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Security analyst and portfolio manager for a small firm. Generalist. Particular focus on resource stocks: minerals, oil & NG. Started following the development of tight sands and the shales withfracture stimulations about 6/7 years ago. Watched as the technology moved over to oil shales. Suspected a glut would develop in NG, but feel the oil glut is temporary. Liquids is a toss up. Even NG might go away as export facilities arrive and demand catches up with supply as more of the transport fleet shifts over and as NG grows at coals expense in electricity production. Prefer great franchise business but they rarely come cheap, so I appreciate occasional macro-setbacks as they bring buying opportunities for great ...More
  • Description: Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Developed International Markets, Energy stocks, Gold, Tech stocks
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