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Lee is the founder and managing director of Cell Therapy Group – a leading, boutique consultancy focused on the cell therapy and regenerative medicine industry.

Through CTG Lee works with companies of all sizes to help position them in the cell therapy regenerative medicine space by focusing on business development including strategy development, competitive intelligence, market research and analysis, deal-making, marketing and communications, profile-building, sale-lead generation, etc.

The core value Lee brings to CTG and its clients is a rare breadth of understanding of the entire spectrum of the cell therapy and regenmed industries primarily around who is doing what with whom. This knowledge of the ...More
  • Description: Professional Blogger.
  • Interests: Stocks - long, Stocks - short
Cell Therapy Group Cell therapy group provides companies in the cell-based regenerative medicine sector with a wide range of technical, scientific and commercial expertise. Cell Therapy Group (CTG) was founded in June 2008 by Lee Buckler to meet the demand for business-focused services by those with expertise in regenerative ...More
Cell Therapy Blog The blog covers the cell therapy industry. I don't typically cover the basic research news - there are others that do that well. I focus on industry news and content related to companies with technologies in the cell therapy space including regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and gene therapy where ...More
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