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  • Quarterly Revenues Up, But EPS Slips [View article]
    They have big competitors, Microsoft, IBM, oracle mostly, and those 3 names are enough for a list of competitors. and P/E ratio of 184? are they serious? i see them as netscape before internet explorer, sure they are making a lot of money, like netscape back then, but for how long? they settled with microsoft but that doesn't mean microsoft is out of business, just take a look at people who are working on Azure inside of microsoft, you will see BIG names, and when MS focus on something its a bad sign for competitors, with ballmer's bold words such as we are betting our company on cloud, or for cloud we are all in, or that in the end of 2011 90% of microsoft employees are working on cloud related products future of this salesforce guys is a little shaky, being first to the market is not enough usually
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  • Fund Managers Buying Apple Creates Value Opportunity for Microsoft [View article]
    What no one seems to realize is that ballmer and other big shareholders want the price of stock to be low right now, i mean they are happy about it, the company is buying the stocks back with a low price! it means higher dividends for them, and anyone who thinks KIN was a lost for microsoft business is wrong, they don't even count these customer products such as KIN and zune in their business, these aren't anything more than hobbies, they make 65 percent of revenue from businesses.
    and what no one counts in microsoft's value is its brilliant collection of engineers, their R&D is ten times of apple, apple is just a charismatic man with polished products, but what about after jobs? the ones who are buying apple stocks are taking a HUGE risk, what will happen to those stock's price after jobs? and he doesn't discuss his health with anyone, like 2004 when he was dying and no one knew, thats why they don't invest their 40billion dollars, they want to have money for after jobs, in the other hand : microsoft, take ballmer out put me there, nothing will change, even maybe stocks goes up, because i don't know why people don't like ballmer, i personally learn a lot from his quotes, they aren't that well polished but they are worthy, the other day tv was showing ballmer's face and my mother who doesn't know who ballmer is was saying who is this monkey man, i don't know why but they think like this, maybe its his face. his time of CEO was the time that we expected linux to take down windows, and where is linux now? yeah i use suse to download torrents but who else? he is a great CEO, running microsoft is like running a huge government, its not easy at all, and they are now just investing, have you seen microsoft research papers? those are something who just could come from a multi decade survived big company like microsoft. human is dumb, thats the fact, and human in the history shows his interest in charismatic prophets, but after all i am hopeful about this specie, which if i continue to read american blogs and newspapers i will lost this hope(you should seriously do something about your media's brainwashing people, whats iPad that they have made this giant out of it?) and sometimes i see some reasonable articles like this one between them and i smile again
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