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Jim Sun
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i love wanuts and three-toed sloths. i work for a. gardening service (mowing lawns, mostly) so i guess you could say i work for a hedge fund.

i raise gerbils and make a mean fruit smoothie. never even thought sbout mixiing my precious rodents in the mix. gebils (even if you had them professionally skinned) would make a smoothie way too heavy. and salty

i believe george bush and profesor plum killed jfk with a rope in the study.

i have a bruise on my upper left thigh that doesnt ever seem to go away. i mean, ive had it for, like, eighteen years. i hope it's not cancerous.

one more thing: my mother left me for another little kid who was about my age at that time.

that's beyond ...More
  • Description: Undergraduate.
  • Interests: Bonds
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