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  • neobliviscar
    Love the $YUM. Long from low $70s. Sold out $75-77.5 w/ cov calls. Above $80, shorting & Selling $82.5 Calls. [Hope not another $MCD run]
    Fri, 12:34 PM
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    • neobliviscar: Japanese lot less interested in the chicken, for old cultural reasons rooted in the Edo era laws & customs. Still, when there in Oct-Nov we
      Fri, 5:09 PM
    • neobliviscar: did have a fried fish and beer night. Mexican is novel, as Japanese tolerance for spice increases- but in the end sort of viewed as kitch.
      Fri, 5:11 PM
      • neobliviscar
        Ah... so cute. Pinhead at $JPM drops $BPT from 75+ down to sub $61. Within 48 hours, people seem to realize he's off his meds. Stock recovs.
        Fri, 10:13 AM
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        • neobliviscar: Seems a strong seller & shortseller in the market the day before. How much do you need to pay $JPM to get a prof hitman like this?
          Fri, 10:15 AM
        • neobliviscar: There are days I wished I worked for the SEC. Oh well, my gains... Though someone made many millions stomping this puppy.
          Fri, 10:17 AM
          • neobliviscar
            Past 2 days $MCD up-up, no news. Now its $JNJ up-up, no news. At least I'm long this one (> $105).
            Thu, 12:46 PM
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            • Perkins Cove: It's the fries. You said so yourself......grin
              Thu, 1:00 PM
            • neobliviscar: Yeah, this is one of my loser. As you know, cut your losses.
              Thu, 3:08 PM
              • neobliviscar
                Interest event in $BPT . JPM takes the conserv. est of reserves & says = only 8% yield. Thinks should be 20% yield, so cuts est on stock 50%
                Thu, 10:51 AM
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                • neobliviscar: After the oil crash of 2014, I am loath to touch anything having anything to do with oil- but this seems sort of a crazy hatchet job by JPM
                  Thu, 10:52 AM
                  • neobliviscar
                    Crossed my short of $MCD w/ weekly Puts on the open this morning. Basically flat unless $MCD goes up several points. Damage Controlled Loss.
                    Thu, 10:06 AM
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                    • neobliviscar: Still think Short, but think someone got something off the photocopier or inside info on new CEO taking helm & trying to make a Intro Splash
                      Thu, 10:39 AM
                    • neobliviscar: I'd rather not lose money than stick to this like some important conviction. Ie. I folded my cards, thinking I had a strong but losing hand.
                      Thu, 10:40 AM
                      • neobliviscar
                        Now its $JNJ rocking up. Geez.
                        Wed, 3:55 PM
                          • neobliviscar
                            Anyone able to explain today's $MCD run-up?
                            Wed, 1:37 PM
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                            • Hope128: Wow, this is going to 100 soon.
                              Wed, 3:19 PM
                            • det9: Would short at 100
                              Wed, 3:28 PM
                              • neobliviscar
                                Shorting 2000 $MCD here just under $96.
                                Wed, 11:14 AM
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                                • Hope128: WOW put/call volume 0.1, put/call interest 0.44, March 44.2k 97.5c & 33.6k 100c, who the hell bought so many calls?
                                  Wed, 6:21 PM
                                • Hope128: Today 100 call jumps from 14c to $1.09, 97.5 call from 25c to $2.09, both up 800%+
                                  Wed, 6:26 PM
                                  • neobliviscar
                                    $SAM a beer stock trading like a a 40x valuation on it? This came up on my bleeders list, but looking at- why is stock above $200?
                                    Wed, 9:59 AM
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                                    • neobliviscar: What sort of Autobot PMs are buying this thing based upon metrics (?) for their massive funds?
                                      Wed, 10:28 AM
                                    • Barinder Sangha: Have you considered shorting it?
                                      Wed, 8:22 PM
                                      • neobliviscar
                                        Rube question: REITS must pay out 90%, yes? Say REIT nets .42 cents Q3 and .43 cents Q4. Yet its dividend remains at .27 . How is possible?
                                        Wed, 9:43 AM
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                                        • neobliviscar: should be raising dividend. On conf call, they said they'd be expanding into areas with even more taxable income. As long as they don't go
                                          Wed, 10:29 AM
                                        • neobliviscar: chasing invst, ratio of tax income will raise. Div almost must raise, despite high yield. Mngmt would need Russel Wilson it to not raise Div
                                          Wed, 10:33 AM
                                          • neobliviscar
                                            Yellen so Dovish that it feels like chugging liquid marshmallows. Even her 'stern face' is dovish.
                                            Tue, 11:34 AM
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                                            • neobliviscar: Still sitting on too much cash. Parked some in liquid debt instruments, and tried to grab some CTB at $35 yesterday, but just watching...
                                              Tue, 3:32 PM
                                            • pokalolo: We put most of the $s from closed equity accounts into a few big credit unions as loan/cd combos.Got ownership % & CD rate on total.12 / 14%
                                              Tue, 3:38 PM
                                              • neobliviscar
                                                $NYMT is one of very few mReits I follow. Earnings today. Up dividend? D.K. the author, but decent article:
                                                Tue, 11:07 AM
                                                  • neobliviscar
                                                    Any recs of today Value bleeders? As of Friday, we ended up signif in Cash. I see little to buy today at these valuations. Help SA crew?
                                                    Mon, 9:53 AM
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                                                    • oneotherfool: * Following this thread. Neo, would love to hear your findings as well, as you dig in deeper, if you don't mind... Thanks guys.
                                                      Mon, 9:29 PM
                                                    • neobliviscar: will reply if I get time to dig in deep enough. Was gone this weekend and now playing catch-up on everything shoved aside for 3 days.
                                                      Tue, 9:00 AM
                                                      • neobliviscar
                                                        How about buying a bucket of $SDS weekly calls just in case the "Greek Govt Source" proves unreliable. Nice rug-pull? Currently cost 2cents.
                                                        Feb 20, 1:35 PM
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                                                        • neobliviscar: No fun. Wouldn't believe the Greek, but the Austrian changed things. That Boys n Girls, is your 1000pt bounce off Jan lows. Have good year.
                                                          Feb 20, 3:13 PM
                                                        • pokalolo: U 2
                                                          Feb 20, 3:16 PM
                                                          • neobliviscar
                                                            Bought 1000 $UPRO this AM $137.88 when market felt like it would bottom. Cynically wondered if a BS rumor would support market. Dumping now.
                                                            Feb 20, 1:24 PM
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                                                            • neobliviscar: Just a daytrade to help me keep me engaged. Rolling out of a lot of longs today -> to cash. If I miss Greek Debt deal, won't cry much.
                                                              Feb 20, 1:26 PM
                                                            • Dr. Kris: If you really want to make moolah on this trade why not just play the S&P eminis?
                                                              Feb 20, 2:51 PM
                                                              • neobliviscar
                                                                Unstoppable Market. Down 100 and likely to end up +100? Even if Russia moves into Finland, market up. __Upping cash 40% on Options Expire.
                                                                Feb 20, 12:54 PM
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                                                                • pokalolo: Olympics fans have seen the FIN's forcheck >) STIFF
                                                                  Feb 20, 1:21 PM
                                                                • neobliviscar: Fins make good snipers.
                                                                  Feb 20, 1:21 PM
                                                                  • neobliviscar
                                                                    Look at that goofy $HRL go-go-go. Other food currency stocks up too. Yet $KRFT still in dog-house. Makes >want to see yield 2be found there.
                                                                    Feb 19, 1:21 PM
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                                                                    • matratra: If there is deflation which already exists then food stocks will do well.
                                                                      Feb 19, 1:41 PM
                                                                      • neobliviscar
                                                                        You could see $IBM building up Buy pressure for days. Opening short posit @ $163.75 & expect to triple it if we get to $165 on Options Exp.
                                                                        Feb 19, 1:17 PM
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                                                                        • Hope128: I think it is up becoz Buffet sold all $XOM and added $IBM. Buffet doesn't have best track record with either energy or tech.
                                                                          Feb 19, 1:42 PM
                                                                        • Hope128: Remember when Tim Cook consulted Buffet for buyback after $AAPL dipped from 700 to 400, wise decision was to sold all $IBM and got into AAPL
                                                                          Feb 19, 1:44 PM
                                                                          • neobliviscar
                                                                            Into $SO here. 2000 to start. Looking to double that sub $45. Watching $PPL
                                                                            Feb 17, 9:40 AM
                                                                              • neobliviscar
                                                                                Greece: buy the rumor, sell the news?
                                                                                Feb 13, 3:52 PM
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                                                                                • Brian58: of course Neo, you know the game
                                                                                  Feb 13, 4:01 PM
                                                                                • D-struction: Out of $GREK.
                                                                                  Feb 13, 7:42 PM