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  • Wishes And Hopes Are Not Enough To Recommend Syntroleum [View article]
    The so-called "Green Company" and "Green Whatever" is, always will be the biggest hoax of the 21st century. The solar cycles determine everything, not the "hand of humans." Fischer-Tropsch was used by South Africa to avoid petroleum sanctions. That was a one-time, non-repeatable historical event. When crude oil prices are high, the extraction costs are suddenly pretty cheap and oil will come out of the ground from everywhere. This company MAY become the next so-called "green company bankrutcy" in the distant future. Right now SYNM is a slow motion train wreck. When these companies that operate in some biodeisel, alcohol, green-to-poo-to-gasoline industry finally collapse, there'll always be Cargill or Bunge to pick up the pieces. Then the big companies implement the tech they obtained on the cheap.
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  • Warren Buffett on Taxes and TARP [View article]
    buffett employs what's tantamount to the cia to find companies whose owners are in distress due to the estate taxes and other penalties on hard working americans that he favors. to hell with all the buffett autobiography, buffett kook-aid drinking morons at cnbc and elsewhere. you'll never hear about those poor pilgrims that had to cash out to buffett to pay taxes that he avoided.

    buffett is a shill for higher taxes on all of us while he pays none and his family members blow tens of millions of dollars on themselves while buffett claims they get nothing at all. he's in bed with the liberal democrats because he's exempt from ever paying a dime's worth of taxes.

    bill gates was coasting along just fine until the clinton administration made an example out of him. now gates spouts the liberal democrat line with buffett. you'll notice in one autobiography 'of permanent wealth' buffett wines and dines with the dem politicians who've bailed him out with TARP funds. then he complains about getting dinged with wells fargo.

    for all those enterprising shorts out there, you have a chance with berkshire. this is the only company that escapes the rule for which many conglomerates fell prey. berkshire is such a tower of babel that no financial advisor can understand the corporate structure. wouldn't berkshire be better off killed off and the pieces sold for large premiums?

    what about the moral hazard with TARP acceptance: buffett companies getting TARP? buffett would have had to sell off pieces of berkshire to pay for losses in his financial companies. instead the taxpayers propped up berkshire. also, 'of permanent value,' there's nothing but unfulfilled pie in the sky forecasts about berkshire's future.

    this seeking alpha article and others is finally pointing light onto an individual who's been less than honest in his business dealings because he's used the power of government to get what he wants violating the fifth amendment of the constitution in many cases (taking private assets from somebody and giving them to another person and not for the public good).
    Oct 14, 2010. 09:00 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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