portfolio to further leverage on our joint-success to date".

    About SPOM and the technology behind them

    SPO Medical Systems, SPOM.OB, develops and manufactures vital sign monitoring devices. Unique, patented Reflectance Pulse Oximetry (RPO) is cutting edge technology supplying rapid and reliable mobile response. RPO monitors, non-invasively, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate while attached to a single side of the body. Small low-powered battery sensors incorporate wireless functionality, accurate even during physical activity. SPOM has several innovative aspects to add to this field. Their RPO Sensors capture pulse rates and pulse rhythms precisely without requiring tight skin contact, which prevents common occlusions and discomfort, and can be worn comfortably around the clock. It has wireless monitoring functionality, is small and lightweight, which allows it to be embedded in devices as tiny as wristwatches, which helps keep the technology from being limited by physical activity.

    Future Technologies - Involving some of their 12 current Patents

    SPOM is currently focused on exploiting the multi-billion dollar sports and wellness markets by developing cutting edge products based on their proprietary technology. Their current wellness products include an innovative wellness bracelet expected to be commercially available in 2013, a baby monitoring unit, a sports watch and an oximetry product for sports and recreational use all expected to be commercially available in during or before 2014. Below is a look into what each product offers in their markets that makes them so unique.

    The SPO sports watch has been designed to measure continuous hear-rate wirelessly, without the need to wear a conventional chest strap. This is a major and unique practical advantage over current products that exist in the general leisure and wellness market. The watch will be able to read the heart rate without the user ceasing their physical activity, something no currently available, which is possible only through the use of SPO's patented reflectance technology. In addition to the sports watch, SPOM is in the final stages of developing an innovative wellness bracelet that measures the number of activities and calories burned by an individual on a given day. The bracelet, designed for both children and adults, features a display function to continuously measure the number of daily activities against preset recommended goals. SPOM has designed and patented the functionality of the bracelet to be an affordable, simple-to-use, fashion accessory to encourage users to increase their mobility and overall wellness and to wear it with pride. SPOM is also developing an innovative home-baby monitoring device for continuous measurement of wellness information to the parent or caregiver, while the baby is sleeping. This parental reassurance tool gives the company a technological competitive edge in providing an innovative, high performance solution for a market application that is applicable to most family homes.

    I envision the release of the above technologies to significantly increase the value of SPOM.ob and its share price. Since SPOM is involved in a growing partnership with HoMedics, they will now have the ability to roll out their products in as many of the 60 countries in their distribution network where they feel their product will thrive.

    SPO Medical Inc - Fundamentals and Potential

    Currently SPO Medical Inc trades on the OTC.QB under ticker symbol "SPOM". It's share price at the market close on 2/19/2013 was $0.017. SPOM currently has a 52 week high of $0.18. SPOM's most recent 10-Q showed it has a current AS of 100,000,000 shares and an OS of 50,673,348, which gives SPOM a current market cap of $861,127. SPOM recorded zero Revenue for the first 2 quarters of 2012. However, during Q3, SPOM recorded $278,000 in Revenue. During Q3, SPOM's product was distributed through over 94 online websites but was not found in retailers. However, in Q4, the company, SPOM, through a partnership with HoMedics, began selling in CVS across North America. In December of 2012, SPOM announced they had an order backlog for shipments to be shipped throughout 2013. I am fully expecting SPOM's Q4 revenues to surpass the Sales they had in Q3. Beyond that, I am expecting revenue growth for each Quarter throughout their next fiscal year.

    Using SPOM's most recent Quarterly sales and its current OS, I believe the company could easily be valued around $0.05. Masimo Corporation, listed as MASI on the Nasdaq, currently trades at a $1.15 Billion market cap, and has a P/E of 19.18. Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE:MDT), CONMED Corporation (NASDAQ:CNMD), and ResMed Inc. (NYSE:RMD) all trade with similar P/E's and have Billion dollar market caps. This is why when I look at SPOM's past sales potential where they peaked over $2 million, their 8 patents, the new partnership with HoMedics, and the expansion of their product pipeline and distribution network to over 60 million countries, I expect SPOM to end 2013 with a valuation much closer to $0.25 per share. I plan on holding SPOM throughout 2013 and beyond.

    Disclosure: I am long OTCPK:SPOM. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

    Feb 21 6:04 PM | Link | 6 Comments
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