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  • CSX Is Dirt Cheap [View article]
    helna2015 - Your statement on tractor trailers - old hat/dependent on diesel. This part of the transport industry is still necessary and will continue to be. The difficulty of this part of the transport Industry will be finding qualified, experienced, eligible operators.
    Diesel: Changes are in the making here. Clean Energy is investing in the natural gas (LNG/CNG) infrastructure for heavy trucks.
    Highway congestion : By taking long haul trucking out through intermodal transport should be a move in the right direction here.
    Baltimore/DC : This will happen, and I believe, without excessive cost.
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  • CSX Is Dirt Cheap [View article]
    If you are still anticipating the future of rail service to be governed by the transport of coal, you are 30 years or more too late. Coal has been in decline that long. It just wasn't recognized as the decline has been gradual. The future is in intermodal transport. More trucking transports are getting on board as I see new units every day. Now refrigerated units are more prevalent than before.
    The Baltimore /DC tunnels may be a problem, but not insurmountable. The Northeast has been upgraded to allow double stack transport and that cost did not affect earnings, but the cost will have a positive effect on future earnings. CXS is also building railheads at shipping docks, preparing for the increase in East Coast maritime shipping when the new lane of the Canal is finished.
    The positive here is that the management has an eye on the future and it's outlook is positive.
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  • Barclays cuts CSX to Hold on coal outlook, limited 2015 growth [View news story]
    There may be a surprise in the next quarter for those that still use coal shipments as a basis for their evaluations. Although the weather has been used in a CSX release. I feel that, with all things considered CSX is going to look better than what has been projected by the naysayers.
    Apr 4 09:20 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Forget T-Mobile U.S.: Telecom Is Still For Spenders [View article]
    I find your Spend to Dominate chart somewhat interesting, especially in regards to FTR's position on the chart. The cost of dominance factor, CAPEX, would show more as a percentage to earnings variable than a flat CAPEX.
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  • Inside Car Charging Group With CEO Michael Farkas (Part 1) [View article]
    At least CCGI lists government grant money separate from earnings. I still feel investors, that followed ECTY with enthusiasm, are skeptical of investing in the only company with the objective of developing the EV infrastructure.
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  • Regulators call for tougher standards for shipping crude oil by rail [View news story]
    The situation in Quebec was due to improper training by the local fire department, which failed to ensure that the train was secured after a fire in one of the engines Anyone familiar with diesel systems would know that the brakes should be set if you shut the engines down. This horrific accident had nothing to do with the rail company, the tanker's design, or the operator.
    One situation in the US I do not understand was the soy bean freight car derailment which the oncoming crude oil freight was not aware of. I thought they had communications between train operators so these types of accidents did not happen.
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  • Inside Car Charging Group With CEO Michael Farkas (Part 1) [View article]
    This stocks price reflects the investors caution after getting burned by ECTY.
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  • Sprint And T-Mobile: Schrödinger's Merger, Part 2 [View article]
    I see Verizon and AT&T as still far ahead in their positions on the scale. Sprint can catch up in a more lucrative manner if they buy up the smaller existing carriers. It will take time, but slow and steady is sometimes more beneficial than jumping in the lake after the next big fish (TMUS) and going into massive debt, but that decision is to SON.
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  • CSX Corporation Is Heading In The Right Direction [View article]
    I do not agree with mandated minimum raises. The Unions used to contract annual raises for workers. Congress loved it, because it assured what was referred to as tax creep. The Government was assured and annual increase in Tax income. Now that middle class is nearly stripped out of the Tax base. Where do you go? Minimum wage!
    I would prefer increases based on merit, but this poses problems in the work place because the less productive workers feel slighted if they fail to get a share. Enter the "Team Leader". Some companies accomplish this by awarding the worker a title and a wage adjustment along with that title.
    The dynamics of your work force is as complicated and as varied as the reasons for and against "Minimum Wage".
    These arguments won't sway me. Minimum Wage at $8.00, not $15.00. The problem will still exist. The small employer, who is the mainstay of employment today, can now ill afford an increase in wages. Yes, his earnings may be recovering, but give him a chance to recover from the economic "dump" that the banks and major industries were given "bail-out" funds for.
    Politicians are not economists, most can't even balance an expense account or checkbook. Do not rely on them to understand economic dynamics.
    Dec 14 10:48 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • CSX Corporation Is Heading In The Right Direction [View article]
    I am not against a modest minimum wage increase. Let's face it, asking for $13.00 an hour to set up a machine to flip burgers or to physically stock shelves is a bit unreasonable. Of course our politicians will look at this as an incentive which will provide more income to the coffers. Wage increases are generally an illusion. Wage increase = Increased retail costs = Increased production costs = Inflation. Increases at the bottom result in increases upstream. The raise evaporates as soon as it is applied.
    Nov 29 12:38 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • CSX Corporation Is Heading In The Right Direction [View article]
    I believe the Blackstone is wearing rose colored glasses in regards to it's projections. There will be some off-setting costs in the future and this ten year projection doesn't appear to take these into consideration.
    The project in association with GE, if successful, will incur some costs. Outfitting the remaining fleet of engines has an unknown value, at this time.
    There is the possibility the FED will increase interest rates if they sense that the economy is recovering, as happened earlier this year. The "recovery" is still in a fragile state. The middle class, which used to pay the majority of taxes, has not been reconstructed and most likely will not be in the near future.
    CXS has plans to improve on many of it's yards, shipping docks and lines. These costs have been projected at present cost basis, but might experience an increase. I sense an unrest in the work environment. The possibility of a minimum wage increase is looming, which is counterproductive to economic recovery. What the ground swell is proposing as necessary, is very unreasonable.
    Hopefully our politicians have enough sense to weigh this issue and vote a minimum wage increase down, until the recovery has a better position.
    Nov 29 10:25 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • CSX: Why This Is An Excellent Buy And Hold (But There Might Be More Attractive Options) [View article]
    Bram, your analysis based on DCM was insightful, but I do not feel you addressed much for options.
    I live just off the rail line where the terminal in Chatham sends freight into Massachusetts and get a physical perspective of the amount and types of products sent into the State. This AM, (Thanksgiving Day) I witnessed a line of cars going through. With some exception, they were mostly intermodal and the majority of those cars were double stacked. Goods for retailers for the Holiday season, I suppose. A good number of those units were CSX, but other shippers also use rails for transport. Like Schneider, J. B. Hunt, UPS, and USB.
    When retail manufacturers choose a transport company, they do not take into consideration the means of actual transport. Their concerns are the cost of transport and that the product arrives at it's destination on time. The fact that other transporters are using CSX and other rail companies, weighs in that the costs of using this means as an alternative to trucking the freight via roadways is financially beneficial. The fact that the government has recently mandated new restrictions on the amount of time a driver can log behind the wheel, also favors the railroads.
    The latest forecast suggests this Winter will be colder than the past several, ( due to a lack of sunspots ) and if this has any bearing on the energy companies, there may possibly be an increase in coal shipments.
    I am also watching, with interest, how the experiment with GE's Evolution engine and the natural gas as fuel plays out. I am long CSX
    Nov 28 11:32 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • CSX lower after downgrades [View news story]
    The analysts do not go out and make physical observations. They just sit at their decks and crunch numbers and short stocks. I, on the other hand, have watched the company put money into improving it's system, improving it's ability to double stack, and cleaning up the borders of it's surrounding track lines to make it more appealing to the community it travels and to passengers. From the results, it appears to be paying off.
    Oct 18 09:39 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Finding value on the 52-week high list [View news story]
    If you read the recent presentation, 80% of CSX transport is now intermodal, and that is going to be it's future. More trucking firms are using this option to cut costs, reducing their fuel and labor costs, plus the possible loses from insurance claims. The increase in double stack available track means less cars hauled with more load. New cars will most likely be built designed to take advantage of this height capability.
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  • Secular Shifts Overshadow Frontier Communications' Large Yield [View article]
    Charles, Verizon has spun off (sold -off) other segments of it's operations while offering support to the continuing entity, only to totally abandon that segment once the ink is dry. These other companies have failed in short order. Frontier has continued in the face of decaying operations base and continued it's operations by offering technical solutions for special communication needs and is expanding it's broadband offering to existing customers.
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