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  • Microsoft: Transformation To Cloud And Mobile Implies Strong Growth [View article]
    $MSFT - is still the company 'analysts' love to hate. If it wasn't Ballmer engineering the company's demise; it was the fall of PC sales. Relentless criticism was a waste of bandwidth as MSFT rose from the $20's to near $50/sh.

    Nice to read an Article like the one on this Thread. There has never been a reason or justification to placate the naysayers. As usual, when there is never ending criticism of a company w/ great Fundamentals, it's always a Buy signal for investors that ignore the noise and objectively evaluate the fundamentals of the company.

    MSFT is a gilt-edged company for Long term investors that like dividends and a bullet proof Balance Sheet.
    May 22, 2015. 08:17 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Exxon Mobil - Buybacks Support Large Margin Of Safety [View article]
    The "fun" is just starting in Saudi Arabia -- bombed a Mosque in SA today. With a huge (over 1000 miles) border w/ Yemen and the fact that Oil exports from SA have to pass through two narrow and dangerous waterways; Saudis have a lot on their mind. And, w/ Saudi Arabia's main customers India, China, and Japan dependent on Saudi shipments, the latest War involving the Kingdom; the Price of Oil is going higher.

    GS has loaded itself w/ short positions in Oil, imo, which is the reason their so-called, self-anointed oil expert is predicting $45/bbl. In the meantime, when did the LAST WAR END in the Middle East. Saudi's are in for a whole lot of trouble protecting their domestic Oil. And, since Oil is a political and an economic commodity -- sentiment is a huge determiner of where the price of Oil is going. Shortages, perceived or real, boost prices of all commodities, including Oil.
    May 22, 2015. 03:13 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • CNBC: Microsoft held "significant talks" with Salesforce, disagreed on price [View news story]
    MSFT should avoid CRM --- inflated value. Cramer's favorite stock to pump relentlessly. WAYYYYYY over valued.
    May 22, 2015. 01:55 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Exxon Mobil And Berkshire's Energy Investment Skills [View article]
    $XOM - Buffett deserves the praise he receives w/ the exception, imo, for investing in GS (a company I have ZERO respect for based on the firm's conduct and political connections used to its advantage).

    I don't feel as though Buffett has been a wonderful EQUITY investor. KO, AmEx, IBM, and others such as COP (which he bought and sold in short order, although he held on to PSX) and XOM (which he bought and sold in short order). This from a man that espouses "my holding period is forever" and "I buy companies based on what the company will do over the next 50 years." "I don't buy technology companies shares because I don't understand them."

    On the other hand, Buffett is the best asset allocator when it comes to BUYING COMPANIES. He extracts regular payments at above market interest rates and does an excellent job of allocating the astronomical income stream into other ventures.

    Unfortunately, Buying good companies when the share price falls dramatically along w/ dividends and buybacks can be done in an excellent fashion w/o owning BRK.A/B in my opinion.

    As far as XOM -- I've owned it for a very long time and have no complaints, w/ or w/o Buffett.
    May 22, 2015. 01:39 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Critique Of Carl Icahn's Apple Fair Value Revaluation To $240 Per Share [View article]
    Let me see if I have this straight: Carl Icahn needed place into the Public Domain a letter to Tim Cook. It sounds like Carl's advanced age caused him to misplace Tim Cook's phone number since the last time he and Tim had dinner together. And, apparently, Carl's laptop has malfunctioned erasing Tim's e-mail address. So, Carl has no other way to contact Tim other than sending a letter to CNBC or some other public outlet in order to contact Tim Cook. Poor Carl!

    Carl Icahn should be the first recipient of the "How to Financially Engineer a Publicly-held company without actually involving the CEO or Board of Directors directly".

    Now I think I get it.
    May 19, 2015. 01:40 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Cisco Looking To Buy The Growth It Lacks? [View article]
    $CSCO - Product Sales UP 6% and Gross Margin above Guidance. Two important factors that make me happy to be LONG the shares. I expect the share price to increase which is the common view of the analysts that follow CSCO as of the day before the company reported earnings.
    May 14, 2015. 02:47 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • FireEye -4%; Cisco's Chambers shoots down M&A rumor [View news story]
    When it comes to the clowns on Fast Money or most of the other on-Air experts --- disregard what they say to the camera -- it's just the way they pump or dump a position in whatever equity they're discussing. It's a complete charade, imo.
    May 13, 2015. 07:27 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Senator wants Veterans Administration to use wartime provision to knock down price of Sovaldi [View news story]
    Typical politician up to typical political tricks. Talk is cheap. And, in the words of an old Irish proverb, "every person is wise, until they open their mouth."

    Take a look at Sanders -- he never stops talking but never starts anything.
    May 13, 2015. 02:28 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf discloses $19.5M purchase of Chevron stock [View news story]
    $CVX - when an insider buys at the Market and keeps the shares, he either is really confident about the company's future or in dire need of a psychiatrist. I'm a believer in the former.
    May 13, 2015. 02:22 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sovaldi's price in Japan higher than expected [View news story]
    Yaron Werber's credibility is suspect, imo. Even though he is an M.D., his questioning at the conference call three months ago showed that he was wholly unprepared at that time. I was amazed and disappointed at what he felt was important to ask company leaders. I'm very long GILD shares and have been for over 18 months. As an MD that makes his living following biotech, he was a rank failure.

    Hopefully, Werber has learned from that pathetic showing at that time. Anyone that feels I'm being over critical should review that conference call. The other analysts at the CC seemed to be prepared to properly question GILD's executives.
    May 13, 2015. 12:27 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gilead Sciences - No Need To Gild The Lily [View article]
    The anticipated Cost for the latest Vertex drug to treat CF is $300,000 (plus) per year. And, this new 'wonder' drug doesn't CURE CF.

    Meanwhile, all the Hoopla about $84,000 (w/o discount) has made all the GILD naysayers apoplectic. Just goes to show how screwed up these self-anointed biotech experts are about the sectors they cover and the nonsense they spew out on these business TV shows.

    It would be a huge mistake for GILD to buy/acquire Vertex, imo.
    May 12, 2015. 02:15 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cisco's Return On Equity Has Increased Thanks To Increasing Profit Margins [View article]
    $CSCO - this is another of the old-line technology companies that people love to hate and shareholders love to own. Leading company in various aspects of technology, great increasing Dividend, and wonderful buyback program.

    November 2013 - the WS 'forecasters' saw CSCO on its last legs and the share price dropped significantly. I continued accumulating at $20.35/sh. Nothing like television business show experts to provide a golden buying opportunity. CSCO's up about $10/sh and now everyone on these business shows love CSCO.

    30% gain in a year and a half is why it pays to buy gild-edged technology companies when the TV know-it-alls says to 'get out and get out fast."
    May 12, 2015. 01:34 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gilead Sciences: The Best Still Lies Ahead [View article]
    $GILD - earnings move stocks. Sooner or later, GILD will reflect its true valuation. When that will be is unknown to me. But, prognostications about future share price movements based on subjective determinations as to why the shares aren't moving now is a Waste of Time.

    Nobody knows the future. 35 years of equity investing is enough for me to know that Fundamentals count. And, they count Big Time.

    In the meantime, I'm looking at various derivative alternatives instead of just sitting passively waiting for the share price to reflect common sense levels based on fundamentals. The nice thing about Biotech is how wonderful it is now to sell Volatility. There are Dividends and then there are income streams.

    I'm LONG and that's not going to change anytime soon.
    May 7, 2015. 08:35 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gilead's Brilliant Hepatitis C Strategy [View article]
    $GILD - I'm long the shares and I think the share price will appreciate substantially going forward. And, I agree that there are, perhaps, too many Bullish Articles on this Thread. Nevertheless, I will hold GILD, add to positions, write Options in both directions depending on the circumstances, collect the dividend, and see my relative position increase based on the share buyback program.

    Markets can only happen when there are buyers and sellers. If you believe that GILD's best days are behind it, short the shares. If you believe that ABBV, MRK, or any other bio/pharma tech has a better mouse trap, short the shares.

    If you believe GILD is a "one-trick pony" (give my a few seconds to quit laughing about that conclusion), short the shares.

    But, whining about the Longs being wrong w/o the B***s to short the shares or dump the stock, is of zero value on this Thread. Come on, be confident in your naysaying and believe in yourself - short or dump the shares.
    May 6, 2015. 02:38 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Gilead Sciences Is A Great Investment Right Now [View article]
    $GILD - good Article. I, too, believe that it is 'astonishing' that the market doesn't or hasn't yet recognized the true value of this company's franchise. On the other hand, as the Author says, this company is "an excellent investment opportunity right now".

    There are very few companies in the market selling at a .52 PEG ratio. Astonishing is the right word!
    May 4, 2015. 07:18 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment