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  • Kinder Morgan Partners Capitalizing On Increased Demand For Midstream Services [View article]
    I think you mean K-1 as opposed to 10-K. Not trying to nitpick your comment but I don't want any potential MLP investors to get confused about the process. A search will bring up some excellent old articles about the differences in KMP, KMI, and KMR. Then again I have read a bunch of horrible 10-Ks in my time but none with the name Kinder in them.
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  • You Must Know This About REITs [View article]
    thanks for tackling this topic. I have been wrestling with this issue for quite a while and have looked at historical data, charts, etc. I do think that when the tapering discussion drove REITS down last summer we got a glimpse of what the market might do as rates rise. I viewed that dip in price as a buying opportunity and went long O, HTA, and ARCP. My philosophy right now is to buy quality REITS and reinvest the dividends. Similar situation to some of the MLP names. My hope is that for some of the reasons you cite we can see dividend growth which may mitigate the stock price drop.
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  • Barrick Gold, Newmont target prices raised as Credit Suisse but shares tank [View news story]
    Thanks for the response. I frequent this site for different perspectives on investments. I happened upon this thread as I am interested in the mining industry as I was CFO of a mining company back in the 80s. Prior to that I also was a project finance banker and analyzed and financed many mining projects. Later I did the same in the E&P oil business. With that experience I follow those industries and look for opportunities.

    For some reason you took one of my comments and inferred this:

    "It is nice to see you have been so lucky. I do not rely on luck, ever, if I can help it. I know you will tell me you do not rely on luck either."
    Additionally you said: "Your suggestion a well rounded person should be both an investor and a trader". I don't think I said either of those things.

    Additionally you said:
    "should you have an interest in what appears to
    be a needed expansion in your thinking."
    I don't think you know me well enough to infer that. Perhaps we all need expansion in our thinking so I will take your point in a positive way and disregard my first reaction that you were calling me obtuse.

    I do think I was lucky to have been born among family members who taught me to learn, work hard, and help others when we can. I value those traits in others and hope that those traits will be carried on by my children.

    I think a well rounded person should be knowledgeable in art, philosophy, literature, history and many other things not specific or relevant to investing. I would prefer to talk about any of those subjects rather than investing.

    In my humble opinion I have worked hard and invested carefully. I am trying to keep my assets increasing in value at a greater rate than inflation will deplete them. I continue to use fundamental financial analysis when looking at individual stocks and invest using that analysis among other things. Luck, chance or a "black swan" event may occur at any time which can affect an investment outcome. Such is life and that is why despite our best efforts in analyzing risk we are not always correct. That is why I rely on diversification as my fundamental premise now. I suggested index funds as an alternative for people who have neither the skill nor the patience to do their own research. There are many such investment vehicles that can be used either long, short or situation specific. Those people should probably not be choosing that course without professional assistance.

    I further pointed out that under your definition of traders that many of us conservative investors might fit your rigid criteria. Again I don't like labels. Put quite simply if the facts change (macro or micro) I may change the makeup of my portfolio and I may do it quickly. For example, I have followed the coal industry for many years but I am not an investor in that industry now. I am also long OLN. Not coincidentally the current US President influenced both of those decisions. (Thank you Mr. Obama for letting us know your stance on coal, guns and the Keystone pipeline.)

    In the spirit of full disclosure I have had some success in my portfolio management but far higher returns in real estate that I could actively develop, manage and occasionally sell. I rarely give advice but I do comment (on SA) on specific companies that I have researched. The junior miners have intrigued me for years but are not for most investors (including me). Getting back to the specifics of this thread I am long NEM but have sold covered calls against my long common position. I like NEM fundamentals but the Indonesian situation is worrisome right now so I am watching that stock closely.

    Again best of luck in your endeavors.
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  • Barrick Gold, Newmont target prices raised as Credit Suisse but shares tank [View news story]
    I am not going to waste our time debating you. Please don't misquote me as I won't be drawn in. Best of luck in your investments.
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  • Nordic American Tankers Limited (NYSE:NAT) Announces Public Offering [View article]
    NAT, along with several of the other shippers, always have shelf offerings. I am well aware of that. This is an underwritten issuance of the shares that were previously authorized. They are only able to sell the stock at certain times when the market permits it. NAT has a history of this when the stock has a run. I have been investing in NAT for years and Herb has played this game a bit too long. My point is dividends need to be paid from operating cash flow not issuance of new stock and/or debt.
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  • Nordic American Tankers Limited (NYSE:NAT) Announces Public Offering [View article]
    I am about to cut my loss on NAT and move on. Herb has stubbornly chose to stick to his dividend policy of using his cash and borrowings to pay dividends while losing money. They continue to dilute the shares by selling more common and then deplete the cash by paying more dividends. I understand the concept that vessels are cheap now and can be bought cheaper than a few years ago but that just means more operating losses until pricing gets better for this sector. The common will take another hit from this and plod along until they dilute again.
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  • Barrick Gold, Newmont target prices raised as Credit Suisse but shares tank [View news story]
    First of all I don't like labels and under your definition I am a trader. I have always viewed myself as an active investor. I also have a profession but like many of us who reached a certain age where savings and wise investing have given us some assets I take a very active approach in managing all of our assets.
    Many times things change both macro and micro and I will trade a stock in a heartbeat for many reasons. These trades can take many forms and be for many reasons but personally I think if an investor does not want to be an active trader he should invest in index funds or hand the assets to a professional and do other things with his time.
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  • Realty Income: One Heck Of An Ark That's Prepared For The Storms Ahead [View article]
    If you are implying that the author has a hidden agenda please consider the following: For most of the last 3 years O has been the largest REIT so it makes sense to use it as a comparison. The author writes about many REITS and always discloses a long (or short) position. Did the author ever claim he was neutral?
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  • ModernGraham Annual Valuation Of Marathon Oil [View article]
    Regardless of your source I suggest you check them for reasonableness. Even a cursory review of revenue and earnings would show that a significant event occurred. Citing a source does not complete the analysis.
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  • Kinder Morgan: Some Good News And Some Bad News [View article]
    That isn't how a pipeline easement works. The pipeline company pays for a specific easement with a defined width and a defined "work area" for construction. To do another they need to design, permit, and build another. I have two on a farm I own and I negotiated twice (and got paid twice). My easements allow one pipeline per easement which are currently operated by Marathon and Keystone. If they want another fine by me just pay me again. I support the Keystone XL project but TransCanada did not do a very good job of lobbying and public relations on the first pipeline which carried through to the second. There are many more reasons why XL has not been approved but the most significant one is lack of decision making in Washington.
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  • ModernGraham Annual Valuation Of Marathon Oil [View article]
    I seem to have trouble correlating your EPS numbers. You are aware that they spun off their refining operation and therefore the refining and midstream numbers need to be backed out. I am happily long MRO. sold MPC. long MPLX.
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  • New Profit Sources Provide Nokia With Major Upside [View article]
    While I agree with the spirit of what you are saying I am fairly certain that this is not a balance sheet item for the parent company. The parent company is not liable for this and I can't envision a scenario where they would be foolish enough to take on this liability. Worst case they write off the factory and tell the greedy India tax authorities to shove it. I suspect every other multi-national company contemplating a plant in India will look at this case.
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  • Libyan navy surrounds tanker with oil that rebels are trying to sell [View news story]
    I am not sure where you got your law degree but these contracts were negotiated with the Libyan government (at the time they were signed). Whether we like Gaddafi or not he was in power at the time. Just so I understand are you recommending that all contracts with Libyan are not valid because Gaddafi and his family were crooks? I am not sure a Libyan jury will get to decide the contract law. I think I will stay long MRO.
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  • Don't Be On The Wrong Side Of This Year's REIT Trade [View article]
    Here is an idea for you on ARCP. Sell a covered call @45 strike. The April contract will get you about $40 per 100 shares today (down day). You may lose the stock at $45 but book a nice gain. If you keep this up for a few months you can really add to your yield.
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  • General Mills Still Has A Lot To Offer [View article]
    Thanks for that great comment. I am just few years younger than you at 61 and I manage portfolios for some older family members. The scary thing right now is trying to figure out how much, if any, fixed income assets one should hold. When interest rates are this low companies like GIS appear to be a safe haven.
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