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  • Provectus Pharmaceuticals Up 17% In A Month; Potential Still Huge  [View article]
    Just beginning some DD, but have to admit that a 3-year delay stretches the bounds of credulity here.....I mean considering the apparent efficacy - still, stranger things have happened, especially when dealing with a basically green mngt. team; at least they have the guy from PFE on board. An genuine update with some hard verifiable stats on the CUP results might go a long way to dispel doubt.
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  • How Do You Fake 7 Of 16 Five-Year Glioblastoma Survivors?  [View article]
    Absolutely outstanding contributions here Red Acre - Bravo.
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  • Orameds's Success In Type 1 Diabetes Could Solve Novo Nordisk's Problems  [View article]
    Just to let you know - in the recent Afrezza trials, it has been indicated that roughly half, or a bit more, of the total hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) events were all reported from just one trial participant!

    One could easily speculate that this individual was NOT following protocol - those with a conspiratorial bent could even conjecture that this individual was intentionally trying to influence the trial results in a negative way - hmmmmm? Just food for thought, and something readers should be aware of.

    BTW, a regular poster on the Yahoo MNKD message boards by the name of 'afrezzauser' has actually participated in the trials, and yes this 'fact' has been verified - he reports stunning results regarding the effectiveness of Afrezza use in controlling his blood glucose levels and eliminating hypoglycemic episodes; I believe he actually has stated that except for the trial protocol, he feels he could have achieved even better results than he achieved during the trial. So apparently, if one throws out the reported hypoglycemic events reported by this one other trial participant, then Afrezza delivered an absolute homerun as regards overall efficacy/safety - the reduction in low blood sugar episodes for everyone else was much more impressive than the trial stats might at first indicate. *I believe, from memory, this information was alluded to in a post-trial interview which Al Mann (CEO of MNKD) participated in - I didn't actually see this interview but have read of it.
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  • Orameds's Success In Type 1 Diabetes Could Solve Novo Nordisk's Problems  [View article]
    JFTI.....appears my comment critical of Sharon's article has also been deleted. It is odd, it appeared deleted, then it was back and now apparently it is gone again. Suffice it to say that MNKD's Afrezza is a perfectly safe (in fact safer) treatment which is superior to any fast-acting insulin available - enters the bloodstream in 12 to 15 minutes and is eliminated well before other insulins...very very similar to the functioning of a healthy pancreas. It will greatly increase compliance, and all but eliminates the danger of a low blood sugar emergency which, in worst cases, results in death - so Afrezza will literally save lives; the compliance benefit is so obvious that it needs no explanation....but increased compliance results in huge cost savings to society overall, and I do believe 'huge' is an accurate adjective to describe the long-term $ savings which will accrue and benefit the US/Global healthcare system.

    The only reason which Afrezza may continue to be unavailable to US diabetics is the FDA.....anyone informed knows of their track record.

    Just ask yourself whose ox will be gored by Afrezza approval and then you are free to speculate on the money trail and subsequent events. FDA has already delayed Afrezza approval for years....luckily this time around MNKD is seeking approval in Europe and rest-of-world, so if FDA again seeks to delay approval at least US diabetics should eventually be able to get access through round-a-bout means if they choose to go that route; not to mention the FDA will look very very conflicted and may finally open themselves up to long overdue oversight. Oh that we had an FDA free of the political influence of BigPharma's money. One never knows, even the top echelons of FDA may have limits as regards how far they will go - let's all hope so, for the sake of soooo many.

    *Won't be surprised if SA now puts my original comment back up.
    Nov 13, 2013. 10:29 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Rexahn's Recent Clinical Data Points To A New And Better Chemotherapy Pill  [View article]
    Oh really? Hmmmm, so the 'disarray' caused them to just abandon a potentially absolute blockbuster new drug which apparently demonstrates significant efficacy in like 50 human cancer lines? Maybe...............but, something tells me there is likely more to this story than simply a shortsighted hair-brained mngt. screw-up due Teva's ongoing refocusing. Stranger things have happened, but it is pretty uncommon and Teva is known as a pretty savy player not given to such oversights.
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  • MannKind Stock: High Risk, High Reward  [View article]
    Lung function reduction is apparently about 1.5%, and trial results indicate that upon cessation of Afrezza use lung function returns to normal.
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  • Roth Capital's Dr. Joseph Pantginis Highlights 3 Speculative Biotech Stocks Worth Watching  [View article]
    Unfortunately you neglected to mention Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. NWBO's DCVax-L which has achieved near equally impressive ~ 36 MOS stats in GBM....also from a small phase I trial as with IMUC's ICT-107; btw, 2 patients from NWBO's phase I/II trial have now surpassed 10-year survival with one actually surviving into year 11.

    Put another way (courtesy of Larry Smith of 'Smith on Stocks') seems that from their respective small phase I trials, that roughly 55% of patients treated with DCVax-L and ICT-107 are alive three years after diagnosis versus 16% for standard of care. Also from Larry Smith on NWBO's GBM trial results: "The median survival of the 20 glioblastoma multiforme patients treated with DCVax-L was 3 years (in contrast to only 15 to 18 months median overall survival expected with standard of care). Seven of these patients reached or exceeded 4 years of survival, and five have reached or exceeded 6 years of survival. The expected five year survival for glioblastoma is 3% so that based on historical data only one patient of these twenty might have been expected to survive for five years."

    Looks like NWBO raised about $15 M in early August, and is currently recruiting for their 312 patient phase III trial of DCVax-L in the US, the U.K. and Germany.
    Sep 24, 2013. 04:45 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Short Interest Rises To Ponder  [View article]
    The upcoming DNDN CFO departure seems to only highlight the increasingly dire financial straits the company is facing.....Deutsche Bank downgrading to 'sell' and Wedbush even actually slapping a price target of 'zero' on them recently merely reflects the growing sentiment among the analyst community that Dendreon simply may not be able to turn the ship around at all, or at least before the need of massive dilution; all things considered, one wonders if DNDN longs may wake up soon to a 40%, even 50% dilution headline.

    Management of these small developmental biotechs can be the difference between success and failure, often regardless the potential of their respective treatments....I doubt many would argue that Dendreon's prior management missteps have all but shipwrecked this once promising pioneer in the still promising field of active immunotherapy.
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  • What It Really Costs To Mine Silver: The Hecla Mining Second Quarter Edition  [View article]
    Excellent comments/questions....
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  • Terminal Diagnosis: Despite What You May Have Heard, Dendreon Is A 'Dead Company Walking'  [View article]
    What are you like 12 years old? Of course it works.....for crying out loud. It has been proven to work and it does so with no serious side effects as well. You may think it doesn't 'work' well enough, but that is a different story.
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  • Advanced Cell Technology: Investors Should Consider Selling  [View article]
    Sell near the bottom.....yeah great advice, then when news leaks of another trial participant with astounding vision improvement the seller can chase shares at .21. Criticisms are valid, conclusion is weak and silly.
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  • MannKind's Latest Data  [View article]
    Laughable & weak hit piece. Obviously the shorts are worried, and likely dug in deeper than ever. The injectable market which Afrezza targets is somewhere in the vicinity of $20 billion. MNKD will likely capture at least 35% in time. Hmmmm, MNKD with revenue of say $6 billion, and it could be more with time....450 M shares outstanding, a profit margin of say 35% - slap on P/S metric of 10. What's that spell? A share price in excess of $125

    Next up will AF out with some similar negatively biased piece. Love it when shorty finds themselves in a real bind.
    Aug 16, 2013. 09:34 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Are Facebook, Twitter And Google Infringing Vringo's Quantumstream Patents?  [View article]
    Thanks Daniel for your effort here. Do you have an opinion as regards why the honorable JJ still has not ruled...I am not a lawyer, but isn't his delay pushing the bounds to the point of jeopardizing even the appearance of judicial impartiality? Not to infer that anyone with a position of judicial oversight really cares.
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  • Lazanda A Good Fit For Depomed  [View article]
    Thanks Jason....outstanding article as usual.
    Aug 1, 2013. 01:40 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sequenom Billing Code Drama An Opportunity For Long-Term Investors  [View article]
    >>Sequenom finished Q2 2013 with a 50/50 mix of cash and short term investments totaling $106.9 million. With a fairly steady burn rate of about $30 million per quarter, the company will most likely initiate another equity offering before turning the profitability corner.<<

    Guess it is no wonder that the shorts aren't covering.
    Jul 31, 2013. 06:18 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment