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  • ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury ETF: Market Insurance From an Inferior Fund? [View article]
    Erik, your right about the gradual decay in leveraged TBT, but the play here is on the long term outlook of the bond market. The decay factor is likely to be significantly overshadowed by the macro economic factors which are likely to continue to shift long term treasury yields up. I vote for just watching the long term indicators and not worrying about buying puts or calls on the fund itself. My 11 Oct 2010 purchase of TBT is up 23% and I'm phasing in more each month as long as the macros look good. Just keeping it simple. The gradual increase of bond rates could continue over the next 2 to 4 years. Just have to keep an eye on the macro.
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  • Preparing for Crashing Markets [View article]
    Some people. Don't be one of them.
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  • Preparing for Crashing Markets [View article]
    Good article, and agree with most points. For me, its "keep it simple...", dispense with fear and greed and just invest in quality stocks or sectors via ETFs. Determine what percent of available cash to commit, or percent of shares to sell based on an objective marker, like the S&P 100 day moving average. Use a modified dollar cost average approach for phased purchases as the moving average is below the line, and selling off above the line. Experience helps when selecting which stock or market sector to invest in, and determining the amount/percent of the "phased" purchase or sale. Before making a purchase, analyze and digest all the news as best you can, then sit back and have a cup of coffee to make sure you "gut" agrees. That system has worked well for me the past 30 years - with a 2008 exception as I lost focus and got greedy buying housing construction ETFs too quickly as the market was going down, and running out of funds to buy more after we went over the cliff.
    I avoided the fear and panic near the bottom being confident that the market value "sponge" would reinflate as we press on thru the cycle. We're over the S&P 100 day moving average now, but there are still good values in some areas like shorting 20 year treasuries, shorting gold and carefully getting back into housing construction anticipating the long term pick up there.
    My sponge has finally reinflated to the pre-squeeze 2008 point, and I'm looking foward to three of four years of slow growth from which to profit, keeping an eye on the 100 day average and sector opportunities.
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