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  • Amazon's Secret Competitive Advantage And Payoff Characteristics [View article]
    Actually, I think you'll find Amazon REFUSED to collect sales tax in several states they had and have a physical presence in. Why didn't those states take immediate action? For as variety of reasons.
    Absolutely right on your other statements however, I would point out, that,several years ago when "mail order" was the way to buy from outside your own state, several state revenue departments demanded and got the sales records from several large North Carolina furniture companies and sent out letters to purchasers in their respective states demanding payment of use taxes
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  • Amazon: Are We There Yet? [View article]
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  • The Nuclear Option: Russia's Threat To Dump Treasuries [View article]
    "Nothing to LOSE" spell check is our friend ;)
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  • Facebook: A $19 Billion Signal That It Has More Than A Teenage Problem [View article]
    Unfortunately true ;(
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  • Facebook: A $19 Billion Signal That It Has More Than A Teenage Problem [View article]
    Personally, I would not be surprised if behind the scenes, Zuckerberg and Co. say "For what the NSA are going to pay us for all the metadata on these users we'll make money even if we never advertise on it" Ya never know ;)
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  • A Clue That Apple Is 'Cooking' Something Up [View article]
    And oh BTW, if Apple does develop a new method of payment , no doubt their huge pile of cash can be somewhat justified to Wall Street and others as "reserves" to guarantee payments. We'll see :)
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  • A Clue That Apple Is 'Cooking' Something Up [View article]
    For what it's worth,IMHO, I think Cook was as "cocky" as he was at the annual shareholder meeting because he is giddy with excitement about Apple's latest "innovation" which, I think, will be a secure and easy point of sale payment application utilizing i beacons, their integral fingerprint sensor in iPhones (probably will be on next Macs if I'm right) etc.

    He's giddy IMHO because in light of recent hack attacks at major retailers with new attacks being disclosed by the FBI AND the credit card companies talking about the need for more security features , the release of such an Apple application would seem prescient to say the least and will insure its rapid adoption by consumers. Just my guess based on recent news.
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  • Massive Revenue Expected From Amazon, How Big Will The Margins Be? [View article]
    Don't forget that this year Amazon will have to start charging (rightfully) more of their customers sales tax. Coupled with an increase in their Prime Membership costs, PLUS, some of those who got "burned" on online holiday purchases (through no fault of Amazon) becoming more hesitant to shop online, all add up to increasing pressure on sales growth in coming quarters.
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  • A Sneak Peek Inside Apple's R&D Lab [View article]
    I see your point. I guess I took a different interpretation of rollable (wraparound as illustrated in picture)
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  • A Sneak Peek Inside Apple's R&D Lab [View article]
    Think a true "phablet".. the backside could be blank or black until you fold it out and then your 4 or 5 in display seamlessly becomes a 12 or 14 inches tablet.
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  • Intel: OK, Where Are The Apple 'A' Chips Really Going? [View article]
    My personal opinion based on pr releases going back almost two years is that Intel will be fabricating an ALL-In_ONE chip utilizing 2.5Ghz TDD-LTE for Apple's rumored "budget" iPhone and that it will first be released by China Mobile on their 2.5Ghz network. I believe Softbank will then offer said phone first in Japan on their 2.5Ghz network there and then finally, on the soon -to -be deployed 2.5GHz TDD-LTE network (that would have been clearwire's) by Sprint here in the states -now owned by Softbank as well. I think this is why Intel was willing to sell their stake in clearwire to Sprint at a substantial loss.
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  • Federal Communications Commission Approves SoftBank’s Investment in Sprint and Sprint’s Acquisition of Clearwire [View article]
    As I have said in other posts, the only "hope" that long-suffering clearwire shareholders have at this point is a last-minute counter bid this weekend by another major wireless player, who after the FCC's rubber stamping of both the Sprint buyout and clearwire takeunder, realize they will be frozen out of the 2.5GHz market.
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  • Dish Won't Go To War Over Clearwire; What's Next? [View article]
    Well by this Coming Monday, the market and clearwire investors will find out what clearwire's MASSIVE spectrum in the 2.5Ghz band is really worth. Whereas I doubt it was with the best of intentions, the FCC apparantly won't require Sprint to provide access to other Wireless carriers to their soon-to-be acquired 2.5 GHz spectrum. Therefore the only way another carrier could possibly get access would be to make a last-minute counteroffer for all or some (at least enough to be able to influence management) for clearwire. Assuming they haven't already cut a deal with Mayoshi Son(Softbank)
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  • The Federal Communications Commission does not reportedly intend to demand the sale of any spectrum as part of Sprint's (S) purchase of the almost 50% in Clearwire (CLWR) that it doesn't already own. FCC commissioners could vote on an order recommending the deal today, as well as on SoftBank's (SFTBF.PK) purchase of Sprint. FCC approval of the latter transaction is the last hurdle the companies have to overcome. [View news story]
    Unfortunately bolstering Sprint and therefore bringing more competition (a good thing) is coming at the expense of long-term INVESTORS in clearwire who have suffered these last several years at the hands of Sprint and their self-serving actions with regards to clearwire :/
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  • The FCC won't ask Sprint (S +0.5%) or Clearwire (CLWR +0.2%) to divest spectrum for their merger to be approved, sources tell Reuters. Rivals had complained the combined company would have an oversized spectrum position, and activist investor Crest Financial, which has long called Clearwire's spectrum undervalued, had asked the agency the force Sprint to sell some of it. Meanwhile, FCC acting chairwoman Mignon Clyburn has asked the agency to approve the Sprint/SoftBank deal. [View news story]
    I agree it'll be sweet if it means another major wireless player decides that the 2.5 Ghz ecosystem is not to be passed up and therefore makes a bid (either for some or all) of clearwire (CLWR) . Next week will tell for sure!
    Jun 29 01:01 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment