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  • combatcorpsmanVN
    $STO is a world-class bargain. Tarred and feathers by naive investors that believe this company is purely a European play. Long & Longer
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    • Vinofilo: More than a bargain at these valuations; you still can reap their annual dividend too.
    • The Aristos: Been watching it a while now. Obviously a bargain, yet can it go lower is the big question.
    • combatcorpsmanVN: At some point Fundamentals catch up -- $STO has languished which has allowed me to continue to accumulate shares. No worries.
    • buckfever6: I wonder how far down a market crash would take it.
    • combatcorpsmanVN: $STO barely moving despite the upward move in Crude, including Brent. At some point, price should move to fair value which I feel is $40/sh
    • buckfever6: Agreed. This thing is way undervalued.
    • combatcorpsmanVN: $STO is a classic example of value being recognized when the stock is up 20%. It's on everyone's avoid list when Buffett is buying. Funny!
    • combatcorpsmanVN: It is an interesting exercise to see $STO share price continue to fall or languish at current levels. NTA value of $50B! Manic Depressive