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    An e cig is NOT a cancer stick, and that gentlemen had to have had one of the lesser quality e cigs. I've been using the Greensmoke e cig for 9 months now and have not even missed the real thing and I smoked a pack and a half a day for 31 years(marlborro). I love my e cig, thanks to this device, I can breathe again, my energy level is through the roof, I don't cough anymore, I don't catch flus and colds bad anymore, the list of health benefits just go on and on. To explain this gentlemans behavior toward his e cig, it would be like giving me a menthol cigarette when I don't like menthol,I would not feel satisfied untill I got the cigarette I smoked, so to sum it up, he just had one that was not to his liking.My first e cig was awefull and I hated it, but I did my research which led me to Greensmoke and they were BETTER than the real thing.Just like with a real cigarette. you rarely continue using the same cigarette you started smoking with, it's a proccess to find the cigarette that you like best. With the e cig as well, you have to shop around and find your particular favorite through trial and error.Hope this helped you understand e cig use a bit better.
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