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Chris is an IT Manager by day and avid precious metal investor by night!
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  • Extract From The Book 'Seekers Of Gold'

    Dedicated to all the prospectors out there who have searched for the dream and all of those who are still out there searching for it, the following inspirational extract from Daryl Friesen's 'Seekers Of Gold' gives just a taster of the thrill of gold prospecting.

    "Everyone was doing it. Everyone dreamed of the day when they would be the one to strike it rich, represent freedom for all, but what does it mean to people today?

    I'll tell you, a big house and a nice car. People don't see that it's so much more than just finding the golden score. It's not seen as a building block for freedom. It's been twisted and messed up to the point of being stuck on a scratch and win ticket. That is what is left of the prospector's dream in today's world.

    All the people around you don't understand, they can't see the freedom and the hope it brings you when you chase the dream. They just think you're dreaming, but we know the truth don't we?

    The truth is you're living and they are the ones that are dreaming. Their search for the big car and the nice house.

    Ha! Illusions I tell you brought onto their brain less minds by a media machine. How I wish I could chase after it still, but the fight's over for me lad. I've got a bad ticker you see, but you can, can't you son?" he explained eyeing me almost enviously, there is nothing better than standing high up on a mountain top and gazing down upon the world. It makes you feel like your own man.

    Free from all prison that the world tries to make of your life. You see the world doesn't want you to be your own man. If they did, they wouldn't be trying to make you swallow the lie all the time and you know how they do it. Through that little box over there, he said pointing to the television across the room.

    Look at those people over there, he explained pointing to the people staring at the TV. They're swallowing every word of it and it makes me sick. Our pioneer brothers are rolling in their graves I tell ya. They wouldn't have wanted it this way, this isn't freedom.

    People today don't know what freedom is. That little box over there tells them that they're free, but they're not. You see when somebody tells you something enough times you'll start to believe it. Tell me you won't give up, tell me you will follow the dream to the ends of the earth. If not for yourself then do it for your pioneer brothers who help create this world and you become one of them.

    Remember freedom is worth dying for and I'm not talking about dying in a war fighting for some illusionary freedom that your government tells you have. I'm talking the real stuff that comes from the open spaces and when you spent enough time in the mountains you'll know what I'm talking about. It will grab your soul and won't leave you until the day you die. It's what pushes all great men and once you see it you'll chase it for the rest of your days."

    For all gold lovers, check out my blog

    Disclosure: I am long GLD.

    Tags: GLD
    Nov 06 1:02 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Gold Vs Diamonds

    Why are diamonds so expensive? And are they really worth it? In times of economic meltdown, what will actually retain more wealth? The 2 carat brilliant-cut diamond or the 14k gold band it is affixed to?

    De Beers and other major players in the diamond industry are now supporting the concept of diamonds as an investment alternative to Gold. But isn't that a bit 'rich' coming from a company that has made millions by selling us diamond rings?

    While the outlook on gold consumption for jewelry, in particular, and for industrial use, is largely a function of global economic activity, with its historic roots of serving as a form of money, gold traditionally maintains its value as currencies depreciate.

    Many people naturally think about gold at the slightest sign of economic weakness. How many who view diamonds in the same way?

    Granted, diamonds are easily transportable like gold and represent an incredibly high-ratio of cost to price but price trends for diamonds have shown little resemblance to those exhibited for gold in the past few years.

    It appears to us that the safe-haven mantle remains firmly in gold's grasp. So if you are just about to buy a diamond engagement ring, why not save a fortune, buy a cubic zirconia engagement ring instead and invest the rest in gold!

    And right now might just be one of the last best chances you have to do so. After a multi-month consolidation period, gold looks set to rally again coming into August 2012. Don't get phased with talk of 'to QE or not to QE'. QE is just one possible trigger to a gold price that is just begging to be catapulted to the super-$2000 level!

    Disclosure: I am long GOLD.

    Aug 11 8:18 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Up Or Down - Gold Has To Make A Move


    Been a while. Just wanted to comment on the fact that gold has been in the doldrums lately and my patience is starting to wear thin!

    In fact the 50 day simple moving average has moved under the 200 day SMA for the first time in more than 3 years. It doesn't mean that the bull is going to come crashing down up on us, but that there is some extra work to be done here.

    Price has been flat for the last two months and so has MACD.

    Gold 50 day SMA goes under 200 day SMA

    Disclosure: I am long GOLD.

    Tags: Gold
    Apr 24 1:26 AM | Link | Comment!
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