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  • My Top 3 China Picks for 2011 and Beyond [View article]
    PUDA did have a $.70 drop on Friday, but re-adjustments happen. Look at their (PUDA) climb since Dec. 15. It'll be interesting to see their performance If volume increases on Monday.
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  • My Top 3 China Picks for 2011 and Beyond [View article]
    PUDA looks good, Melco is trading at the top of its game with very good volume trading, CHCG looks like a dud with only 10k vol trading and $.01 spread unless things change but with no new news to look at, don't know what's in their future. Of these, PUDA stands heads above the rest.
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  • My Top 3 China Picks for 2011 and Beyond [View article]
    I don't have the experience with CCME to make a comment on their value, but on Monday, I will be watching their movement. And I have all weekend to figure out how I they (CCME) will affect my immediate financial outlook. This may require a serious gut feeling.
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  • Absurdly Overvalued: If Facebook's Worth $50B Then Apple's Worth $1.4T [View article]
    FB has a few security tweeks to get under control, and then watch it move. MYSPACE is history, that's AOL in your rear view mirror. That's FB's dust fronting your view. I wouldn't want to be your accountant or advisor when FB goes public if you keep watering and feeding those doubts. Right now the media and investor commentators are just picking numbers out of the air, 7b, 15b, 50b with the $$$ coming in so fast, there's not enough time or manpower to count it or analyze it and/or its potential before making an accurate assessment of their direction and their calculators don't work fast enough to keep up with FB progress.
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  • Absurdly Overvalued: If Facebook's Worth $50B Then Apple's Worth $1.4T [View article]
    Remember, I'm not saying that FB is better or worser than google or any other stock trade. This is not a commentary on their ability to perform one better than the other. This is simply a math situation wherein there are lots of $$$ to be made and I see FB taking the lead in that department. With proper direction, management & a good legal team, new and hype sell and I bet they're lining up to support, then cash in on this young kid. It will be interesting to see its value when FB goes public. 2012 maybe?
    Jan 9 10:53 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Quest Rare Minerals: A 'Real' Rare Earth Element Market Player to Watch [View article]
    DM, you have a good memory or a great filing system.

    Here Jack says: rising tide lifts all boats. China has begun rationalizing its rare earth industry and has ordered a remediation program to resolve that industry's environmental problems. Both tasks will require huge amounts of capital. China therefore must force REE prices to rise to increase the REE mining industry's revenues.

    This principle continues to affect REE's in one way or another, probably for the better. Now it's just a math thingy. China has no financial reason to change here, but your perception on the US/Canada Ree's could if you want to cash in on the current trend.
    Jan 9 10:45 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Absurdly Overvalued: If Facebook's Worth $50B Then Apple's Worth $1.4T [View article]
    1) The over 30's do spend more $$$ per capita, but the volume of under 20's and the strength of their hype and volume of numbers remains a critical factor.
    2) FB is in its first couple of years of growth. Their management team will expand their ability to generate advertisement dollars. It's management that will create the growth of FB over google or any other team simply because of the hype factor thats generating its incredible move right now. This factor doesn't slight google in any way. But like any money making machine, those with the talent will gravitate to where there's new money to be made. Nobody knows the limits of an unknown phenominon. FB could be worth only 10% of what it is now. Google is nearing the tops of its game, but is far more practical than FB. Practical does not make $$$, hype does.
    3) FB will last as long as there are kids or there is a new kid on the block with a better FB. Until then, there is $$$ to be made.
    Jan 9 10:30 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Absurdly Overvalued: If Facebook's Worth $50B Then Apple's Worth $1.4T [View article]
    Due dilligence over hype anyday for the long buy. Hype over due dilligence in the short becomes due dilligence.
    Jan 9 10:14 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Top 15 Most Undervalued Rally Stocks [View article]
    Peter, there will always be other stocks to buy instead of this one or that one. When a stock is proven to be undervalued, it's probably a good long buy. Every investment has a measure of speculation attached to it. Research and gut feelings may create a hedge but all in all it still remains speculatative in nature. Precious metals in my opinion agree with you and is the safest bet out there. Everything else is short in and out to be safest.
    Jan 9 10:04 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Absurdly Overvalued: If Facebook's Worth $50B Then Apple's Worth $1.4T [View article]
    Microsoft tried to buy FB? Now FB might want to buy Microsoft. Gotta do something with all their money.
    Jan 9 09:57 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Absurdly Overvalued: If Facebook's Worth $50B Then Apple's Worth $1.4T [View article]
    yes it is, but your kids want it and they are standing in line to buy it. And in the bleechers looking down from above are the advertisers who are scrambling to get their ads on P.1 on their computers.
    Jan 9 09:56 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Absurdly Overvalued: If Facebook's Worth $50B Then Apple's Worth $1.4T [View article]
    Google is practical, useful and has many beneficial applications. FB has volume of kids that cannot get enough of it. Volume of use, exposure to advertising and the ability to make $$$, I see FB 10:1 over google, bing or any other search engine. It's all about what the kids want, not about which one is better or more useful to the economy. There are more kids out there than college professors or people in search of answers to a question. My guess is that the average FB user is under 20. The average Google user is over 30.

    What's practical got to do with anything. What's practical about a skateboard or a gamebox or a Plazma TV? FB doesn't get old, outdated or break. It's attraction to the younger generation begins where addictions leave off. Kids and even some adults can't get enough of it. For now, it is the craze of the century. But the century has only just begun. And FB is only a few years old, and so is its inventor/creator.
    Jan 9 09:49 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • First Solar Rides the Wall of Worry: Can It Stay on Top? [View article]
    They are the big kid on the block, but there is a lot of talk about the thin wafer used to produce the energy. The talk about warranties and whether or not warranties will be their downfall? who know until the warranties are called. But even if warranties do not become the issue, eventually government subsidies cutbacks are looming on the horizon. Nobody can purchase a product that has a 10 year payback with a 10 year life expectancy. Now what happens if there are no government subsidies. To put an $85k solar pack on your house when you are currently paying $6k a year in energy bills will take nearly 15 years to break even, if your costs don't increase. Without Government subsidies, PV becomes a dead invention.
    Jan 9 09:43 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is the Gold Bull Market Over? [View article]
    As more $$$ become available to more people, more people have to do something with their income. Holding money has proven over time to be a mistake. You have to buy something. Contractors bought equipment, Fathers and families bought property, Mechanics bought better tools for their jobs. People in general bought things that made money for them. Some people don't have things to buy to make their jobs easier. But they have $$$. People in general have bought all they want and still have money, They read about a rounded portfolio and want to do just that. Once anybody buys gold, they become addicted. Some graduate into becoming neumismatists, others buy bulk jewelry but everyone buys gold for value. They begin thinking of profit at first and then they think about their retirement. They realize that if they have hard cash, it will be gone on stupid household things, stereos, new lamps whatever. Gold goes in a box, under the bed, in a safe where it sits for years at a time. When it's brought out, they remember that they paid $1,000 for it when they thought the price of gold was high. Now it's worth $1,250. Everybody tells them that gold is going to drop, that it's a stupid market. All hype. So they sold it, then gold went to $1,326. They felt stupid that they sold it and with all the hype in gold, they bought it back. Then it was worth $1,400. Then there was more talk about the bubble and it bursting, but these people remember when they followed that advice before, they read and learn about volitility, re-adjusting and inflation. They decide to buy more at golds new low price of $1,369. When it settles in at $1,500 they will remember the poor advice of their friends and will probably stop listening to them, but will realize that gold at $5,000 is a relatively sane prediction. If nothing else, the TV & stereo is now outdated and has no value, the lamp and the car have rusted but the gold in the box under the bed and in the safe is just as it was when they bought it 3 years ago only worth more. Wisdom sets in and understanding becomes the mode of the day. 5 years is going to come one way or another. It will come whether I buy gold or silver or cars. Which one will provide me with more financial stability when the 5 years comes? Which one will increase in value? Which one will rust?
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  • Rare Earth Stocks Are in a Bubble [View article]
    China is not stupid either. If anybody thinks that China will "pop a bubble" by opening up Exporting REE's, increasing or decreasing interest rates to their own demise simply thinks that China might also demand that the US cash out all their bonds or pay them back the trillions that is owed to them in Gold. Bankrupting the US is not in Chinas best interest. Neither is flooding the market with REE's.
    Jan 9 12:23 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment