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  • DumpsterDiver
    Bought a wee bit of $AVNW this morning. Apparently I'm the first in ages. :) Good cash, low debt, and a story... Worth a dice roll, say I.
    Mar 5, 11:54 AM
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    • DumpsterDiver: And they play in the parts of the world where those billion new smartphone owners are expected to come from. That seems like an opportunity.
      Mar 5, 11:58 AM
    • jamesingram32: right, DD....I'm stalking you now! Could you share your thinking a bit more on this one? Thanks oh, and ..yawns, congrats on GTAT ...again!
      Mar 6, 4:50 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: Of the 30-odd stocks currently in my screener, it was the one that A) I didn't already own, and B) didn't look like a total piece of crap.
      Mar 6, 4:56 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: (Note that categories A and B are not necessarily mutually exclusive...I have certainly mined some crap from this screener in the past.) :)
      Mar 6, 4:57 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: My shameful secret: the bulk of the DD I do on small plays like this comes from the "Key Statistics" page on Yahoo plus some earnings calls.
      Mar 6, 5:01 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: So: They have a relative buttload of cash. Nearly no debt. Trade roughly at book value. And the CEO doesn't sound like a total dipshit.
      Mar 6, 5:03 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: Furthermore, part of the ugly numbers this past Q stemmed from a revision to a customer relationship that actually seems better, long term.
      Mar 6, 5:06 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: But I emphasize, this is only fun money at the moment. I own $WIFI and $COOL on the same basis and in roughly the same dollar amounts.
      Mar 6, 5:09 AM
    • jamesingram32: thanks mate. I shall investigate further. These penny shares tkae patience and balls sometimes.
      Mar 6, 5:09 AM
    • jamesingram32: e.g. I bottled holding on $SMSI at $1.32 last year. They may be worth looking at again. hey....$NOK is waking up again, but ALU is not
      Mar 6, 5:10 AM
    • jamesingram32: well...not quickly enough for my calls :(
      Mar 6, 5:10 AM
    • jamesingram32: talking of crazy penny stocks, have you followed $FNMA ?
      Mar 6, 5:11 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: My humble opinion: Anything that requires you to correctly guess the "when" part will eventually make you broke. "What" is tricky enough.
      Mar 6, 5:17 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: No. I avoid all things mortgage-related like the plague. It appears it would've been wise to waive that rule about 14 months ago, though. :)
      Mar 6, 5:23 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: That hell of an annual return. Congrats to somebody, I guess...
      Mar 6, 5:25 AM
    • jamesingram32: I took a 15% gain at $2.75...doh! Yo are correct on the 'when' back to waiting for eggs to hatch is probably best
      Mar 6, 6:02 AM