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  • Something Is Still Ridiculously Wrong  [View article]
    Conditional Sales are now a days unheard of by mortgage "bankers."

    In fact, conditional sales are transfers of property or title without debt.

    Both inflation and deflation have assets and liabilities..To make a "case"
    for one without the other simply exposes a bias.

    You say deflation induces mattress money and why would inflation not
    produce the same, as consumers switch to lower priced products?

    Price discovery, is a function of the market place irrespective of conditions.

    Sticky is Krugmanism, which I choose not to use.

    "causes debt to self-amortize in real terms through the inflation element of the interest rate (which makes debt safer to underwrite and, thereby, lowers real interest rates)"

    You must believe in the free lunch program..One may pay back a
    mortgage with cheaper money but it requires more and more cheaper
    money..Inflation, is a costs inflicted upon every productive worker
    and retiree..Sorry, despite your expectations, one gets nothing for

    Debt is secured based not upon market conditions but the worthiness
    of the borrower! And have you forgotten the 15% yields on the long
    bond during the Carter administration?

    "enables the government effectively to procure goods and services at their marginal cost rather than average cost by tapping excess capacity before prices rise,"

    There are no incentives for any governmental units to be efficient..This is
    evident by the fact, that the federal government unit has increased it's
    debt year after year, since 1832, with an exception or two.

    Since they have mandates; life long jobs; no market competition and
    unlimited police powers, their incentive to be productive and efficient
    are lacking in almost every government unit..To suggest otherwise, is to
    debase empirical facts.

    " matches the age of money to its informational content" Mr Kramer, please enlightened me!

    Thank you for your replies.
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  • Something Is Still Ridiculously Wrong  [View article]
    WMARKW, brilliant selfie Q and A!
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  • Something Is Still Ridiculously Wrong  [View article]
    Mr Kramer, my entire reply was deleted because I stuck the wrong
    key!! I have do this before.

    I do not have the time again to restate my post..I disagree with much
    of what you stated.

    WDC = Washington District of Columbia. And house mortgage is not the
    instrument of Conditional Sales, unless it is an untypical transaction.
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  • Something Is Still Ridiculously Wrong  [View article]
    Mr Kramer, more on the issue of debt: Hear are estimates from the CBO,
    which may or not be accurate...As you can attest, there are numerous
    unpleasant issues with debt accumulations.

    " As federal debt climbs, the government will need to issue more
    Treasury securities to cover the gap between outlays and revenues. If
    demand for Treasuries were to remain constant, this glut of supply would
    push bond prices down and yields up, raising the cost of borrowing in the
    private sector. Over the long-run, increased federal governmentborrowing
    would crowd out private investment, leading to a lower capital stock and
    lower output. The CBO estimates that when the deficit goes up by one
    dollar, national saving falls by 57 cents and foreign capital inflows rise by
    24 cents (as higher interest rates attract foreign capital flows), leaving a net decline of 33 cents in investment in the long-run."

    Does anyone remember the debate several years ago, whether the US
    military could fight a two front war?

    The question should now be, whether the USA has the economic
    resources to fund a major war?
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  • Something Is Still Ridiculously Wrong  [View article]
    Mr Kramer, why does Krugman imply that the mere act of
    debt reduction would produce such unwanted effects? (deflation &
    depression) (Krugmanism)

    Why is deflation a scourge, whereas inflation is entertained?

    Debt is a liability whether domestic or foreign..Would a credit rating
    company also departmentalize debt because it is domestic?

    Would a house mortgage also not be considered debt because it is
    owe it to ourselves?

    Would state unfunded liabilities also not be considered debt because it
    is owe it to ourselves?

    If the federal governmental unit defaults, would not all debt holders
    suffer equally?

    Does not the government (WDC) grow spending through debt spending?
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  • Pump And Dump?  [View article]
    Mr Bereczki, I can give yous more accounts if it buttresses
    my case.

    You are correctoe, that the Iron Curtain has been replaced
    by Crescent Curtain.
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  • Warren Resources: My First Trade For Monday  [View article]
    Mike, this one went well :
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  • Pump And Dump?  [View article]
    For Mr Bereczki eyes only!!
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  • A Market Top? 15 Warning Signs  [View article]
    Herr Frog:

    I would agree with you that a 10% correction should not be
    used to reposition one's funds.

    In the article, the author states a "sharp" decline..You interpret this
    as a "market collapse." I would opine the author's statement as a
    correction with a magnitude of 30% or less..

    A market collapse has a more serious drawdown, than what Mr
    Gordon is suggesting..

    Frog, hear are the numbers..A new high on the S&P500 May 21, 2030, followed by a failed effort to supersede on July 29, at 2128.

    August 18th, the date of this piece, the S&P closed at 2096. (all
    numbers given are at the closed) Mr Gordon, made this call 1.7%
    from a record high.

    However, his thesis has not be confirmed: As I would place a "sharp"
    decline at 20% or more.

    So the jury remains out, but most certainly the bias favors Mr Gordon's
    article, at this point in time.
    Aug 28, 2015. 10:00 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Market Top? 15 Warning Signs  [View article]
    Lucky, you are deviating from the topic..I gave Mr Jensen credit
    for his clarion call for a market pullback..

    Rather than acknowledge Mr Jensen timely call, you steered the
    conservation to his stock picks..

    I axe you what percent of stock calls need to be successful to satisfy
    you; you retort with another generalization..

    FYI, I would suspect, there are few annalists whom beet any index.
    Aug 28, 2015. 08:25 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Market Top? 15 Warning Signs  [View article]
    Mr Gprdon, you have made a STERLING call!! I am in your camp.

    Critics, like Frog are now in Chief Emerald frying pan, being cook. BAM!
    Aug 28, 2015. 08:14 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Pump And Dump?  [View article]
    It does not matter what OPEC needs..

    What matter are the needs of the market place.
    Aug 27, 2015. 03:12 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • NYSE pulls out Rule 48 to smooth market open  [View news story]
    On Monday, I could not execute a trade on either Scott or Option House,
    until 8:45 am Central Time..

    The trading pages where frozen and would not place the order(s). The
    broker at Scott claimed it was system wide.

    This is not the first time it has happen at Scott.
    Aug 27, 2015. 10:47 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Market Top? 15 Warning Signs  [View article]
    Lunky, I was wong, Mr Jensen is in the top 6%..

    And what percent does a picker need to belong in this group?

    What percent would satisfy you?
    Aug 27, 2015. 10:04 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Market Top? 15 Warning Signs  [View article]
    Luckly, his return since 2013 has been 4.4% which would under perform
    the general indexes.

    However, here is another stat which you overlooked.

    Bret Jensen
    Blogger on
    Financial Blogger
    Ranked #122 out of 4,428 bloggers (#497 of 8,188 overall experts)
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