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  • neobliviscar
    Any value bleeders today? Not $HPQ.
    Wed, 2:28 PM
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    • Yonakit: It's more nicked than bleeding but $ABEV valuation compared to $BUD is interesting. Below $5 is a good bet but $4.75 is better.
      Wed, 3:24 PM
    • neobliviscar: I have $ABEV on my screens and play it now and then.
      Wed, 3:28 PM
      • neobliviscar
        $NYMTP has coupon of 7.75% but is priced to pay > 16% to maturity. A bit stunning for a company with $6.82 in book value. I've been trading
        Fri, 10:52 AM
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        • pollyserial: I wish I had taken your instigation earlier this summer, was convinced Yellen wouldn't back down in September.....and chickened out.
          Fri, 10:22 PM
        • neobliviscar: Well, seems she painted herself into a corner for Dec.. I can't see how she'll grease the pig out of it. Probably a "1 and done" lipservice.
          Mon, 10:18 AM
          • neobliviscar
            Selling my recent $YUM buys. Taking the cash and walking away.
            Nov 18, 3:47 PM
              • neobliviscar
                Anyone else got the feeling this is a Rug Pull in the making? I thought we'd bounce off 2002 before the Paris news. Got my bounce anyway.
                Nov 18, 3:45 PM
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                • markrpat: Don't know about rug pull, but if timing is off by just 1 can be a clobberfest.
                  Nov 18, 4:54 PM
                • neobliviscar: Ah yes, Ronda.
                  Nov 18, 6:24 PM
                  • neobliviscar
                    Buying some $T and $VZ here. Entering covered call positions on bounce.
                    Nov 13, 10:35 AM
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                    • SeriousCat: if you're looking at telecoms, also consider taking advantage of a strong USD/weak CAD and check out $TU
                      Nov 13, 1:17 PM
                    • neobliviscar: Thank you. Will do. I've been doing similar with a few Aussie plays.
                      Nov 13, 6:47 PM
                      • neobliviscar
                        Kraft Heinz $KHC catching some morning bids off recent earnings lows. Disclosure: bought 3000 recently.
                        Nov 13, 9:43 AM
                          • neobliviscar
                            Drop some equity. Buy some 2, 5, 10 year debt.
                            Nov 9, 11:12 AM
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                            • pollyserial: would love to see yellen raise rates, not just from ideological standpoint but so I can buy some submerging markets 50-80% cheaper.....
                              Nov 9, 12:36 PM
                            • neobliviscar: yes. You mirror my thinking today. Thought of buying some puts on certain potentially submerging markets.
                              Nov 9, 1:23 PM
                              • neobliviscar
                                Equity had its pullback. Oct was time to buy, though I left half on table. Debt pullback, maybe time to buy. Favor debt over equity here.
                                Nov 9, 10:00 AM
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                                • neobliviscar: $JPM and $RJD debt took nice Friday haircuts. $WFC too.
                                  Nov 9, 10:02 AM
                                  • neobliviscar
                                    Like I said, a BFD day. You're welcome.
                                    Nov 6, 4:00 PM
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                                    • jcllier3: :)
                                      Nov 6, 4:17 PM
                                      • neobliviscar
                                        Looks like a BFD day.
                                        Nov 6, 9:20 AM
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                                        • umichkid: what is BFD?
                                          Nov 6, 10:56 AM
                                        • ChrisGriffith: Buy the F'ing Dip
                                          Nov 6, 10:59 AM
                                          • neobliviscar
                                            Stick a fork in it. December rate hike now a done deal and Yellen gets to say "We Told you So" (2015 rate hike).
                                            Nov 6, 8:41 AM
                                              • neobliviscar
                                                I went to my 2:30 surprised by the sell-off, thinking I should buy some $UPRO weeklies. Wish I had.
                                                Oct 28, 4:33 PM
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                                                • dalatinIJR: Break out your old GOOG glasses and trade by mind commands
                                                  Oct 28, 4:48 PM
                                                  • neobliviscar
                                                    Most of the other modern era tech biggies ($IBM is a very different beast) have spanked it. Probably $AAPL will too?
                                                    Oct 27, 4:23 PM
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                                                    • dalatinIJR: I did like the explanation of Weather Channel platform / cloud assets. really like the chance for them to monetize that mega hit platform
                                                      Oct 28, 2:09 PM
                                                    • dalatinIJR: The way I see all other deals for internet eyeballs I think they stole those clicks IMHO
                                                      Oct 28, 2:10 PM
                                                      • neobliviscar
                                                        Covering half of my $XOM short by crossing with weekly puts. This is a lagging loser for me, so nothing to see here. Just minimizing loss.
                                                        Oct 27, 9:36 AM
                                                          • neobliviscar
                                                            One of the Contrarian Indicators has spoken: Was that the top? *laugh* One o' other contras also now bull.
                                                            Oct 26, 2:52 PM
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                                                            • neobliviscar: How does one get banned these days, without a full mental meltdown?
                                                              Wed, 9:37 AM
                                                            • Yonakit: Things got ugly on a thread I was on and everything fell apart from there.
                                                              Wed, 10:56 AM
                                                              • neobliviscar
                                                                Putting on a few VIX Calls Buying Near, Selling 1.5x far for a small net cost.
                                                                Oct 22, 4:00 PM
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                                                                • ChrisGriffith: I like that play neo
                                                                  Oct 22, 4:07 PM
                                                                • neobliviscar: I'm not predicting anything. VIX just got cheap fast and the net cost wasn't much for a hedge against next two months.
                                                                  Oct 22, 6:45 PM
                                                                  • neobliviscar
                                                                    Transports say market in trouble, but up up we go. I'm just sitting on hands with only a few shorts. Out of *all* my longs today.
                                                                    Oct 16, 3:16 PM
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                                                                    • neobliviscar: Yep. I have a good smattering of preferred stocks past their redeem points. ie. they trade around $25, pay +6% to +8% and on margin of 1.35%
                                                                      Oct 16, 5:21 PM
                                                                    • pollyserial: Not jus the trannies, either. HYG and IWM saying this is no 2011. But, we shall see. Thinking TLT will rip before stocks slip?
                                                                      Oct 17, 3:35 AM
                                                                      • neobliviscar
                                                                        $KSU Where does it stop? Impressively bloody today.
                                                                        Oct 16, 3:12 PM
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                                                                        • D-struction: geez...
                                                                          Oct 16, 3:27 PM
                                                                        • matratra: Transport are in slum due to less load as coals/commodities market is soft and itself in slump.
                                                                          Oct 16, 3:35 PM
                                                                          • neobliviscar
                                                                            Buying some $SDS here, mostly as a hedge against expiration tomorrow. Nice sort of stupid run up today.
                                                                            Oct 15, 2:25 PM
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                                                                            • dalatinIJR: Symbol just doesn't move right. Reverse splits made it useless. Options on it better ?
                                                                              Oct 15, 2:29 PM
                                                                              • neobliviscar
                                                                                Okay, what is the news in $WMT that it is collapsing?
                                                                                Oct 14, 10:43 AM
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                                                                                • neobliviscar: We do covered calls, and this baby has been dropping out from under the calls each month. With Dividends, we aren't down that much- but wow
                                                                                  Oct 14, 12:15 PM
                                                                                • neobliviscar: this one has been a lead duck for 6 months.
                                                                                  Oct 14, 12:15 PM