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Lots of school, lots of work. Doing the "internet thing". Making a few bucks. Wish I could spell as fast as I type. Wish I had more time to read. Key DNA markers: 1 - US Army brat 2 - Jesuit Private University in an Ultra-Liberal city (Berkeley is an amateur by comparison) 3 - Still working for the man, hating the man, but not sure I want to be the man 4 - "Safeway" Republican, or Reagan Republican - that is: I shop both from sides of the political aisle. Economic conservative, social moderate, small federal gov't, stronger local gov't. Willing to call b*llsh*t on either side. Currently suffering from: Compassion Fatigue -- Outrage Fatigue Symptoms: Inability to empathize with victims (especially self-espoused victims) ...More
  • Description: Full-time Investor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, ETFs
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