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  • Cellceutix (CTIX) Kevetrin Clinical Trials Nearing as Leap Forward in Cancer Research

    Cellceutix's Drug Discovery Is a Major Leap Forward in the Fight Against Cancer

    Drug Delivery Devices Received From Hospital and Stability Studies Underway

    Cellceutix Corporation (OTCQB: CTIX) (the "Company"), a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing small molecule drugs to treat unmet medical conditions, is pleased to report that the drug delivery devices for their planned clinical trials on Kevetrin™, the Company's revolutionary compound for the treatment of cancer, are undergoing stability studies. The research centers conducting the human trials delivered their devices to Cellceutix which were then sent to a FDA-approved facility for testing. Cellceutix expects the testing to be complete this week.

    Cellceutix Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Krishna Menon said, "Each research center has its own drug delivery device that must be tested with a new drug to ensure stability, according to FDA protocol." Dr. Menon continued, "It has been an extremely gratifying process working with Kevetrin™ and we are close to beginning the process of validating our contentions about the potency of our drug. The drug in studies to date has proven to be a major leap forward in the fight against cancer. We have reviewed our research on Kevetrin™ with the hospital, major pharmaceutical companies and some of the brightest minds in oncology today with very encouraging responses. As professionals, we are expected to remain subdued, but, honestly, it is a bit difficult as Kevetrin™ is showing characteristics that could make it one of the most innovative drugs in cancer research."

    "What Cellceutix is doing with Kevetrin™ can lead to a groundbreaking moment in the world of oncology," commented Cellceutix Scientific Advisor Dr. Emil Frei III, M.D. "In my career, including my tenure as Chief of Medicine at National Cancer Institute, I have seen countless companies throughout the world striving to bridge the gap between damaged or mutated p53 and carcinomas with little to no success. p53 can hold a vital key to the next generation of chemotherapy. Cellceutix's discovery of Kevetrin™, which has been shown to reactivate p53 in a non-genotoxic manner, is a very promising advance in the fight against cancer."

    About Emil Frei III, MD


    About Cellceutix

    Cellceutix Corporation is a preclinical cancer, anti-inflammatory and autism drug developer. Cellceutix owns the rights to eight drug compounds, including Kevetrin, which it is developing as a treatment for certain cancers, KM-133, for the treatment of psoriasis, and KM-391, for the treatment of autism. More information is available on the Cellceutix web site at

    This Press Release contains forward-looking statements that are based on our current expectations, beliefs and assumptions about the industry and markets in which Cellceutix Corporation operates. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that may cause Cellceutix's actual results to be materially different from any future results expressed or implied by these statements. Actual results may differ materially from what is expressed in these statements, and no assurance can be given that Cellceutix can successfully implement its core business strategy and improve future earnings.

    The factors that may cause Cellceutix's actual results to differ from its forward-looking statements include: Cellceutix's current critical need for additional cash to sustain existing operations and meet ongoing existing obligations and capital requirements; Cellceutix's ability to implement its new product development and commercialization, enter into clinical trials, expand the intellectual property portfolio, and receive regulatory approvals in a timely and cost-effective manner. All forward-looking statements are also expressly qualified in their entirety by the cautionary statements included in Cellceutix's SEC filings, including its quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and its annual report on Form 10-K.

    Kevetrin, KM-133, and KM-391 have not been studied in humans at this time. The Company's positive results in animal studies do not necessarily guarantee success in humans, though they may form the basis for beginning Phase 1 trials.

    Disclosure:  Long CTIX, full disclaimer/disclosure available at

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  • The Cost of Diagnostics Versus the Cost of a Young Athlete‚Äôs Life
    The title may have grabbed a reader’s attention and that was its purpose. All too often press releases that come from developmental companies are simply overlooked in the investment community as it doesn’t have a direct impact on today’s share price for the given company. Being an investor does not disassociate a person and their lives as a parent, relative, friend or even just an acquaintance to others; in short, a person. With that comes a freedom, and perhaps even an obligation, to speak out and share information with others that stem from the investment community and are important on a more global level that may have been casually overlooked in the news section of a financial publication by most. 
    A recent press release by Vicor Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:VCRT) is the exactly this sort of literature that carries with it a plethora of thought-provoking sentences for all to ponder and absorb. Based on the accomplishments of Steve Watts, Director of Sports Medicine at Vicor, he could certainly be labeled an “industry expert” as his list of accolades and positions is long and distinguished, including Visiting Professor in Sports Medicine in the Division of Surgical & Interventional Science at University College London, a tenured Associate Professor in the UMMC Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation and the Department of Family Medicine, and a man who has made more than 95 presentations on a variety of sports medicine and athlete care topics. Mr. Watts spoke today via the Vicor release on the debate over cardiac screening for young athletes and how it pertains to identifying the potential of a cardiac incident in young athletes.
    What was particularly compelling was Mr. Watts’ comment,
    “The continuing debate about whether to provide cardiac screening using ECG and echocardiograms to young athletes is primarily based on a simple cost/benefit equation. The naysayers contend that the cost does not justify the end. In other words it is too expensive to save such a relatively small population of young athletes from sudden cardiac death. They reference the relatively small size of the population to receive testing, the rarity of sudden cardiac death in that population, and that there is a higher incidence of sudden cardiac death in the general population that does not receive such testing. In addition, the number of pediatric cardiologists nationwide is not sufficient to adequately address the task. Chief among their concerns is the high cost related to 12-lead ECG testing, and the higher cost of follow-on testing associated with the large number of false-positives it produces.”
    Mr. Watts was quick to note that there is conflicting data about the benefit of screening with current methods used (12-lead ECG testing and echocardiogram) and that these diagnostics, while effective to an extent aren’t able to identify all of the causes of sudden cardiac death, but referenced research that proves it is still more proficient in saving young lives than making no effort at all. Some research shows that it is extremely proficient.
    Vicor’s PD2i Analyzer, a new technology which has been referred to as “the new vital sign” on some occasions, has demonstrated accuracy in risk stratifying diabetics for the presence of diabetic autonomic neuropathy (NYSE:DAN), cardiovascular disease patients for death resulting from arrhythmia or congestive heart failure, and trauma victims for imminent death absent immediate lifesaving intervention. In a study performed by the University of Rochester, researchers found that the PD2i Analyzer™ is predictive of total mortality, cardiac death, and heart failure in patients with left ventricular ejection fraction of less than or equal to 35 percent. With a hazard ratio of 2.34 and a P value of 0.023 for congestive heart failure mortality, a hazard ratio of 1.89 and a P value of 0.13 for cardiac mortality, and a hazard ratio of 1.95 and a P value of 0.004 for total mortality, the study results are highly statistically significant and demonstrate the ability of the PD2i Analyzer™ to identify those patients at an elevated risk of total mortality, cardiac mortality, and congestive heart failure death.
    Rather than standing there beating his chest about the aspects of the Company’s revolutionary technology that can save lives, the press release was written in a very low-key way and more in the manner of educating the public and investment community as to that state of the industry. It provided information on a subject that is, unfortunately, not in the limelight as it only seems to carry any significance in the eyes of reporters when a star athlete drops over dead. The important thing to note is that not only could that athlete’s life have possibly been spared, but each one of the kids, young adults and college athletes who have suffered the same fatal end. 
    While, admittedly, not the most common of investment-oriented articles, some things need to be reiterated as to an overall importance on our quality of life. It is really not much different than a biotech seeking a new cancer therapy or a car manufacturer publicizing new safety devices; saving lives is saving lives. The argument over whether it “makes wise financial sense” is certainly worth a much closer look and evaluation before anyone makes an argument that it isn’t.
    The complete press release can be read on Yahoo Finance at More information on Vicor Technologies and its PD2i® algorithm-based products can be found on the Company’s website at   
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  • IC Places (ICPA.PK) Incorporates Cutting-Edge Video Ads
    If you ever looked at at its inception a few years ago, you will notice some dramatic changes as the site is now completely stuffed with information, videos and shows to entertain and educate its visitors. The World Wide Web has changed dramatically over the last six years and IC Places has changed with it. Whereas audio was the only real media advertising option at that time, video has become a dominate force, and even that has changed by becoming more crisp, clear and rapidly loading. What began as a single-city website (focused on Las Vegas), has blossomed into an information behemoth with billions of visitors, 350 city news and entertainments websites and a virtual keyhole view of life into hundreds of communities that peers through a door which can be opened wide to explore every aspect of the given city’s social, business and cultural life.
    This week, the Company released news announcing the execution of business strategies to continually monetize the unique website via a signed agreement with Temor Media, an industry-leading online video advertising network. Per the agreement, Temor Media will deliver 6 million monthly interactive in-stream ads over the IC Places network of websites.
    The next generation of video ads not only provide the viewer with a plethora of choices to expand upon a brief video clip that is presented, but is critical to the IC Places web traffic control as the entire platform is contained within the IC Places website. As explained in the recent press release,
    “…utilizing Tremor Media's vChoice ad format, an auto maker could present a short teaser video of a featured model before an IC Places show, followed by several video choices such as 1) explore the entertainment system and view a demo of the DVD player; 2) watch a Consumer Reports video comparing this model to others in the same class; 3) watch a video on safe driving tips; and 4) search the inventory and pricing of local dealers in the user's area.”

    IC Places is much more than a “Yellow Pages” sort of directory that provides basic information about select categories within a city. It is an interactive fountain of information that provides viewers detailed accounts of not only what they came there to find, a movie show time at a particular theatre for example, but provokes ideas of other possibilities due to it immense amount of content. While some may consider advertising taboo, it seems to be a natural fit with the overall ambiance of IC Places that is a unique blend of a life-long community member, a concierge, phone book, Google, Siskel & Ebert and Chris Berman as the ads serve to not only generate revenue for the Company, but also better educate or entertain its visitors.
    The video ads, powered by Tremor Media's Acudeo® technology are slated to begin running with IC Places hit shows, including The Instant Movie Review, Instant DVD Review, Cooking for Bachelors, 1st Look and IC Sports. IC Places will be able to maximize ROI through advertisers that can now go beyond traditional pre-roll by presenting the viewer with options to view additional video content such as multiple TV ads, product reviews, tutorials, or long-form branded content within the video player as part of the pre-roll experience. The new platform covers all the bases as IC Places will remain in complete control of the advertising library.
    With less than ten million shares in the float and only approximately 15 million outstanding shares, this fully-reporting pinksheet company may soon be generating more noise in the investment community as a result of a market cap that is under $700,000 and this new agreement which should increase revenue considerably in the near future.
    Investors and non-investors alike can learn more about the Company and this unique website that is growing daily by visiting
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