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  • taxman100
    bit the bullet and sold $CHKR. This one will be a case study for me on why sometimes things don't work out. Ex-div in Feb. so we'll see.
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    • Miz Magic DiviDogs: I guess it depends on why you bought it. The distributions have been pretty steady so far, so you haven't lost income despite share price.
    • taxman100: For income, but assumed principal would not drop for a few years. tax selling for the loss, but will keep my eye on this.
    • Miz Magic DiviDogs: The last 2 years have not been kind to Royalty Trusts. I made up a mock portfolio back on 1/3/2012 with $1000 in all of the RTs I could find
    • Miz Magic DiviDogs: Out of 21 stocks, only ONE isn't way, way down.
    • marq: Noticed Nat Gas up to $4.40. Temps down 5-9%. Inventories down from 2012. Wish I had the testies to buy some CHKR a 10.00.
    • taxman100: When I bought CHKR, nat gas was around $4 and I figured a royalty trust was a low risk way of playing an increase in that price.