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  • Keryx Biopharmaceuticals: Grim Realities Of The Dialysis Market Will Result In Commercial Failure [View article]
    Short interest finally went down by 13% on 01/31 but there are still 13 pmillion shares short that need to be closed out unless they have some type of derivative coverage to protect theiir exposure.Personally I hope they dont so they can get what they deserve for having tried to manipulate kerx using pawns like fstein and brezeano
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  • Keryx Biopharmaceuticals: Grim Realities Of The Dialysis Market Will Result In Commercial Failure [View article]
    Excellent presentation marketsite11......he cherry picked because he knew in advance what conclusion he wanted to opine.
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  • Keryx Biopharmaceuticals: Grim Realities Of The Dialysis Market Will Result In Commercial Failure [View article]
    You haven't shown and you have no idea whether insurance companies will or will not pay part of the prescription cost of zerenex. When it becomes an approved phosphate binder insurance benefit administrators will pay the normal rate of each plan for a non generic presciption. I guess you don't realize that Velphoro is a chewable and since most dialysis patients are elderly they generally made be non compliant or unable to chew or swallow a large quantity of pills after each mean. As to Davita, they have only been mentioned as a possible suitor but you should know if you were knowledgeable that Amgen derives a significant profit from Epogen which would hardly be described asan incremental savings if zerenex can be used to increase serum hemoglobin and also reduce phosphorous.
    By the way why would you suggest that the value of Keryx stock would likely go down after FDA approval and a less than successful product launch. The short hedge funds have been all over Keryx for the last year already and have lost their shirts so far so why wouldn't they just keep on shorting through FDAapproval and a failed launch so they could rack up some bigger losses.
    Opinion writers who get paid by the word or who have an axe to grind on behalf of unnamed hedge funds usually have their own agenda.
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  • Keryx Biopharmaceuticals: Grim Realities Of The Dialysis Market Will Result In Commercial Failure [View article]
    Let's all count the days the way what is your connection to the other
    opinion write Feuerstein who coincidentally used the same terminology as you did in his most recent "hit" piece which was also short on real facts, and over the top on assumptions.Did you just wake up in the middle of the night to write this opinion article or did you receive a call from someone else to crank out your hypothesis.
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  • Keryx Biopharmaceuticals: Grim Realities Of The Dialysis Market Will Result In Commercial Failure [View article]
    As a current dialysis patient for the past two years, while waiting for a kidney transplan, let me share some real world accurate information with you. Dialysis providers such as Davita,Fresinius et al do not prescribe anything to dialysis patients. Private nephrology groups staff
    dialysis centers because tyat is required by state and medicare laws and rules. Therefore only
    doctotrs i.e. nephrologists, gastroenteologists, primar care internal medicine doctors can prescibe which medications patients are given at the dialysis facility. So if my nephrologist
    believes that zerenex is a suitable phosphate binder for me, he writes a presciption and I get it
    filled through my pharmacy insurance benefit provider. Since trials have indicated that zenerex may also raise my hemogloblin and iron stores to levels which would stabilize my anemia, the doctor would then tell Davita NOT to administer IV epogen or any injectable because it would not be necessary. Furthermore, the doctors also prescibe the strength of the dialysate that Davita uses for each patient, as well as how long each patient needed to be dialyized which is usually 3-5 hours three times a week. Patients also may have other conditions which there kidney failure causes such as high potasium, thryroid imbalance, parathyroid hormone imbalance, diabetes, as well as a myriad of other conditions. Only the patient's doctor decides
    what medications are best for patients, not the dialysis center or an insurance provider presuming tht the FDA has approved the drug for its' primary purpose. As you state in your article and opinion piece dialysis providers are pid bundled price by medicare and insurance
    companies for everything they administe to patients. S they must purchase their epogen from Amgen and other injectibles if it is prescibed by the physician. If zerenex can effectively eliminate phosphous and at the same time incrase hemoglobin and good iron stores so that a
    patient is no longer anemic, then dialysis providers will NOT incur the unreimburseable cost
    of epogen,etc. which translates into a major cost savings and beneit for them. Furthermore if zerenex becomes approved for ckd4/5 predialysis patients, that has the potential of saving
    medicare hundreds of million of dollars by delaying the necessity of patients having to go on dialysis sooner than they need to.
    Lastly, practically your entire article is written based on your desired premise or end result which is that Keryx should not have decided to raise capital, that management must be worried, that dialysis providers determine which phosphate binder patients are prescibed, and that "after FDA approval of zerenex(which you believe will occur) the rollout will be unsuccessful and the share price of Keryx will go down". Everything you opine is pure conjecture and your personal opinion not based on science or even the current practices of dialysis providers, and does not take into account any of the many nephrologists and other that specialists who treat patients with kidney failure and other conditions, who are the ones resposnsible for prescribing medications and the overall health and care of patients.
    I suggest you communicate with those professionals who treat CKD 4/5 pre-dialysis patients and patients already on dialysis, and ask their professional opinion about the real benefit that zerenex will offer patients.
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  • Why Doctors, Dialysis Providers And Investors Are Excited About Zerenex [View article]
    I didn't" write the article but it has been reported that on approval in Japan Keryx is to receive 70MM. So the 10MM must be a typo and a rather big one at that. PropThink should make the correction if you sent your comment to them.
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  • Genesis Biopharma: Management's Troubled History Of Failed Companies And Stock Promotion Portends Future Shareholder Pain [View article]
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  • Inovio Overextended At $2? [View article]
    Written just like a marginal short would attempt to diss a company so his short "position" can be unwound
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  • Affymax: Dialysis Provider Pauses Omontys Pilot Expansion, Dead Money For Now [View article]
    The real problem will be if Keryx's Zenerex get approval there may not be as much demand for
    Omontys because EPO and iron may not be needed
    as much for current dialysis patients, and those
    pre-dialysis may never have go on dialysis or perhaps additional years will pass before they need dialysis
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  • A Closer Look At Keryx Biopharmaceuticals' Phase III Result Announcement [View article]
    Why don't you just come out and tell everyone what your "real" ulterior motive is to bash a potential drug which could benefit current dialysis patients, and delay future dialysis patients from having the unpleasant lifetime experience of being on dialysis.If you were a really noble person and didn't just have an axe to grind or have "trivial puts" betting against Zenerex success,you could offer a dialysis patient like me one of your healthy kidneys so that I wouldnt need to take Zenerex for the rest of my life to keep my phosphorous,iron, and other less than desirable remnants of dialysis from killing me. We all get what your are attempting to do
    and your motivation is highly suspect when you fail to acknowledge dzrlenga's thesis and dindin21's attempt to educate you and correct your lack of understanding and or your purposeful distortionof the NDA P3 trial reported benefits of Zenerex.I am sure that the FDA examiners are much more experienced in analyzing trials for new molecular or chemical compounds than you are, and they certainly don't have "skin in the game" as you do.Please alsorefrain from suggesting that over the counter ferric citrate supplements which may contain ammonia could be used bydialysis patients or anyone else unless you and Seeking Alphaare inclined to be sued for "wrongful death" or prescibing without a medical license or medical education. Let's just let the FDA do their job without hypothesis or misinformation from the "peanut gallery".
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  • A Closer Look At Keryx Biopharmaceuticals' Phase III Result Announcement [View article]
    INvestor and Seeking Alpha are more than likely "shills of the short
    sellers" so keep that nugget in mind before you act and get "trapped"
    in a short squeeze down the road
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  • Delcath Systems: A Great Buy at These Prices [View article]
    It would be important to know who the prolific commenter Logical Thought really is? If he was "quite long?" DCTH between $ 1-3 which was some time ago he certainly missed the run up to $ 16 up to the
    hijacked ASCO meeting. Delcaths P3 progression free survival data
    for their SPA was excellent and since the FDA thought that the SPA was warranted given the fact that there are no current treatments for
    either primary or secondary liver cancer originating from any form of melanoma the P3 should result in an approval for the chemo-saturation PHP system which will at least give most primary or secondary liver cancer patients the best available chance or protocol to improve their chances for progression free survival of their liver cancer so their oncologists can find a way to treat their primary cancers. The alternative is a certain death sentence.
    Management of DCTH despite all their previous experience has been guilty of undersestimating the ability of the neesayers to talk down the promise of the chemosaturation technology in order to
    short the previous run-up of the stock based on the P3 results. and
    management has also shown themselves to be very naive to think
    that just because they have had previous bio-tech success that their
    supposed expertise would be universally accepted. Yes they have
    been guilty of being much "too starry eyed" or impressed with their
    own past successes. They continue to put out positive statements and projections but have yet to deliver any real substantive results
    beyond the P3 trial results which they had nothing to do with since they arrived on the scene well after the P3 was practically completed.
    Since the ASCO conference which should have been a meaningful
    event and catalyst for DCTH, management of Delcath has always
    been in a reactive mode playing catch up while the stock has been
    punished because they have not been able to deliver on hardly any of their promises or goals. Before managemwnt utters any more
    promises or projections or heaps any more praise on themselves
    only to look inept or just plain foolish they should make their complete
    submission to the FDA, obtain a firm response date from the FDA,
    publish all the trial data and subset information in a recognized
    peer review journal,make good on their promise to partner with a major pharma, and keep their mouths shut about anything else because every time they hold an investment conference they cast doubt on their own ability, veracity and competence, and cause a negative market perception and reaction instead of what should be a positive outcome. For information purposes this writer has been consistenly long DCTH for over two years well before new management was brought in, in my opinion prematurely and at excessive compensation and head count for their poor performance and achievements thus far.
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