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  • DumpsterDiver
    $AUMN, $AVNW, $BODY, $GTAT, $MDW, $XRA... This day was an almost-perfect bloodbath. Always a bad sign when $RVM is your biggest gainer... :)
    Mar 26, 4:37 PM
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    • DumpsterDiver: Just buy some at .75, and it'll get down to .70 in no time. I've been using that trick for months now...
      Mar 26, 4:48 PM
    • DumpsterDiver: I do kinda like the fact that even when the whole market goes into the crapper, RVM doesn't budge. It's impervious to all the normal forces.
      Mar 26, 4:54 PM
    • joe kelly: Good man. Using Kelly Algorithm.
      Mar 26, 4:54 PM
    • DumpsterDiver: Likewise, of course, when the market goes up.
      Mar 26, 4:55 PM
    • joe kelly: Of course. You can't cheat The Algorithm.Fortunately patience is part of the equation. Good companies will come back so be patient
      Mar 26, 5:04 PM
    • newbie5: Is this time to buy ?
      Mar 26, 8:26 PM
    • joe kelly: If you're talking $RVM its a long and maybe a real long. If you can wait up to 2 years its a buy. Unless DDsays different. He knows more
      Mar 26, 8:48 PM
    • DumpsterDiver: Lots of variables happening through end of this week that could affect price. They just announced a dilutive financing event today which...
      Mar 27, 2:29 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: ...will take them from ~35 million to ~39 million shares. Year-end earnings release sometime tomorrow (shouldn't be many surprises there)...
      Mar 27, 2:31 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: ...and conference call midday on Friday. Main items of interest in the CC will be progress on regaining access to the mine, how they're...
      Mar 27, 2:33 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: ...going to apply the money they just raised, and whether it's sufficient to get them back to production or needs to be supplemented later.
      Mar 27, 2:35 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: Whether that will all add up to a net increase or decrease in the share price in the short term, I honestly have no idea.
      Mar 27, 2:37 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: Joe's 2-year timeframe is probably a good reference point for how long you should be willing to hold if you buy. Wouldn't try to trade this.
      Mar 27, 2:39 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: But yes, in my opinion, it's been a good time to buy at every price it's hit since December. :) Provided that one can wait for the payoff.
      Mar 27, 2:46 AM
    • joe kelly: I am pretty sure when copper prices rise the Troy Mine will magically become operational. I'm in $RVM right so I can wait. Good talk DD.
      Mar 27, 9:40 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: Okay, looks like financing & earnings were both non-events. Doubt they've saved any bad news for the CC, so it should be neutral or good...
      Mar 27, 10:42 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: Nice to note that both the chairman and the CEO were six-figure participants in the funding round. Not a sign of an imminently sinking ship.
      Mar 27, 10:46 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: And their last several mine updates have been blessedly dull. New access on schedule, on budget, limited production restart coming in 4Q14.
      Mar 27, 10:51 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: Previous two times the market believed they were nearing a restart, the price was in the 1.20s. Discount that for dilution/cash burn this...
      Mar 27, 10:54 AM
    • DumpsterDiver: ...time around, and you probably have a reasonable price target for end of year, barring further catastrophes. Higher than .75, I'd say. :)
      Mar 27, 10:56 AM
    • bobzic: Pivot Point (Fibonacci) : $0.90
      Apr 7, 2:56 PM