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  • neobliviscar
    Back into some $T here. ~~I buy and sell out of this one almost monthly. Dumped 1/2 before around $34.35 and now back in.
    Fri, 3:10 PM
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    • neobliviscar: Sold 7000 o' previous 14000. Sold $33 Calls against other 7000. Those went Junk today. Bought 4600 shrs & pick up the remaining 2400 Mon?
      Fri, 4:05 PM
    • neobliviscar: On any significant pop near $33 I will probably sell Calls.
      Fri, 4:06 PM
      • neobliviscar
        Time for Mortimer and Randal to BUY? ~I know I'm going to feel old when half of you don't know that one. Where is DaLatin when I need him.
        Fri, 2:57 PM
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        • sheldond: All the best to Dalatin hope all is well as well
          Fri, 5:28 PM
        • jgons2014: Miss him too. Dropped him a message a couple of weeks ago. No reply. Really miss him. Best wishes.
          10 hours ago
          • neobliviscar
            Selloff overdone, or beginning of the end? Actually looking for opinions, as I have a LOT of cash to put to use by end of day.
            Fri, 2:54 PM
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            • wheelz23: PPT, derived from OPP...they can take some, but not all of it right away-
              Fri, 4:05 PM
            • chuck holladay: Plunge Protection Team was working for my sack today down 0.12%. Interesting
              Fri, 4:07 PM
              • neobliviscar
                Buying 4000 $WMT here. $78.21
                Fri, 10:44 AM
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                • det9: :) .. Same here.. I am hoping to add at 77
                  Fri, 11:28 AM
                • itzalex3: 1000 shares picked up $78
                  Fri, 11:40 AM
                  • neobliviscar
                    Selling $PM OoM $85 Calls for some cash.
                    Thu, 9:41 AM
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                    • Dr. Kris: Doncha' mean OTM Puts..?
                      Thu, 4:53 PM
                    • neobliviscar: Nope. Sold Calls. Might be my accent and all, but I definitely sold Calls. Too early though, but willing to be short this at $85 + premium.
                      Thu, 5:06 PM
                      • neobliviscar
                        Woah... didn't see that coming out of $PM. Can't remember last time $PM did this. Considering shorting, or selling some OoM Calls.
                        Thu, 9:34 AM
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                        • neobliviscar: People writing articles like & even its permabulls fearing currency, etc: then it beats, raises, & chestbeats
                          Thu, 10:55 AM
                        • neobliviscar: Think a lot of people got caught short.
                          Thu, 10:56 AM
                          • neobliviscar
                            Wow, heck of an effort by Transports to get above support line. Sitting back & watching the tug of war before taking any new May positions
                            Tue, 11:23 AM
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                            • neobliviscar: Lots of computers playing Rock'em Sock'em Robot against each other in the transports today, & it spills a bit outside of Transports.
                              Tue, 12:50 PM
                            • neobliviscar: I'm just sitting on the shore watching the Monitor and Merrimack slug it out today. I am surprised by the speed of the bounce, but hey..HFT!
                              Tue, 12:52 PM
                              • neobliviscar
                                Expecting a turn southwards some time today. The breakdown in Transports is too indicative of a recovering economy hitting a Jersey Barrier.
                                Tue, 9:46 AM
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                                • neobliviscar: be possible. For the record, I'm not a short seller. More of a value guy who was long a lot of Transports years ago and sold too early.
                                  Tue, 10:23 AM
                                • smitsky: Impressive finish above that 200-day line, huh?
                                  Tue, 7:03 PM
                                  • neobliviscar
                                    Decided to buy a bunch of April Vix calls just as a hedge. Let us see whether we fly or die next week.
                                    Apr 10, 3:28 PM
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                                    • Brian58: good luck
                                      Apr 10, 3:32 PM
                                      • neobliviscar
                                        So want to short this market, but the technical recovery of several indexes indicate more upside. *Ugh, yawn, wait till last week of April?*
                                        Apr 10, 3:04 PM
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                                        • ChrisGriffith: Exited my $XIV position and added small into $UVXY. Won't hold it long but may add next week for a quick trade
                                          Apr 10, 3:44 PM
                                        • neobliviscar: Bought a bunch of cheap OoM Vix Calls. Would love a leg down to the 200dMVA on this market.
                                          Apr 10, 3:54 PM
                                          • neobliviscar
                                            $DJT Trannies back above 200dMVA. Golly jeepers scary how strong this thing remains. Three silver bullets to the chest n head & it giggles.
                                            Apr 10, 11:11 AM
                                              • neobliviscar
                                                $IEP What is with the jump? $$APL not moving. I remember this was a DeMuth shortcall.
                                                Apr 10, 10:57 AM
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                                                • neobliviscar: Oops. Typo. I had a lot of APL Preferred. Meant $IEP and $AAPL.
                                                  Apr 10, 11:43 AM
                                                • neobliviscar: :( I miss $APL Preferred. Second best is $NYMTP.
                                                  Apr 10, 11:46 AM
                                                  • neobliviscar
                                                    $BPT acting up for a 3rd day. Looks like the JPM shorts are covering? Even if Oil goes above $60-65, forward yield price doesn't make sense
                                                    Apr 9, 11:34 AM
                                                      • neobliviscar
                                                        Wheee! Another chance to sell Calls on $BPT. Not sure if people understand the math on this one. Waiting for another JPM attack on the Trust
                                                        Apr 8, 2:17 PM
                                                          • neobliviscar
                                                            Short Squeeze in $BPT. I was selling the $45 & $50 puts on the JPM hack-attack. Now selling Calls OoM on this pop after the Div declare.
                                                            Apr 8, 9:58 AM
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                                                            • neobliviscar: Ah, one of those other nuclear wessels. Outside of my knowledge. Friends & family all in the Air or Under Water. Most retired now.
                                                              Apr 8, 4:25 PM
                                                            • wheelz23: bird flu strikes again-
                                                              Apr 8, 6:05 PM
                                                              • neobliviscar
                                                                Caution flag: Transports continue down. Breaking through massive support touched in October. Before that, been years since it broke below.
                                                                Apr 6, 3:53 PM
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                                                                • neobliviscar: Not claiming diddly, but have the parachute strapped on in case this market head fakes.
                                                                  Apr 6, 3:54 PM
                                                                • markrpat: good eye...thanks for the heads up.
                                                                  Apr 6, 4:52 PM
                                                                  • neobliviscar
                                                                    The Buy the Dip seemed rather certain to happen, with the 200dMvgAVg like a trampoline, but man... that was a quick bounce.
                                                                    Apr 6, 10:36 AM
                                                                      • neobliviscar
                                                                        Sudden blip in $IBM. Let me guess: Buffett to buy remaining shares and have it partner with [?] Larry Ellison?
                                                                        Apr 2, 3:41 PM
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                                                                        • det9: Haha..
                                                                          Apr 2, 4:02 PM
                                                                          • neobliviscar
                                                                            Nice little move in $NYMTP. Undervalued for its yield.
                                                                            Mar 31, 3:47 PM
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                                                                            • neobliviscar: Call Date is 3+ years out. I'd expect this one to trade closer to $25.75 under current circumstances. It is paying +1% <-> +1.25% than like
                                                                              Apr 1, 9:31 AM
                                                                            • neobliviscar: but being discounted as a REIT related. Yet credit quality on this one is higher than most. In perfect world, closer to $25.75 <-> $26.25
                                                                              Apr 1, 9:33 AM
                                                                              • neobliviscar
                                                                                Market will be up +100 by 4pm? Yellen speaking in a few minutes. Always seems to arouse the market. *cough*
                                                                                Mar 27, 3:42 PM