• taxman100
    Anyone else have the Jan 31 2014 $NRZ dividend showing up on your 2013 1099?
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    • BlackKnight42: One of their press releases stated that the dividend you're referring to would be taxed in 2013 because the date of record fell in 2013.
    • taxman100: Got it - thank you for your reply. I keep the books for an investment club, and I try to keep it on a tax basis so income is diff from cash
    • BlackKnight42: http://yhoo.it/1phSA6S
    • BlackKnight42: You should take a look at the PR linked below -- part of the dividends are treated as ordinary income and part are treated as capital gains.
    • taxman100: Yeah - the $50 dividend our investment club received was $45.01 ordinary, and $4.99 capital gain.